Follow CoPilot 2000 into the NEW Millennium
TravRoute's auto guide adds millions more addresses and miles of road.
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As apocalyptic predictions usher in the year 2000, it's nice to know that, no matter what else happens, your reps will be able to find their way from the office to a new client with TravRoute's CoPilot 2000-the traveling ticket for the next millennium.

CoPilot 2000 continues in the tradition of Door-To-Door CoPilot by providing actual voice directions. While you're on the road, CoPilot 2000 displays a map on your laptop to guide you through upcoming turns, as well as a synthesized voice that instructs users when to take the exact turn they need. This requires laptops with speakers and sound cards, of course. If you miss a turn, CoPilot automatically and immediately calculates a new route for you. You can ask it for additional help without taking your eyes off the road, a definite plus for those traveling alone.

A terrific new feature to this version of CoPilot is the route-optimization innovation. You can choose up to 50 different stops on your itinerary and CoPilot 2000 will sequence your stops for the most efficient route and least travel time.

The data import function is another new feature. You can import data directly from such commonly used contact managers as ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Sidekick and Excel. You don't have to re-enter information, and now you can include your own contacts and information on any itinerary.

CoPilot 2000 has added 10 million new addresses to the database, bringing the total number to over 100 million addresses. Whether your destination is in a new development, a newly minted office complex or along a remote country road, CoPilot 2000 has the data muscle to take you right to the front door.

The older version of CoPilot sacrificed points of interest in order to get all the data on the CD, but CoPilot 2000 now has a database of over 4 million points of interest, including updated lodging and restaurant information.

CoPilot's look and interface haven't changed in this improved version. The bowl-shaped 12-channel GPS receiver sits on your dashboard, and the unit plugs into your notebook's serial port, requiring external power from the cigarette lighter. CoPilot 2000 also allows you to power your GPS unit through your laptop via a PS/2 port connector.

To start the CoPilot process, all you have to do is type in the street address of your final destination, and the software computes the exact route for you. You don't even have to type in your starting address because the GPS unit communicates with satellites to pinpoint your current position, no matter where you are.

What if you get lost? Don't worry. All you have to do is ask, "Where am I?" "What's my next turn?" or "How far?" and you'll get a response in seconds. CoPilot automatically adjusts your driving map and gives you new verbal directions to account for your route change.

Your road warriors may count TravRoute's CoPilot among their best weapons in the war against the ticking clock.

The price of the CoPilot 2000 is $399. For more information, contact TravRoute Software at www.travroute.com or call (888) 872-8768.

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