Banking Bonanza?
Diebold and Naviant turn ATMs into sellers.
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The next time your bank's customers go to the corner ATM, you can offer them much more than just $60 in quick cash. With iqCRM, a new technology from banking systems leader Diebold and CRM solution provider Naviant Technology Solutions, ATMs can target users with highly specific onscreen marketing programs. Following the recent banking trend toward increased marketing of services, this technology promises to turn ATMs-traditionally a cost center-into a profit center.

"ATMs are currently used as a financial services delivery channel. If you ask banks to list their sales channels, they won't include ATMs," says Naviant Vice President Win Billingsley. "The idea behind iqCRM is to give banks an additional sales channel."

In this new sales channel, customers using ATMs will be greeted by marketing programs that are tailored to their needs. The Diebold system uses Naviant's CRM technology to create customer profiles that are used in a scoring system to link the customer to specific bank services. For instance, if your customer is a little cash-heavy, a message might pop up that asks her if she wants to open a new CD. Or if her CD matures, she can renew it then and there.

Any ATM deployed within the last three years is already upgradable. Though Billingsley declines to state a specific price for iqCRM, the system's affordability-and viability-depends upon the bank's CRM system, which creates and manages the customer profiles used in target marketing. "If they have a robust CRM system, the cost of implementation is not that great," he says. "If they don't, it obviously costs more."

To assuage the justifiable fear that iqCRM will turn a 30-second cash withdrawal into a long, drawn-out procession of onscreen sales pitches, Billingsley stresses the specificity of the marketing efforts. "This is not advertising," he says. "The message is so targeted it is viewed by customers as a service. Also, it can actually speed up your transaction. Your profile will include your language preference and typical transaction amounts, so steps are removed." And yes, says Billingsley, customers can turn off the marketing messages altogether.

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