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Lunchtime Banter

Dear Editor:

Please let Nick Poulos know that I thought his article, "Taking the Lead," (September 2000) was outstanding. One of our engineers pasted it on the lunchroom wall today, and it has generated lively discussions. Many can't wait for the next issue. And we are talking about engineers here!

E-tailers, answer your customer mail. Related to this, I hope a future article focuses on E-tail Myopia: Ignoring Customer E-Mail. Jupiter keeps reporting that e-tailers are ignoring customer questions, but our experience shows they still "don't get it." The e-commerce senior managers tell us things like, "Well, the customer will understand." Hello?! These are the basics of CRM.

Okay, it's a pet peeve. My wife tells me to get over it.

Keep up the great articles.

Mitch Johnson

CEO, Email Solutions

Recognition Omission

Dear Editor:

The omission of SpeechWorks in Steve Barth's article, "Giving Voice to Sales and Service" (August 2000) is a serious oversight, given our leadership in the speech recognition industry. Since 1994, SpeechWorks has played a leading role in putting speech recognition systems for customer service on the map. We've developed and deployed speech information and commerce systems for customers of Continental Airlines, United Airlines, E*Trade, Ameritrade, BellSouth, FedEx, Manulife Financial, MapQuest and over 150 other mainstream companies.

Organizations worldwide rely on SpeechWorks to delight their callers and provide them with a new level of service over the phone. Complementing the self-service model of the Web, SpeechWorks' speech recognition solutions let callers communicate, obtain information and complete transactions automatically, simply by speaking naturally over any phone, anytime.

I urge readers to experience the power of sophisticated phone-based speech recognition from SpeechWorks by calling some of our live systems: United Airlines flight information at (800) 824-6200 and Foodline restaurant service at (212) 222-MENU, for starters. Upcoming deployments include those at AirTran, America Online, Amtrak, First Union National Bank and many more.

While I commend your efforts to inform readers about this exciting customer service technology, it is unfortunate that SpeechWorks was overlooked.

Lauren Richman

Director of Corporate Marketing

SpeechWorks International

Leah Lesser

Public Relations Manager

SpeechWorks International

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