Understanding the Customer
Guide buyers through the decision process with Online Insight's products. Plus: reviews of more CRM products.
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Integrate online sales assistance and data solutions with Online Insight's Precision Choice and Precision Insight products. Precision Choice allows companies to better manage the online sales environment by guiding buyers through even the most complicated purchasing decisions. The data gathered by Precision Choice is then analyzed by Precision Insight, and is used to develop a better understanding of a customer's buying motivation. These technologies can be deployed to sell a variety of products and services, including financial services, consumer electronics, computers and automobiles. Precision Choice and Precision Insight are part of the Precision Solutions suite of technologies from Online Insight. While the two products work independently of each other, they are most beneficial when used together. Pricing depends on configuration, and is based on traditional solution licensing and activity- and performance-based pricing.
(404) 962-8600; www.onlineinsight.com

Sales Tools
SalesLogix and infoUSA have announced a new business-to-business Interactive Application Service for the growing global sales community. Interact.com is designed to increase the effectiveness of sales professionals by delivering e-commerce content, tools, services and applications to users regardless of the sales automation, CRM or contact management application they use. Interact.com provides salespeople with ready access to contact information to help them generate sales leads, analyze markets, divide sales territories and select prospects. Interact.com automatically integrates information into the databases of salespeople, allowing them to concentrate on their selling efforts while simultaneously accessing data from infoUSA. Four infoUSA services will be integrated into Interact.com: AutoFill, Sales Leads, Company Profiles and Database Scrub/Enhancement. Pricing is $19.95 per month. (888) 655-5791; www.interact.com

Adding Up ROI
Measure return on investment for sales force automation (SFA) projects in dollars and cents with CustomerFX's ROI Calculator. The ROI Calculator enables marketing managers of midmarket companies to produce printed reports with various scenarios evaluating financial risks and opportunities. Users of this program insert the numbers of the company's sales force, average annual salaries, overhead percentage and estimated amount of time employees spend on redundant administrative tasks. ROI Calculator then determines a company's potential for sales improvement based on the estimated cost per sales appointment, the average number of appointments and proposals per week, the closing ratio, average gross dollars per sale and average profit margin per sale. In addition, users can enter "what if" numbers to reflect desired improvements as a result of implementing a new SFA initiative. (651) 646-7777; www.customerfx.com

X Marks the Spot
Locate your customers, plan delivery routes and create mailing lists with Delorme's X Map Business. X Map Business is an affordable alternative to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions, and is available on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. The program combines detailed, street-level maps with database management tools and annotation functions and more than 104 million business and residential phone listings. Businesses can match geographic areas with sales performance to determine what areas are performing best and for what reason. With this program, data can be imported from ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visual FoxPro, to name a few. Pricing is $99.95. (800) 452-5931; www.delorme.com

NuContact for a New World
Ready for a fresh alternative to e-customer contact?

E-businesses search no more. Nuasis' NuContact Service affordably provides small and midsize businesses with a complete contact center that incorporates voice, e-mail and Web customer interactions--within a 100 percent digital architecture. With NuContact, online customers are able to use their preferred channel of communication (phone, e-mail or Web), while the e-business controls the cost of operations. NuContact seamlessly integrates telephone, Web and e-mail into a single, IP-based communication system, and the digital architecture of the system allows all customer contacts to be processed with the same set of business rules. Features of the system include queuing, skills-based routing and synchronized screen delivery and reporting applied uniformly across all channels of contact. Pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go-and-grow subscription model starting at $400 per concurrent agent seat, per month.
(877) 9NUASIS; www.nuasis.com

In Your Sites
With many companies operating with geographically dispersed employees and customers, visual contact is sometimes lost in the shuffle of e-mail and phone chats. White Pine Software's CUSeeMeWorld.com changes all that with its videochat room Web site. This video-enabled instant messaging is ideal for e-businesses that want to be face-to-face with their customers. The White Pine CUSeeMe Web technology provides video services to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers over instant messaging networks such as AOL. With this advanced technology, users can see each other through live real-time video. Videos operate with a free, downloadable software application available on the Web at www.cuseemeworld.com. Pricing for the CUSeeMe Cam Kit is $99. (603) 886-9050; www.cuseemeworld.com

Customer Contact
Employing relationship management technologies has never been so easy. Technology House provides financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and credit card companies, with Internet-based customer service using the organization's existing computer systems. With Technology House, companies don't have to build new systems, and users can access customer data in real time. The system includes an "event engine," which can generate various scenarios given a certain event. Agents in a bank, for example, can immediately offer an auto loan to a customer who is looking to purchase a car. Customer information can even be linked between different institutions. (877) 465-8444; www.techhouse.com

Talk 24/7
Instant and constant communication is vital to many service industries, such as cable, telecommunication, delivery, courier and utility. Keep in touch with your mobile work force with the Norcom SDM 1000 Mobile Satellite Modem. The SDM 1000 provides real-time wireless data communication anywhere in the United states. With this interactive system, management can redirect drivers when service priorities change, or a field technician can request support. The network utilizes a geosynchronous L-Band satellite to enable uninterrupted coverage seven days a week. The Business Support Network allows performance monitoring of the system via the Internet. The modem weighs five pounds and is 11.5 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches in height. The SDM 1000 can be used with other wireless local area networks. Pricing is $1,425 to $1,870 for the modem, depending on the number of network users, plus mobile service, which starts at $30 per month. (877) 466-7266; www.norcomnetworks.com

Going Once, Going Twice
OpenSite Technologies' two new products, the Dynamic Pricing Toolkit (DPT) 1.1 and Auction Now 1.1, allow Open Site and its customers to build customized dynamic pricing and develop an online auction service bureau, where outside sellers can post items for auction. Both products are based on Open Site's Dynamic Pricing Engine (DPE) technology, and can support business-to-business, business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer marketplaces. DPT features include simple and complex searches; registration; administrative area for maintenance of galleries, categories, offers and users; sellers area for posting and maintaining auctions; one many-to-many gallery; and one standard gallery. Auction Now 1.1 features forward and sealed auction types; the ability for owners to charge sellers in various ways (listing fees or commissions); and privilege for registered users to sell within the marketplace. Pricing for DPT is $96,000; pricing for Auction Now depends on the number of galleries purchased. (919) 287-0200; www.opensite.com

Share and Share Alike
With IBM's Content Manager, customers can integrate, leverage and share all forms of digital content. By so doing, companies will increase their productivity, operational efficiencies and competitive advantage. Content Manager offers a complete, integrated portfolio for database management, content management and business intelligence. Features of the IBM Content Manager include protection of digital assets to eliminate fraud, ability for call center representatives to view a client's complete folder of information, ability for customers to retrieve and view the status of submitted requests, reduced operational costs through elimination of storage space and improved productivity through rapid information retrievals. Pricing starts at $15,000 per workstation server and $2,000 per concurrent user. (800) 772-2227; www.ibm.com

One Size Fits All
Businesses of all sizes can now use the Internet to manage the entire range of customer interactions with Neteos' eRMNow! CRM solution. eRMNow! consists of three modules: sales, marketing and support, and can be deployed in days as a turnkey solution, requiring no internal technical resources or up-front capital investment. This CRM solution supports both traditional, employee-based CRM functionality, as well as direct customer and partner interaction over the Internet--directly from the company's Web site. eRMNow! has a Web-centric architecture that supports the hosted application delivery model. The solution also has local, Web-connected access or remote capability with desktop synchronization to ensure that the application is available to the user despite location. Pricing is $50 for each module per seat, per month; $150 for all three. There is a one-year, 25 seat minimum contract. (781) 270-7900; www.neteos.com

Your Right Arm
Originally launched as a Web-based customer and incident-tracking program to enhance an organization's relations with its customers, TechExcel's ServiceWise 2000 adds comprehensive asset management, service agreement management, remote diagnostics, e-mail integration, pager and voice notification and other critical functions. The integrated Internet-intranet application integrates all aspects of technical support, from local to remote engineers to salespeople and customers, in a client/server platform that supports LAN and Web applications. New to this version, the Asset Manager is an optional add-on module designed for internal help desks and external customer support and supports asset tracking, inventory management, service and repair, reservations and user assignment and history tracking. Another optional module is the Service Agreement Manager, which enables companies to configure different plans for their customers, whether fixed fee, annual or multi-year. As with other parts of the ServiceWise application, all templates are easily customizable. An evaluation copy of ServiceWise is downloadable from TechExcel's Web site. Pricing is $1,995 for the application and server software. (925) 283-8930; www.techexcel.com

Keeping Ahead of the Game
stay in front of the competition with stayinFront's Visual Elk 9.0 CRM Solution. Visual Elk 9.0 securely offers 100 percent component delivery, which means that the system can be embedded in practically any application and still reach all areas of the corporation. The system supports a true object-oriented data store, and uses Unified Modeling Language (UML) so users can quickly model business processes. In addition to connecting to a wide range of data stores, the Active Elk engine that drives the Visual Elk 9.0 can also seamlessly incorporate multiple databases into a single system. The engine also allows the user to design object classes based on existing tables in a relational database. The CRM solution's multi-tier architecture allows the system to run on any type of processor configuration. Pricing depends on configuration. (888) 333-3877; www.stayinfront.com

Online On Time
Talisma's latest product, Talisma Online, is a customer-centric hosted communication solution. Both dot coms and brick-and-mortar businesses can have two-day deployment of e-service, e-marketing and e-sales functionality through a Web environment with Talisma Online. After purchasing Talisma Online, a Talisma Account Manager analyzes the user's hardware and software configuration and personnel requirements before setting up the user's account on the secure Exodus Communications hosted server. With Talisma's e-marketing features, companies can target customers based on their interests and send personalized, outbound offers, information and updates. Talisma Online also offers a monitoring and analyses feature to track job performance and consumer trends. The average price of the hosted server starts at $4,000 per month and is based on e-mail volume. There is also a one-time implementation fee of $10,000. (877) ESERV4U; www.talisma.com

Are You Ready?
Are you ready for Windows 2000 migration? Netopia's netOctopus Windows 2000 Readiness Kit allows organizations to centrally assess networked PCs for Windows 2000 compatibility. netOctupus filters basic hardware configuration information that is gathered by professionals, and then reports on which machines are ready for Windows 2000. The system also uses Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer, which provides reports on software and hardware compatibility issues. netOctupus then deploys, executes and consolidates the Readiness Analyzer results for each networked PC, pinpointing the necessary steps and costs required for Windows 2000 migration. netOctupus can be downloaded for free on win2kready.com, along with other information and news associated with Windows 2000 migration. (510) 814-5100; www.netopia.com

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