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Companies can manage the design business process with Design Collaboration, the latest release from i2 Technologies, a provider of e-business services and platforms. The solution is part of the i2TradeMatrix Design suite and contains three integrated modules--Design Planner, Design Manager and Design Collaboration. These modules facilitate collaboration across the design chain to speed time to market, reduce product costs and drive innovation. The Collaboration piece extends business processes, providing a Web-based framework for team members and design partners to achieve faster decision-making across multiple enterprises. Pricing depends on configuration.
(800) 800-3288; www.i2.com


RightNow Web 4.0, an enhanced Web customer service solution from RightNow Technologies, includes self-service, e-mail management, live chat, knowledge management, and backend workflow management features. Web 4.0 offers a tabbed user interface and a personal portal page. The self-service features also have been enhanced to enable customers to find responses to their questions easily. Web 4.0 also includes SmartAssistant, which recommends solutions via e-mail and RightNow Metrics, a feedback surveys tool. Pricing depends on configuration and includes a two-year license with unlimited product updates and support. (877) 363-5678; www.rightnow.com


Neteos' Web-based CRM ASP service, eRMNow!, can be tailored to address both company preferences and individual employees' needs. The application enables users to work with the entire application from a portable device, providing enterprise-wide relationship management services by integrating sales, marketing and customer support functionality. eRMNow! provides field sales and service personnel with real-time, wireless access to customer data. These front-line employees can monitor and update leads and activities, access contact details, review account information and review knowledge bases. The eRMNow! service suite can be implemented within a week, and companies can pay on a per-seat basis. (781) 466-0134; www.neteos.com


Mobile phone users do not need a WAP-enabled phone to get technical support when they use P2P Wireless, from Webhelp. This technology and service solution vendor has developed mobile phones in which the voice data is compressed into an audio file and routed through Webhelp's collaboration infrastructure to an online service professional working from a Webhelp Web Center. The OSP accesses online information, then sends text-based chat, e-mail or converted text-to-speech messages to Webhelp's wireless applications users. Implementation typically runs between four to six weeks, and the license-based fee depends on a per chat basis and number of users. (888) 932-6611; www.webhelp.com

DIAL 911!

With MapInfo's new PSAP Pro, an enhanced 911 database, telecommunication service providers can efficiently route e-911 calls to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point. PSAP Pro contains PSAP information for the United states and includes 10-digit emergency numbers, address information, administrative phone number, fax number, contact person and the phone's latitude and longitude. With PSAP Pro, wireless carriers can route an emergency call based on the caller's location and the PSAP's jurisdictional boundary. The solution contains approximately 4,400 records, including primary PSAPs and sheriff's departments not served by a PSAP. Pricing based on configuration. (518) 285-6000; www.mapinfo.com


The demand for a more cost-effective and efficient way to advertise online may have been met with iWant.com's availability of Instant Opt-in. Instant Opt-in is a new, targeted, 100 percent permission-based direct marketing channel that instantly delivers promotions on demand based on immediate consumer requests. It puts promotional messages in front of the prospects at the moment they're ready to make a purchase. To ensure proper targeting, Instant Opt-in takes information provided by the customer--what the customer wants--and uses a matching engine to deliver the appropriate promotions based on keywords and location. Pricing is based on configuration. (978) 502-1055; www.iwant.com


Nortel Networks has released three new programs designed to help service providers deliver digital subscriber line (DSL) service to residential and business customers. The first program, Quickstart DSL, is designed to deliver end-to-end DSL network solutions to competitive local exchange carriers and emerging service providers, allowing them to deliver high-speed access services. Program two, WorkDSL, allows business users to purchase low-cost, user-installable DSL modems for telecommuting, as well as provides Internet access and secure corporate virtual private network access at broadband speeds. Finally, DSL Interoperability Testing verifies compatibility between Nortel Networks' DSL access products and third-party customer premises equipment. Pricing is based on configuration. (800) 4-NORTEL; www.nortelnetworks.com


Blue Martini Software, EXE Technologies and The Descartes Systems Group have announced a joint initiative to offer an end-to-end e-business solution for multichannel grocers. The solution will integrate the Blue Martini 4 application suite, which includes four applications for catalog management, customer transactions, personalization and campaign management, EXE's eFulfillment solution, and Descartes' e-Scheduler online scheduling and route optimization functionality. The resulting solution will help multichannel grocers set up e-business operations and conduct business through both brick-and-mortar and online channels. Pricing for Blue Martini 4 is $250 per application. (650) 356-4000; www.bluemartini.com; (214) 775-6000; www.exe.com; (310) 337-0447; www.descartes.com


Revenio, developer of automated customer interaction software, has released Revenio Dialog 2.0, a platform that manages, directs and automates ongoing customer interactions across multiple marketing channels, including the Web, e-mail, phone and direct mail. Dialog 2.0 provides the collateral marketers need to design, execute and manage personalized, long-running, one-to-one customer dialogs. It features a drag-and-drop tool for creating long-running dialogs that branch and vary based on business rules. A Dialog Engine manages millions of dialogs at once and a Marketer's Console provides real-time reporting and global controls to test dialogs. Pricing depends on configuration. (781) 852-2600; www.revenio.com


E-business software vendor Corechange recently released Coreport 3g, an e-business access framework software for deploying community, corporate, marketplace and mobile portals. Corechange-designed Coreport 3g provides a personalized user experience based on the user's role in the enterprise and is portable across desktop and wireless devices. The software has an open architecture and is designed for device and platform independence, scalability, security, rapid deployment and ease of integration. Pricing starts at $250 per user. (617) 204-3300; www.corechange.com


Call center and e-commerce technology management company, PAR3 Communications, has launched a Customer Participation Management solution, Intelligent Response Platform. The solution helps businesses engage customers in one-to-one relationships by delivering personalized, transaction-enabled messages via any telephony or Internet medium. PAR3's platform features an alert structure and tight integration with a clients' CRM system. It also enables customers to automatically connect to the business to purchase a product, make a transaction or talk with an agent. For pricing information, call (206) 902-3900, or go to www.par3.com


WatchIT.com, a developer of on-demand streaming video programs for IT and business management, has released a 50-minute program called, "Using CRM to Develop Profitable Customer Relationships." Bill Brendler, president of Brendler Associates, a CRM change management consultant company, is featured in the program. The video is designed to help senior IT and business executives make decisions about IT initiatives. Pricing is $249.95 for a CD and $199.95 for the video. (800) 304-1425 ext. 5783; www.watchit.com

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