Are You Hanging Up on Customers?
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According to a recent study commissioned by Aspect Communications Corp. and conducted by Greenfield Online, consumers expect quality service. Key findings include:
  • 59 percent of respondents will stop doing business with a company whose service leaves them dissatisfied; on the other hand, 78 percent will become repeat customers because of having received quality service.
  • 53 percent will tell friends and family not to do business with the offending company, but only 16 percent will file a complaint; 82 percent who have received good service will recommend that business.
  • 24 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the phone-based service they have received, 19 percent were dissatisfied with the service they receive over the phone, and 5 percent were "very dissatisfied."
  • 50 percent of customers want agents to have more information available, to avoid getting passed to another agent to resolve an issue; 66 percent of customers said that less time spent waiting for service would improve their satisfaction.
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