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Chassis For The Choosy
Appro's slim, rackmount computer chassis, featuring the 1U SBC, 2U SBC or 2U ATX models, offer rugged construction, making them ideal for call centers that stay open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The company, which also supplies boards, backplanes, power supplies and accessories, handles all design, manufacturing and integration of hardware into the chassis in-house. The IU SBC specifications include one floppy drive, one internal hard drive and a power supply of up to 150 watts. The 2U SBC has one floppy drive, one CD-ROM, two internal hard drives, up to four expansion slots, a removable side panel for easy access and optional hot-swappable power supplies. The 2U ATX has a mini to full-size ATX motherboard, one floppy drive, one CD-ROM, two internal hard drives, two full-length expansion slots and a slide-out motherboard for easy installation. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 927-5464; www.appro.com

Artisoft's TeleVantage allows call centers to easily manage large numbers of incoming calls and messages. With TeleVantage, call centers can distribute incoming calls to appropriate groups of sales or support staff. Agents can monitor and manage active and queued calls from their PC desktops, transfer calls, set up conference calls, access voice-mail messages in any order and have call routing follow them to several locations as they travel. The system does not require proprietary handsets or extra costs for basic or advanced features such as voice mail, unified messaging or automated call distribution. Users can be added, moved or deleted from the system without service calls, and call center managers can review call logs generated by the system to ensure quality service. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 914-9985; www.artisoft.com

Cisco System's CallManager 2.4 provides basic connection and call processing services to packet telephony devices such as Internet Protocol (IP) phones, soft phones, voice-over-IP gateways, switches, routers and software applications. CallManager 2.4 features call holding, call transferring, call forwarding, speed dial and last-number redial. The system, which is supplied pre-installed on a Cisco media-convergent server, enables both service agents and customers to hold collaborative work sessions. Sales agents can also perform remote troubleshooting, debugging, call tracing and maintenance. The Cisco CallManager is the call processing software component of the Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID). Upgrades to the system involve no additional hardware costs. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 553-6387; www.cisco.com

Eshare Technologies' NetAgent manages inbound e-mail traffic, automatically routing questions and comments to the appropriate personnel. It also allows service agents to exchange instant messages with site visitors. The system stores a library of frequently used responses, Web pages, files, presentations and automated support scripts. Agents can choose from among these resources to help them provide more complete and efficient service. Features include up to six simultaneous chat sessions, real-time spell checking, an interactive menu of prompts and responses to determine customer needs and agent-to-agent instant messaging. Supervisors can review transcripts, join sessions and compile productivity statistics. No plug-ins or downloads are required for customers to use the system, which is compatible with corporate firewalls. Pricing is $9,000 and includes three seats and no charge for the server. (888) ESHARE4; www.eshare.com

3Com's NBX 100 Communications System integrates voice and data services over ethernet LANs. With the system, a service agent can use a desktop computer to dial directly from the company's customer database or contact list. As the phone rings, the customer's record will appear automatically on the agent's screen. The system's inbox manages both voice mail and e-mail. Features include automated-attendant capability, distinct off-site ringing, call recording and browser-based administration. Companies with branch offices or telecommuting employees can also use the system to reduce long-distance expenses by extending telephony and messaging services to remote users over existing WAN pipes. Pricing for a system equipped with four CO lines and eight telephones is $8,900. (888) 629-0070; www.3com.com

With Unisys' Natural Language Speech Assistant (NLSA), developers can substantially reduce the time required for building, testing and deploying custom speech-recognition applications. Using the cross-platform program, developers can take advantage of pre-built run time speech interpreters and context-free grammars that are compatible with any industry-standard speech recognizer. With the NLSA, developers no longer have to spend time learning the details of programming speech recognizers. The program, which supports multiple languages, provides a module for testing voice responses with real callers and identifies whether an application can be supported by the available delivery technologies. The NLSA can enhance your current IVR applications or create new applications by capitalizing on available speech technology. Pricing starts at $495. (610) 648-7111; www.unisys.com

Active Voice's Unity 2.3 provides call center personnel with the ability to access voice, fax and e-mail messages from a desktop PC, telephone or Internet. This unified messaging solution is based in Microsoft Exchange and supports Windows 2000 and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems. The new system allows agents to not only exchange voice and fax messages internally via the Internet and computers, but also provides them with a variety of message-management features such as remote access, foldering, rules-based automated filing and multiple personal greetings. In addition, Unity 2.3 features localizations in Australian English, Dutch, French, German and United Kingdom English. The system is convergence ready, and works with both traditional and IP phone systems for customers converging voice and data networks. Suggested list price for a turnkey Unity starts at $11,500 for a four port system. (206) 441-4700 ext. 700; www.activevoice.com

Practical Sales Tools' Wired Contact is a fully interactive Web interface for Symantec's ACT! Wired Contact enables both in-house and remote ACT! users to view, update, add records and make data changes to their ACT! database in real time. This new system allows an entire sales team to have constant access to up-to-date information without having to do data synchronization. Wired Contact pairs existing ACT! 3.08 or 4.0 databases with Windows NT 4.0 server with IIS 3 or 4 or Netscape Server, which transforms ACT! from a standard contact manager to a fully Internet-enabled, client-server application for all users. Pricing per server is $3,000, pricing per user license is $99. (610) 567-0800; www.practical-sales.com/wired

Extended Systems' XTNDConnect Server 2.3 synchronizes remote and local servers, including e-mail, contacts, calendars and tasks, between Palm Computing and Windows CE devices and leading groupware products such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino R5. The system provides organizations with a secure and efficient way of relaying information between business servers and handheld computing devices. The XTNDConnect Server 2.3 uses encryption technology, which was developed by Certicom, to maintain the high-speed transactions between corporate systems and mobile devices. The system supports handheld applications with ODBC-compliant databases such as Microsoft DB2, Oracle, Sybase and Extend Systems' Advantage Database Server. Pricing is $100 per user, based on 1,000-user volume. (800) 235-7576; www.extendedsystems.com

InfoPage's Product Manager provides sales reps and resellers with quality product information via a Palm-connected organizer from Palm Computing. The product represents a unified approach to the organization, communication and presentation of product information between marketing and sales staff, and provides an efficient way of increasing revenues. Marketers can electronically send product information such as pricing, features, benefits and sales notes to agents in the field, allowing them to answer customers' questions immediately. In addition, sales reps can select which key facts to keep in the Palm during sales calls or trade shows for easy reference. The Product Manager can also generate quotes and reports for specific products or product line pricing information. Pricing for the product is $39. (925) 352-9842; www.product-manager.com

Oracle's FastForward Sales Compensation improves productivity by helping companies create, maintain, process and analyze sales compensation plans while simultaneously reducing administrative costs and complexities. The Oracle Sales Compensation module automates the compensation processes and frees sales reps from having to calculate potential commissions. Companies can reduce manual processing and manage compensation plans more efficiently with the system's transaction processing, compensation calculations and reporting capabilities. Oracle FastForward, which comes in a fixed-scope package with software, implementation services, education and support, can be implemented in as little as 60 days. Included in the program is OracleSILVER Support, a 24x7 global telephone support and regular account management reporting system. Pricing begins at $221,000 for 100 named users. (650) 506-7000; www.oracle.com/fastforward

Citadel's Touchstar Pentium II systems are designed to support mobile and fixed mount installations in industrial settings with a wide-input AC/DC power system. The Pentium II enhances Citadel's Touchstar industrial computers by offering either 266- or 333-megahertz horsepower, which can be easily upgraded to accommodate faster processor modules. Features of the INTEL Pentium II include seamlessly upgradeable processor architecture, 512 megabytes DRAM, 512 K L2 cache, infrared and resistive touchscreens, color and EL displays and integrated wireless network support. The new system also offers on-board Plug-N-Play compatible sound systems, on-board modular FLASH-disk storage options and on-board IDE and ATA hard drive options. Pricing depends on configuration. (603) 672-5500; www.citadelcomputer.com

Tigerpaw's Business Suite 8 enables sales, customer service and purchasing departments to share information by tracking prospects through the quoting, sales and post-sale support processes. The system, which was designed to look and feel like a Microsoft Office product, is a group of four integrated software modules that support sales contact management (Pursuit), line-item quoting (Quotes), customer service tracking (Service & Repair) and inventory control and purchasing (Parts). Business Suite 8 includes a Report Manager, accounting interfaces and a scheduling function for individuals, groups and resources. The system comes with training and support services. Pricing for all four modules is $1,995 for a single suite user. Single user pricing for Pursuit and Quotes only is $249 each, while single user pricing for Service & Repair or Parts is $795 each. (800) 704-9009; www.tigerpawsoftware.com

Epicor's New Vantage 4.0, now able to integrate with Epicor Advanced Planning and Scheduling, brings multi-site management and business intelligence to midmarket manufacturers. In addition, the new system provides manufacturers with an eBusiness self-service suite- -Vantage.net- -that uses the Web to relay solutions to customers and partners in a secure environment. The system was designed to increase productivity by providing employees with online access to real-time, event-driven information, which will ultimately increase revenue, decrease order delays and improve overall customer relations. The Vantage 4.0 also features a new quality assurance module and a field service management module. Pricing starts at $30,000. (800) 457-3015; www.epicor.com

Primus' eMarketing solution was designed to help mid-market companies enhance their Web presence by linking their Web sites with marketing systems and other customer service operations. Strengthening the Web infrastructure allows companies to further develop their customer relationships by offering this solution, which can be either hosted or licensed on Web sites. The system enables businesses to establish and uphold relationships with other businesses online by providing companies with the ability to independently create Web-site content. The eMarketing system also allows companies to store all leads in one database, connect that database to the Web site and other operational systems and perform e-mail marketing campaigns. Pricing depends on configuration. (206) 834-8461; www.primus.com

Ockham Technologies' SRMetrix, which is part of the company's SalesRazor Series, provides sales managers with resources to increase sales productivity by making precise and factual decisions in a timely manner. With the SalesRazor Series, sales managers can access critical information and processes needed to make the best decisions for the sales force. Managers will also be able to talk to each other while viewing the same data on their desktops. The SRMetrix gathers information from SFA, ERP and legacy systems for sales performance analysis and pipeline monitoring, and even allows managers to analyze performance in certain geographical areas and various product lines. The quick, cost efficient program is ideal for businesses that cover large geographical regions. Pricing is $7,500 per month for a hosted application of up to 750 people, and additional blocks are available for $1,500 per month for 250 people. (404) 872-5135 ext. 13; www.ockhamtech.com


Webley Systems' Virtual Communications Assistant combines computers, the Internet and telephony into one system with natural speech recognition. Subscribers have a personal assistant named Webley, the voice of an English butler, who receives, directs and sends all communications. Messages can be sent by pager, e-mail, fax or voice-mail, depending on the user's preference. In addition, Webley places calls, receives faxes or reads e-mail messages over the phone in accordance with whatever means the user has chosen. Users can even dictate a reply to e-mail over the phone, which Webley will translate to text. The subscriber activates Webley through either a personal toll-free phone number issued upon purchase or through a secure personal Web site. The Virtual Communication Assistant features call waiting, which also serves as a fax mailbox. Webley users can also teleconference with up to 32 parties via either Web page or phone. Pricing depends on configuration. (888) 4-WEBLEY; www.webley.com

Exactium's eSelling 2000 allows organizations to expand their sales channels via the Internet in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. The eSelling 2000 provides sales agents and customers with a personalized, customer-centric buying experience through needs analysis, guided selling and configuration capabilities. The system is designed to aid any organization by increasing sales with a streamlined e-sales cycle; reducing sales costs; providing greater customer satisfaction with a guided selling approach; decreasing return rates through error elimination and increasing time-to-market. The eSelling 2000 enables agents to determine customer's needs in a timely manner and immediately direct them to the appropriate offering, configure complex or option-rich products and services. Pricing depends on configuration. (888) 705-9445; www.exactium.com

AI Internet Solution's CSE HTML Validator Professional 4.03 is a tool that helps develop syntactically correct HTML documents. With the Validator Professional 4.03, Webmasters, programmers, Web-site designers and HTML document authors use a quick point-and-click method to create HTML documents. This proactive tool helps prevent syntax errors from occurring and helps fix misspelled or invalid tag names, tag attributes and values, character entities and missing quotation marks. Version 4.03 features a built-in integrated HTML text editor, online help functions and the ability to convert text to and from UNIX, Mac and MS-DOS. The system includes an upgraded Batch Wizard program with improved form, function and reliability, which ensures easy validation of multiple documents. Pricing is $89.95 for a business-use license and $49.95 for a non-business-use license. (817) 314-3014; www.htmlvalidator.com

Lightware and Casio Business Solutions have joined forces to create the Lightware Briefcase Presenter for sales professionals on the go. This mobile presentation solution provides agents with either the Scout 2000 or the original Scout, and Casio's Cassiopeia Fiva, a full featured mini-notebook computer weighing less than two pounds, in a lightweight travel case that can fit in airplane storage space. The two companies have worked together to create a "plug and project" product. The Scout and Scout 2000 take up less space than a telephone book and yet provide 500 ANSI lumens of sharp, high-resolution images. The Cassiopeia Fiva has a 200-megahertz processor, 3.2-gigabyte hard drive, 64 megabytes of RAM, 56K modem, USB port, 800- by 600-pixel TFT display and is pre-loaded with Windows 98. Individual components of the system come connected in a bag, along with an external floppy drive, port replicator and PCMCIA slot. Pricing is $3,995 with the Scout 2000 and $4,395 with the original Scout. (800) 211-9001; www.lightware.com

Interlink Electronic's RemotePoint RF, a Windows 95/98 computer input peripheral, is an optimal remote user interface for PC-driven presentations. The RemotePoint RF is easy to use, does not need to be aimed at the receiver to operate and has a 100-foot cordless range that will not be interrupted by fluorescent lighting. This dependable remote features slide forward and reverse buttons, key backlighting and an integrated laser pointer. In addition, the remote has a pressure-sensitive 360-degree "mouse" button and a patented ClickTrigger, enabling the presenter with a "point and click" command of PC functions. The RemotePoint RF can be used on its own as a laser-pointer-enabled PC remote mouse by plugging the receiver into the USB or PS/2 port and installing two AA batteries. However, to obtain maximum use of the product, simply install the RemotePoint RF software. Pricing is $249. (800) 340-1331; www.interlinkelectronics.com

DataLister, Education Data Services, Lakewood Lists, Religious Data Services and Technology Marketing Group have all recently joined MarketPlace, iMarket's superstore for integrated business information. iMarket uses CD-ROM-based and Internet tools from its zapdata.com unit to access over 16 million contact names through 18 integrated data sources. The names are divided by job and title and include contact information such as fax numbers. From their desktops, sales and marketing professionals can find sales leads, including detailed customer analysis, lead enhancing and profiling and market penetration reports. The system allows agents to focus on the specific information they need to create extremely targeted campaigns. Pricing starts at $850. (800) 590-0065; www.imarketinc.com

eGain has added eGain Voice, another customer communication channel, to its Commerce 2000 Platform. eGain Voice joins eGain Inform, eGain Mail, eGain Live and eGain Campaign on the 2000 Platform, and allows users to opt for Voice over IP (VoIP) or telephone call back during real-time Web collaboration. eGain Voice personalizes customer interactions by blending voice and e-mail functions. The program integrates easily with existing call center infrastructure, enabling companies to implement a single system to administer, manage and log interaction with customers. Companies can use the same method to route and queue telephone calls, e-mails and Web collaboration sessions. Pricing based on volume. (888) 603-4246; www.egain.com

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