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NEC's MobilePro 770 Handheld PC is a thinner, lighter version of the MobilePro 750 H/PC and complements the Mobile Pro 800 H/PC. The MobilePro 770 features NEC Electronics' VR4121 MIPS microprocessor and supports the Microsoft Windows CE Handheld PC Professional Edition operating system. With this latest addition to the MobilePro line, NEC CSD now offers one of the largest ranges of Handheld PC solutions. The 770 H/PC has an 8.1-inch diagonal touch screen with a 640 by 240 resolution. Other features include extended battery life and some of the latest advances in Windows CE software. Pricing is approximately $799. (888) 863-2669; www.nec-computers.com


Looking for the perfect real-time, customizable Internet news and information content collection software program? Search no further. DigiPortal Software's OmniViewer, which is easily installed on Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0, uses configuration wizards to put the user in control of all information received over the Internet. The application requires 16 megabytes of RAM and a 90-megahertz or higher processor. This flexible Web-news service displays information automatically on a desktop, as defined by users. The information is no longer controlled by portals, news and information feeds, but by the user's selection of sites. Graphics and ads can be excluded, with users determining how they want the information displayed. OmniViewer does not require users to submit personal information, so privacy is maintained. Pricing to download from the DigiPortal Web site for 14 days is $34.95. (914) 923-8277; www.digiportal.com


Gone are the days of manually preparing presentations and relying on delivery pick ups to meet deadlines. NowDocs.com's two-hour printing and delivery service, which is accessible via the Internet, provides a fast and efficient means of transporting your most important documents. NowDocs.com has launched a full suite of desktop-to-doorstep services featuring same-day printing and delivery to 16 top business markets around the world, including Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, to name a few. Customers can have their documents automatically printed, collated and bound, and can even send the package to themselves using the delivery system's "send to self" feature. NowDocs.com delivers all documents in a red, yellow and blue envelope designed to attract attention to the package. Pricing for same-day delivery starts at $19.95 for a 10-page document sent to the U.S., Europe or Asia. Next-morning U.S. delivery starts at $9.95. (949) 389-0104; www.nowdocs.com


AskMeAgent is the latest in WiredEmpire's line of e-relationship solutions, which include ReplyAgent, ProfileAgent and CampaignAgent. The AskMeAgent automatically answers customers' frequently asked questions (FAQs) on company Web sites. This technology solution provides customers with real-time service, subsequently reducing the workload of customer service representatives. AskMeAgent runs on WiredEmpire's vector space engine. The engine defines words and phrases as numbers and uses this coding system to first decipher and then respond to customers' questions. AskMeAgent is sold individually and as part of WiredEmpire's customer care suite, so pricing depends on configuration. (781) 505-8000; www.wiredempire.com


A picture's worth a thousand words-a condition particularly useful in the world of marketing and promotions. Rhode Island Software System (RISS) has developed the Image Carousel Professional Edition Version 2.0 to create professional-quality screensavers for corporate marketing and promotional projects. The Image Carousel is a point-and-click system, and requires no special programming tools or training. Version 2.0 also includes a special license, which permits users to redistribute as many royalty screensavers as they like for commercial and marketing purposes. This version also features a sound track, allowing users to attach music, sound effects and narratives to different images. Pricing is $129.95, and a free trial version is available on the Internet. (800) 959-7477; www.risoftsystems.com


Sony Electronics' Superlite LCD projector is a high-performance projector equipped with the technological features needed by professional presenters, yet has a footprint smaller than a laptop computer. The Superlite uses Sony's 0.7-inch polysilicon TFT LCD panels, which allow for the small projector to provide high-quality color reproduction. The system has a built-in USB port and supplied Projector station software, and is controlled through either a laptop or desktop computer. Other functions, such as digital zoom, can also be activated through an optional wireless RM-PJM601 Remote Commander unit. The Superlite has many special features, including 600 ANSI lumens output, an advanced design 120-watt UHP lamp with 1.0-millimeter short arc length and ultra compact reflector, and a digital keystone compensation of up to 15 degrees to adjust for viewing angle variations. The suggested list price is $2,699. (800) 686-SONY; www.sony.com/professional


Advanced Training Solutions and Max Sacks International have teamed up to develop the Track Selling System to train sales teams. The Track Selling System replaces classes, books and on-the-job training with a Web-based training program. Trainees can now learn the necessary skills at any time from either their homes or offices, allowing companies to simultaneously train a geographically dispersed team. The Microsoft Windows Media Technologies used in the system also provide users with legitimate instructor-led training through audio and video programs. The system uses an optimized standard Web interface developed by ATS, located at www.PositiveSelling.com. The Track Selling System provides companies with the ability to improve their sales skills and take advantage of the Web at the same time. Pricing is $195 per person; pricing for corporate volume differs. (800) 850-2025; www.advtraining.com


Eloquent's Communications Server 5.0 enables companies to unite rich media with advanced integration, search, navigation and analysis features. This system allows the server to deliver complex information to a variety of audiences around the world, including employees, customers, partners and shareholders. The Communications Portal, which is an integral component of Eloquent's media application platform, allows businesses to add media communications to their own corporate intranets and extranets. Server 5.0 now also features user profiles and personalized content delivery based on either receiver or content manager request. The system integrates with Web-based enterprise applications, including CRM and ERP systems and is designed to improve e-learning on the Web. Pricing starts at $125,000 for a 1,000 named-user server. (888) 356-7836; www.eloquent.com


FaceTime's Communications Solution offers customers personalized care in real time. America OnLine (AOL) is exclusively licensed to run the FaceTime Communications platform on the AOL Instant Messenger Network, allowing e-businesses to provide customers with instant communications solutions. Through the service, online shoppers have access to live customer assistance with real-time instant messaging. The communications platform focuses on customers' immediate needs, offering instant answers to a product's inventory status and projected availability date. FaceTime's Communications platform even allows for agents to provide gift-giving suggestions and general customer advice. Pricing starts at $250 a month per agent. (650) 574-1600; www.facetime.com


Teloquent offers a comprehensive call center management platform in its Web Call Center, which supports Comverse Infosys' technology. The Web Call Center aims to improve customer service with the recording and monitoring of calls. The system allows companies to better train and manage their customer service and telemarketing agents, thereby enhancing customer interaction. The Web Call Center can optimize agent performance, personalize customer experience and integrate Web- or phone-based customer service into any company's e-business infrastructure. The Web Call Center offers businesses the latest technology to provide customers with advanced service. Pricing is $25,000 per package. (978) 671-5211; www.teloquent.com


With the interest of the thousands of small independent companies selling products and services in mind, SalesDoctors has created the Maximum Results Online Salesletter. This weekly online publication helps small businesses get the attention of larger corporations that may be interested in their products or services. Each newsletter features five to six sales and marketing strategies for business leaders, as well as one in-depth look at a key aspect of sales and marketing. Maximum Results customers also receive a customized masthead with their company logo and tag line, links to product and service information on their Web site, and controlled password access, allowing only authorized individuals to view the Salesletter. The Maximum Results Online Salesletter provides a cost-efficient alternative to advertising or direct mail. First time installation is $200 with a monthly charge of $150. (561) 997-9345; www.salesdoctors.com

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