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SFA for Handhelds
Handhelds are great, but your mobile reps also want to access the same data they utilize with their laptops.
Solution: CorNet Voyager 3.0 provides a solution for handhelds that shares the same enterprise data architecture as its laptop solution, CorNet Catalyst 3.0. This makes synchronizing information and migration from laptops to handhelds much simpler. Voyager offers appointment processes, account tags, account notes, call reporting, contact management, worklist creation and synchronization to laptop and enterprise database capabilities. Catalyst offers a new interface modeled after MS Outlook, as well as fully functional Web deployment capabilities. It also features configurable menus, enhanced toolbar and enhanced calendar opportunity targeting. The price for Voyager is $600 per seat; the price for Catalyst is $2,000 per seat.
(570) 420-0800;

Enterprise ACT!
Your sales reps are familiar with ACT!, but you want them to have an enterprise-capable contact management system.
Solution: With Archer Enterprise Systems' Archer Enterprise 4.0, you can have the best of both worlds. The program synchronizes ACT! data to SQL Server and offers scaleability with implementation of a three-tier architecture. The sales library provides distribution of price lists, proposals, presentations and marketing materials. Archer Enterprise 4.0 offers drag-and-drop custom report writing and supports most SQL Server-compliant reporting tools. Advanced administration tools are also available for adding, changing and deleting user roles. Data management enables information sharing between all sales team members. The price of the basic system for 25 users is $346 per user.
(800) 660-9272;

Web-based CRM
You need a browser-based tool that provides more than just contact management.
Solution: Mehta offers its iCRM version 2.0, with functionality that includes opportunity, account and contact management, work lists, quotation management, forecasting, pipeline management, marketing campaigns and data synchronization. Written in pure Java and operating in standard Web browsers, iCRM lets users choose their own workflow style, including a combination of calendar or tickler orientation. Each user can select a preferred labeling system and determine how profiles are displayed. iCRM offers an unlimited number of user-defined profiles such as marketing campaigns, sales history and contract data. Expanded queries and folder tabs let users quickly search accounts, contacts and opportunities. The price is $525 for 1 to 50 users.
(978) 952-6425;

Unify Your Data
You need to integrate your software applications and interfaces across your enterprise.
Solution: Convoy's Convoy/DM Version 3.0 is a tool for developing and managing complex application interfaces that span the enterprise. Convoy/DM extracts information about business applications to create data conversions. The product's "application aware" ability simplifies the process of creating interfaces between different business systems. Convoy/DM provides metadata extraction and management and legacy support. Version 3.0 adds the ability to merge multiple units of work to multiple targets and extract metadata from ODBC-compatible source or target applications. Convoy/DM also helps users to create user-definable code exits and merge multiple units of work to multiple targets. The software also provides metadata reporting capabilities to audit and manage the interfaces. The price begins at $32,000.
(510) 601-4950;

Good to Go
You want to build your e-commerce business with a reliable electronic signature capture solution.
Solution: Interlink Electronics introduces its ePad, which uses a pressure-sensitive pad designed to emulate the natural feel of signing on paper. When used with its pen-input software, ePad captures signatures on the fly and inserts them into Microsoft Word documents. ePad accepts input from any common stylus, connects to a PC's serial port and installs as a Windows 95/98 plug-and-play device. In addition to signature capture, ePad also can electronically bind and biometrically verify signatures, to authenticate legal, professional, commercial and personal documents. Security access and Internet identity authentication can be confirmed using indictors contained in the signature data with compatible verification software packages. The price is $69.95.
(800) 340-1331;

HealthCare Customer Service
Health insurance companies and managed care organizations want to retain customers by automating customer service.
Solution: Outlaw Technologies offers CustomerFocus, a software solution to help improve healthcare companies' customer service. Functionalities of CustomerFocus include issue capturing, inquiry tracking, proactive issue management, complaint management, and reporting and correspondence capabilities. It can capture and record all incoming inquiries, issues and appeals, whether they come via paper, telephone or the Internet. Customer service reps have access to enrollment information, demographic data and call history. Issues can be routed to other personnel and a tickler set to remind the rep of a promised follow-up deadline for a letter or an action memo. Pricing depends on configuration.
(303) 442-3148;

Domino SFA App
You want a customer relationship management solution that your sales reps will find easy to use.
Solution: Ust presents its Lotus Domino SFA software called CATS--Customer Account Tracking System. The program's point-and-click use of hot links is modeled on the Web, to provide a familiar interface. CATS is designed to integrate with a corporation's legacy system via IBM DECS connectors. The program also offers a proprietary report distribution utility, which automatically imports legacy spool files from corporate applications. Another utility alerts users about information that is identified by a set of predefined perimeters, whether the data resides in a legacy system, on the Web or a Notes database. CATS requires Lotus Notes Domino V4.6 software licenses for all users and a Domino server license. The price of a server license is $3,995 and includes five seats.
(800) 643-0845;

Portal Empowerment
You need a nontechnical way to post business information on your intranet.
Solution: webROI offers SiteDriver, its content management product. SiteDriver lets a nontechnical editor review and approve content before it is published on the site. Anyone with a common Web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer can create content and submit it to the editor for review. The editor then uses a pull-down menu to approve the information and release it to the site. Site- Driver can also be used as an instant extranet between a client and a product or service provider. Information is quickly filtered and posted by the business users, and the technical Webmaster can handle the more strategic initiatives of the site. The price is $14,500 for drop-in and $30,000 for a customized version.
(614) 418-3110;

Get the Facts
A dependable, consistent way to gather information about customer satisfaction or to generate better leads would help you build a bigger business.
Solution: Opus Technologies offers SurveySuite, which automates survey authoring, data collection and data processing. SurveySuite enables you to deploy surveys through the Internet or an intranet. SurveyBuilder uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, has multilingual capability and can be customized. It utilizes a common survey model, which provides consisitency across all processes. Responses are recorded immediately and logged for further analysis, and questions can be skipped based on responses. ResponseLink aggregates data into a single location automatically. Responses are integrated into most common formats and can be exported into Microsoft Excel, Database Tables or ASCII files. The price ranges from $995 to $4,995.
(512) 374-9551;

Mobile Desktop
Using one computer on the road and back at the office would make your sales reps more efficient.
Solution: IBM's new ThinkPad 570 presents a powerful road machine and a configurable desktop alternative. As a portable, the ThinkPad is 1 inch thin, weighs 4 pounds and features a full-size keyboard, 13.3-inch TFT display, 366-megahertz Pentium II processor, 6.4-gigabyte hard drive, 64 megabytes of RAM, 56K modem and standard ports. But slip the ThinkPad into its UltraBase, and it is transformed into a desktop machine, offering custom-configuration with a variety of options, such as a 2X DVD-ROM drive, 24X CD-ROM drive, Zip 100-megabyte drive, SuperDisk drive, additional hard drive or a second battery that provides up to seven hours of battery life. The UltraBase is equipped with stereo speakers, a MIDI port and an additional USB port. It also provides a direct connection to an optional port replicator. ThinkPad 570 prices start at $2,699; the UltraBase is $119.
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Online Customer Care
By offering e-customers live service you can build repeat business.
Solution: FaceTime Communications introduces its FaceTime Message Exchange, which provides a suite of Internet applications for managing customer communications. Agents, supervisors and managers use a single familiar interface for Internet communication. Three services comprise FaceTime Message Exchange. Instant Messaging Management allows e-commerce Web sites to manage real-time, live text-based communication between a customer service representative and a customer. E-mail Management provides e-mail-handling features such as auto acknowledgement and auto suggest/reply. Professional Services offers strategic planning, service audits, operational reviews and advanced implementation assistance. The price is $2,000 per month.
(650) 574-1600;

Channel Management
You want a way to manage your channel partners' strategies and operations to increase your market share.
Solution: Allegis introduces Allegis Sales Partner, its suite of applications designed to help sales teams plan, manage and measure their channel partnerships. Sales Partner enables tracking of channel plans your partners build, or plans channel partners may choose from a library of best practices. Through one-to-one partner extranets, Sales Partner helps you manage your internal channel operations and external interactions. Sales performance can be measured in sales per channel, market share per channel and program effectiveness. Sales Partner's business process engine coordinates tasks, workflow, to-dos, and offers e-mail and a personalized Web page. Extranet security is personalized to allow individuals access to specific channel information. Pricing depends upon configuration.
(888) 638-4866;

A Laptop Touchpad
Your salespeople have difficulty manipulating those tiny mouse buttons on their laptops.
Solution: Cirque's Cruise Cat touchpad lets users manipulate basic mouse functions, with scrolling, zooming and four embossed hot buttons that can launch browsers, e-mail or multimedia controls. The fourth hot button allows access to files and shortcuts. The new gestures feature also lets users program a gesture to activate a command. Internet use is facilitated by the surf button, which lets users page back and forward through Web pages with the glide of a finger. Bundled with the Cruise Cat is an Internet software suite that includes NetNanny, Spamkiller 2 and Earthlink Internet service sign-up software. At 5 by 5 by 0.5 inches, the Cruise Cat touchpad is a little bigger than a standard mouse, and it comes with a 6-foot serial cable. The price is $99.99.
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Convenient USB Modem
Traveling salespeople need to extend their notebook's battery life and keep PC Card options open.
Solution: Shark Multimedia's Leopard USB 56K external PC modem offers lower power consumption than PC Card modems and saves room in your PC Card slots. Plug and play with Windows 95/98, it can also be connected without powering down your computer system. The modem offers transfer speeds of up to 56 kilobits per second and supports both V.90 and Rockwell/ Lucent K56flex specifications. The Leopard provides voice messaging, voicemail with remote retrieval, pager notification and a fax-on-demand feature. The send/receive fax is capable of up to 14,400 kilobits per second and supports class 1 commands. Users may create an unlimited number of voicemail boxes, each with separate passwords and greetings. The price is $79.95.
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