Interview with Michael Bernstein
Interview with MICHAEL BERNSTEIN, research analyst, Gartner Group
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SFFA: What do you recommend for marketers evaluating EMA?
MB: I tell clients just starting with enterprise marketing automation that no single vendor can do it all. There are different marketing processes that can be automated, and no single company can accomplish all. Identify your top two processes for automation efforts.

SFFA: How do you break the EMA market down?
MB: There is an increasing potential for acquisitions because companies want to provide all to customers. To move into this space, ERP vendors will acquire smaller companies, so it will be a challenge to pay attention in terms of resources. ERP vendors haven't done much yet in terms of enterprise marketing automation because marketing departments are typically small, with a limited number of software seats; it's not yet lucrative for the SAPs and Baans of the world to get into this space directly.

Instead, you need to ask vendors what their top processes are, whether it's collateral management for tracking materials sent to clients; campaign management, which tracks which campaigns you use against certain segments; and lead management, which is passing leads to sales force, distributors, and so on. Try to understand your internal segments and define goals. Only then can you look at suppliers that provide technologies in those areas.

SFFA: How will marketers' roles evolve?
MB: In the past, marketing campaigns were simplistic, involving usually just one direct mail piece. Marketing cycles sometimes required half a year to see the effect on a certain market. Traditionally, marketers were hired for their creative skills. Increasingly, they will be hired for savvy with statistics, like Ph.D.s, who can better segment customers and better measure campaign results through such technologies as data mining for segmenting customers and defining patterns in company data-the type of patterns you can't pick up with the naked eye. Other business intelligence tools, like query tools from SAS and Business Objects, are being deployed. And marketing-specific applications for campaign management from companies like Paragren and Exchange Applications.

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