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Deal-Closing Web Tools
Providing prospects with customized product information and live presentations can boost your sales.
Solution: Pixion leverages Market-Touch's sales effectiveness systems solution, which includes Market-Touch SC, InContext and Validator, with its one-to-one Web technology, PictureTalk software. Using PictureTalk, your sales staff can deliver customized sales presentations, slide shows, text files, spreadsheets and demonstrations in real time over the Internet. PictureTalk, a client-server-client product, works with any combination of PCs, Macintoshes and UNIX workstations. Market-Touch's sales tools help sales reps assess the competitive landscape, position products and appeal to individual prospects. Market-Touch SC integrates on-the-fly analysis, online research, customer case-study management and one-to-one document creation. Server software starts at $15,000; client software is free.
(888) 8-PIXION;

Pinpoint Your Sales Leads
You want to give your sales managers and marketing professionals a tool to identify sales leads at their desktop any time of day.
Solution: InfoUSA's release of its desktop marketing CD-ROM, businessUSA, gives your staff the ability to drill down into its database of 10 million businesses and select leads whenever they choose. Your sales staff can use the business and consumer information to locate leads, conduct market research, find a contact name and segment prospects. Information such as company descriptions, addresses, contact names, sales volume and number of employees is available. The software program comes with a one-year subscription with updates, and is also available by state with every business from that state listed. The price for a one-year subscription starts at $795, and the price of state-specific data varies depending on the number of businesses listed. (800) 624-0076; www.infousa.com

Flexible, Mobile CD-R Drive
Your road warriors need a lightweight, fast and flexible CD-R drive for reading and copying files on the fly.
Solution: Freecom's CDRW Traveller is perfectly portable--it's barely bigger than a CD, at 2 centimeters high, and weighs 600 grams, even with its battery pack. It provides 4X write and rewrite and 20X read speeds. The Traveller supports all current write modes such as track at once, disc at once, multisession and packet writing, for saving and copying files in Universal Disc Format.With the optional USB, IQ Parallel or PCMCIA cables, the drive can be connected to a desktop Mac or PC or another notebook port. The drive includes a battery pack and a recharge unit with a microcontroller and an automatic sleep mode to save energy and extend the average battery use time. Freecom supplies CD-R medium and Adaptec Easy CD-Creator software. The price of the PCMCIA drive kit is $499; $519 for the USB kit.
(800) 438-5336;

Light, Bright Portable Projector
Your sales reps can become presentation pros with their own portable projectors.
Solution: Proxima's UltraLight SV1 portable projector weighs just 8.1 pounds, measures 9.5 inches by 13.6 inches by 3.9 inches and has a 4,000-hour lamp for long use. The SV1 has manual zoom, a broad range of video compatibility, is a native SVGA resolution projector and supports VGA, SVGA and XCA images. Offering 700 lumens, the SV1 also has five inputs: 1 computer, 1 video, 1 s-video and 2 audio. Onscreen menu languages include English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The warranty covers two years parts and labor, excluding the lamp. Proxima also offers its Customer Care program, which includes free technical support, personalized assisitance and online tech support. The price is $2,999.
(800) 447-7692;

Accessible CRM
Your sales staff needs access to your CRM solution from desktops, laptops and handheld devices.
Solution: Commence Corporation's solution, Commence 2000, is an integrated suite of out-of-the-box applications that enable growing businesses to capture, share and control vital corporate and customer information among multiple departments and job functions. Customer information is integrated into a single shared database repository accessible to employees, customers and business partners from desktops, laptops and handheld devices. Commence 2000 offers sales management, lead generation, help desk, time and billing, customer service and contact management functions. Commence 2000 also includes tools that allow each customer to modify prebuilt applications or create new ones to support unique requirements. It runs on Windows 95, 98 or NT. The price per seat is $299, with a server cost of $999.
(800) 688-7080;

SAP-Front Office Interface
You want seamless integration between your valuable SAP data and your front-office applications.
Solution: Oberon Software's Prospero Building Block Suite lets companies link the SAP R/3 SD application with third-party enterprise applications such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, marketing and warehousing. Prospero Building Blocks for Sales Order, Customer Master, Vendor Master and Material Master databases integrate information from enterprise applications into the SAP R/3 SD order management application. An easy to learn and use visual environment helps to eliminate the time-consuming and complex task of building custom interfaces. Prospero's graphical interface lets you configure your specific business processes by pointing to and clicking on icons representing business functions, all without programming. The price begins at $150,000.
(800) 654-1215;

Event-Driven Marketing Coup
You want to market the right product at the right time to the right customer.
Solution: NCR's CRMS 4.0 tracks and analyzes customer behavior so that business rules can be developed that predict the customer's readiness to respond to particular marketing offers. One component of CRMS, MarketingAgent, supports a distributed network of intelligent agents that allows users to describe their businesses in an "English-like" language. The network provides near real-time event detection, evaluation of customer events and action notification across the enterprise. ProspectAdvisor helps communications service providers identify potential profitable customer targets. It uses the profiles of existing customers in good standing, as well as external data, to target campaigns to those customers who will be of high value and least likely to churn. ContactInteractor enables the exchange of customer data between the CRMS-Communications solution and customer touchpoints such as contact centers, e-mail and the Internet. PrivacyBuilder helps communications services providers meet their local governments' consumer data protection regulations. Marketing-Agent pricing begins at $200,000; ProspectAdvisor begins at $100,000.
(937) 445-5000;

TeamPOINT Enhancements
You could gain a strategic advantage with an updated, Web-based CRM package.
Solution: POINT Information Systems' TeamPOINT now offers Web-enabled marketing automation capabilities that include capturing and tracking contact and lead information from Web-site users and tying their Web-site use to specific marketing campaigns. With a focus on Web self-service, call center agents are able to concentrate on more complex problems. Expanded sales force automation features include account/territory management, pipeline reporting and remote access to marketing materials and expanded market support for Euro transactions. A marketing encyclopedia allows sales reps meeting with potential customers to remotely download the latest presentations, videos or pricing information appropriate for a particular sales call. The price starts at $1,250 per seat license.
(781) 416-7900;

Mobile Support Time Saver
Your mobile sales reps are losing too much time adjusting their PC settings at each new location.
Solution: Symantec's Mobile Essentials helps mobile professionals quickly adjust to different work environments. It allows creation of location profiles--the laptop settings that must be adjusted when workers travel--and deployment of the settings via e-mail or by placing location files on a Web site or network server. Location profiles include TCP/IP settings for Internet access, specifying a Windows NT domain, turning login scripts on and off, and identifying which drives are mapped and which are shared. Location profiles also include default printer settings, dialing settings such as area code, calling card, prefixes and dial-tone detection, and settings for popular applications such as cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, WinFax, Internet Explorer and Netscape. The price is $56 per user.
(800) 441-7234;

Untethered E-mail for MS-Exchange Users
Your mobile staff needs to check and send e-mail messages as they travel.
Solution: Research in Motion's BlackBerry e-mail product is an interactive wireless solution that lets Microsoft Exchange users stay connected to their e-mail while away from their desks, without needing to access a laptop, a phone jack or other bulky gear. Operating over the BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network in the United states and the Cantel AT&T wireless data network in Canada, the BlackBerry sports an Intel 386 processor, 2 megabytes of Intel Flash memory, an embedded wireless modem and a 2-watt transmitter. E-mail is encrypted using Triple DES and meets corporate security guidelines. Users can keep their existing e-mail address with BlackBerry's integration with MS Exchange. The purchase option is $399, and monthly service is $39.99.
(877) 255-2377;

Spin ERP Data Into E-Data on the Web
You want your company to reap the benefits of distributing ERP data across the enterprise.
Solution: Princeton Softech's SyncPoint distributes and synchronizes data to customers, partners and suppliers. SyncPoint automatically segments, secures and synchronizes data in a multivendor database and enables companies to build and deploy Web, mobile and e-business applications. The product supports large numbers of users through scalable parallel processing and dynamic load balancing. SyncPoint supports Oracle, DB2 UDB, DB2 for OS/390, Sybase and SQL Server and is integrated as a separate layer between the application and the database. The price is based on number of users and server environments and starts at $35,000.
(800) 457-7060;
www.princeton softech.com

Show Your Prospects the Big Picture
Your mobile sales reps give presentations on their laptops that seem more like huddles than meetings.
Solution: With Focus Enhancements' TView Gold, your sales reps can convert their puny PC image to a big-screen TV. With Focus' digital processing technology, you get an image that is flicker-free and conversion that is plug and play. The Gold supports resolutions up to 1,024 by 768 at millions of colors on both Windows and MacOS platforms. It includes an infrared remote control that allows for 2X zoom with pan control. The converter has TrueScale image compression for accurate image display. The Gold also comes with a Kensington MicroSaver Lock Port. Focus' UniViewer cable has enhanced pass-through circuitry. The Gold has freeze, zoom, compress and power controls and an infrared receiver. The price is $229.
(800) 538-8866;

1:1 Marketing for Financial Services
You want to target effective marketing campaigns for financial services and insurance companies.
Solution: NeoVista Software's SmartCRM helps your company make the most of financial services customer relationships by creating a view of the customer that is shared across the enterprise and allows you to target custom market campaigns. Combining marketing automation software from AIMS software and NeoVista's Decision Series business intelligence software, SmartCRM lets users define a catalogue of available products, promotional materials, telemarketing scripts and sales resources. These items can be linked in multistep campaigns for automatic execution at either user-determined intervals or specific event triggers. Smart CRM works with customer information residing in ODBC-compatible databases such as DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase and SQL Server. The price starts at $360,000.
(800) 800-6427;

Sync No More
Your sales staff needs to access the corporate database with their handheld devices in real time.
Solution: Practical Sales Tools' UnwiredContact gives your mobile staff a wireless interface for their handhelds to interact with up-to-the-minute customer information. UnwiredContact's database/Web-browser interface eliminates the need for synchronizing, saving time and providing current information. Updates made in the field can be immediately viewed by associates in the office or on the road. UnwiredContact interfaces with ACT! and SalesLogix. It requires a NT Web Server with IIS 3/4 or Netscape Server and a connection to the Internet or virtual private network. The software ports to smartphones such as the Mitsubishi Mobile and Samsung Duette, pagers such as the RIM Interactive Pager, palmtops such as the 3Com PalmPilot with the Novatel Wireless Minstrel Modem and Windows CE handheld PCs. The price for a server license is $4,995 and a user license is $199.
(888) 433-2891;

Professional Services Marketing Tool
Your professional services firm could expand business and boost profits by building better marketing relationships.
Solution: Interface Software's InterAction 4.0 can help your firm leverage client relationship information to create focused marketing programs. InterAction gives professionals the flexibility of choosing which client information they want to share globally and which they want to keep confidential. The audit trail function allows tracking of incorrectly input information and reverts bad data back to its earlier, correct version. The relationship components allow customers and third-party partners to integrate with systems like time and billing and document management. The user interface includes many Web-like features such as hyperlinks and a customizable desktop. The price is $259 per user.
(630) 572-1400;

Closed-loop WEB Marketing Campaigns
You need a CRM solution for your Web presence.
Solution: Annuncio Live automates your Internet and integrated marketing campaigns. It helps you create and deliver all the elements of a targeted, closed-loop marketing program such as marketing tests, Web HTML pages, e-mail communications, database tables and target audiences. With the LiveProfile application, marketers can define, update and build customer profiles. LiveAudience lets marketers define audiences and enables segmentation through selection of profile information. Using LiveCampaign, marketers can create Web-page content and e-mail communications. LiveResults provides analysis to evaluate campaign effectiveness, revise programs and improve ROI. The price begins at $100,000.
(650) 314-6000;

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