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Vendors garner excellence awards from two CRM consultants.
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Confused at the proliferation of CRM solutions? With over 150 companies in the game and more than 30 serious competitors, it's no wonder you're overwhelmed. In an attempt to single out the most successful applications, two CRM consultants--Issaquah, Wash.-based SellMoreNow.com and Bethesda, Md.-based ISM--give out awards each year to what they see as the top contenders.

Inspired by Willy Loman's line near the end of Death of a Salesman, "A salesman's got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory," SellMoreNow.com's "Willy" awards honor CRM solutions that help salespeople take better care of their customers and achieve their sales dreams. Rich Bohn, SellMoreNow.com executive editor, says he engages in ongoing dialog with vendors throughout the year in the course of evaluating their software for prospective buyers. "Faced with hundreds of choices, companies often put off making a software purchase decision," he says. "The Willy awards give software shoppers a good starting point."

The Willy awards for 2000 go to:

  • ACT! 2000 from SalesLogix for best SOHO CRM solution
  • GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 for best middle market CRM solution in typical sales situations
  • Pivotal eRelationship for best middle market CRM solution in complex sales situations
  • YOUcentric for best enterprise CRM solution
  • Baan FrontOffice for best CRM solution from an ERP vendor
  • Netgain from Firstwave Technologies for best Internet-based CRM solution
  • TASC from Ardexus for best Lotus Notes-based CRM solution
  • UpShot.com for best Web-based subscription CRM solution
  • Interaction from Interface Software for outstanding achievement in a vertical market solution (professional services marketplace)
  • MarketTouch for best marketing automation solution
  • ProposalMaster from the Sant Corp. for best tactical sales automation solution (quotation assistance tools)
  • Zapdata for best tactical sales automation solution (lists and data sources)
  • FirePond Application Suite for best use of the Internet to improve sales and marketing

In other awards news, ISM, publisher of The Guide to CRM Automation, selected its Top 15 CRM solutions. ISM rated each package according to 124 selection criteria, including 80 business functions, 32 technical features and 12 user friendliness/support features. According to ISM president, Barton Goldenberg, the CRM marketplace is changing dramatically as client-server solutions butt heads with Web-based applications. And, he says, "The CRM marketplace is further impacted by the emergence of strong CRM software offerings by ERP vendors such as Oracle and SAP, and by the new role of Application Service Providers."

Amid the hubbub, here are ISM's Top 15 selections, in alphabetical order:

  • Applix iEnterprise v. 7.5
  • Clarify eFrontOffice
  • ClientXchange 2000
  • Janna Enterprise Suite v. 6.0
  • MarketForce v. 6.2
  • ON!contact Software's Client Management Software v. 4.5
  • Onyx Customer Center v. 4.5
  • PeopleSoft's Vantive Enterprise 8.2
  • Pivotal eRelationship
  • Point Information System's TeamPOINT v. 4i
  • SalesLogix 2000
  • Saratoga System's Avenue v. 5.1
  • Siebel 99.6
  • Update.com's Marketing Manager v. 4.5
  • Worldtrak v. 4.4

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