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Taking The Lead
Problem: To speed up response time to crucial prospects, you need to better manage the flow of sales leads.
Solution: MarketSoft's eLeads software solution qualifies, prioritizes, enriches, assigns, routes and tracks valuable sales leads. eLeads captures and routes leads from multiple sources to multiple destinations and provides personalized notification and delivery based on sales reps' preferences. It also quantifies the success of specific campaigns and of individual channel partners. With the SmartLeads function, market intelligence--such as sales and channel promotions, order forms and quotes--is imbedded into each lead at the beginning of the sales cycle. eLeads also provides a set of components that integrate with a company's existing SFA, ERP and campaign-management software, with closed-loop lead management. An eLeads perpetual-use license costs $100,000; a Web-hosting service model starts at $10,000 per month for 100 users, with a six-month minimum. (781) 674-0000; www.marketsoft.com

Workstation Identification
Problem: Your sales reps need portable workstations with the same features as static desk-designed systems.
Solution: Tadpole-RDI's UltraBook is a portable workstation developed specifically for Sun professionals on the go. The unique UltraSPARC processor-based family of UltraBooks incorporates Sun chipsets for 100 percent binary compatibility with Ultra desktops and servers. Though weighing in at 7.5 pounds, the workstations deliver the power, performance and capacity of Sun's static desktop workstations and servers, with large high-resolution color displays, up to 24 megabytes of removable hard drive disk storage and a host of I/O connectivity features. UltraBook also includes a 512 MB RAM, 14.1-inch active matrix TFT screens and optional Creator 3D-Graphics. Prices for the UltraBook start at $11,995. (760) 929-0992; www.tadpolerdi.com

I Thinque I Can…
Problem: Your consumer goods sales teams need real-time data from retailers to identify and eliminate sales barriers.
Solution: Thinque Systems delivers Merchandising Sales Portfolio (MSP) 2.0, the Windows CE-based sales workflow automation software for automating in-store data collection, field management and market analysis for the consumer goods industry. MSP uses Windows CE and communicates to a SQL server via TCP/IP. As products are ordered and shipped, MSP provides daily communication between the mobile field-based sales force and management, which coordinates product delivery with shelf placement and in-store merchandising activities. Web Reporting utilizes a conventional Web browser to provide management and customers with immediate access to reports through an intranet or the Internet. Touch-Tone is an interactive voice response server-based module that allows field representatives to enter data for call reports. Prices are based on the number of users. (877) THINQUE; www.thinque.com

Less Is More
Problem: Sales reps who make frequent presentations need lightweight projectors.
Solution: Weighing in at 5 pounds and with dimensions of 7.5 by 10.5 by 3.9 inches, Lightware's Scout multimedia LCD projector is about the size of a laptop computer and can be used for computer and video presentations in business, training and education applications. The projector has a volume of less than 300 cubic inches and provides 500 lumens for medium-sized boardrooms with 10 to 20 people. Scout projects VGA- through XGA-quality images from personal computers, Macs and handheld computers. It requires only standard cables and a Macintosh adapter is available upon request. The projector also features dual built-in, 2-watt stereo speakers for multimedia applications and has a single panel, full-color, 1.6-inch polysilicon LCD engine and a 200-watt metal halide lamp, which offers presenters more than 1,000 hours of life. The price is $2,995. (800) 445-9396; www.lightware.com

Import E-mail Info
Problem: You need a way to manage e-mail addresses and other contact information.
Solution: Brooklyn North Software Works' Broadcast e-mail application imports and consolidates e-mail addresses and other information from a variety of sources, including contact managers, databases and e-mail programs. Capable of importing data from e-mail boxes, Broadcast manages a marketing professional's customer and potential customer relationships. E-mail lists are modified and updated through Broadcast's merge, clean and duplicates-removal functions. With Broadcast, users can send personalized messages to midsize or large clients lists. It checks the lists for duplicates and easily combines separate lists for focused mailings. For users without a current contact management database, Broadcast creates and edits e-mail address lists. Broadcast is priced based on mailing list size: from $99.95 to $749.95. (800) 349-1422; www.brooklynnorth.com

Portals for Partners
Problem: You need a cost-effective way to communicate with partners and customers over the Web.
Solution: Eloquent, Inc. offers the Eloquent Enterprise Communications Portal (ECP), which gathers business communications and learning content from multiple sources in multiple formats and makes them available to various parties. ECP personalizes access to the content based on a user's role and preferences, delivers it to the most important medium and tracks the use and value of the content to users. The portal offers five key benefits, including aggregation, personalization and flexible delivery of content. A tracking and reporting system measures the results of business communication and learning activities. Finally, an e-commerce gateway leverages information assets outside the company for profit, as well as inside the organization for employee growth. Prices start at $125,000. (650) 294-6500; www.eloquent.com

Know Thy Data
You want one template to process your invoices, bills and proofs of delivery.
Solution: With Mitek Systems' DOCTUS forms processing solution, users can now process unstructured, variable format documents that previously resisted automation. Users submit a set of forms and then instruct the software on how to look for, recognize and interpret data that possesses predetermined characteristics. The solution also captures specified constant information such as dates, invoice numbers or line-item data. DOCTUS is comprised of 11 modules that can be used as an end-to-end solution or separately by integrating them within existing electronic document management systems or imaging and workflow environments. Among these modules are Form studio, a Windows-based editor for forms definition; Grab-a-Fax, which offers fax communication functionality; and Recog, for advanced document and text recognition. The price starts at $34,000. (619) 635-5900; www.miteksys.com

PC-Free Projector
For presentations, your sales reps need LCD projectors that deliver bright images and detailed resolution.
Solution: Polaroid's Polaview 240 projector produces bright, vivid images in multimedia presentations that include advanced graphics and video. Weighing 13.6 pounds, this portable projector is easily manageable. It delivers 1,500 ANSI lumens and SVGA resolution of 800 by 600 pixels and features a projection distance range of 2.8 to 44.3 feet. It features a built-in PCMCIA-ATA Type II card capability for computer-free presentations and a 1.5-watt speaker for incorporating sound. The system's adaptive digital gamma correction (ADGC) works with the Polaview 240's LCD panels to adjust the color signal. An 18-function, backlit wireless remote with a laser pointer comes with it, allowing users to operate the projector and mouse. The projector also provides plug-and-play ease and automatic setup for both PC and Macintosh operating systems. The suggested list price is $7,995. (800) 816-2611, ext. D044; www.polaroid.com

The Oracle Option
Your e-business needs a Web-based tool that facilitates customer relationship management and decision making.
Oracle's CRM 3i advances customer relationship management by combining traditional CRM activities, such as sales and marketing, with e-commerce activities like buying and selling. A suite of 35 integrated modules, CRM 3i lets companies offer several coordinated channels for customer interactions. Version 3i provides out-of-the-box integration between CRM applications and back-end ERP applications for Oracle and SAP customers. TeleSales, a telephony-enabled application, provides call center sales agents with account, contact and opportunity management, quote generation and order creation functionality. The sales suite has been enhanced with sales compensation forecasting, synching functionality of handheld devices directly to a server, expanded global forecasting and a money planner that lets sales reps prioritize deals based on expected commission. Prices vary. (650) 506-7000; www.oracle.com

Fast Track
Your company needs a powerful sales force automation application to help it grow.
Geared toward meeting the demands of workers in small to midsize organizations, Surado Solutions' Smart Contact Manager 2.0 software delivers the power and versatility of a professional contact management system. The software can contain up to 16 billion contact records for fast and easy lookup and offers a visual, object-oriented database with over 100 predefined reports. Smart Contact Manager also contains individual trackers for sales, referral and industry contacts and a global search feature that lets users quickly find contacts, appointments, meetings, activities and more. Other new features include Password Disable, global automated features, enhanced sales tools, Main Contact Screen enhancements and Microsoft Word integration. A single user version is priced at $129. Multiuser license packs are available from $59 for one additional user license to $849 for a 25-user license. (800) 478-7236; www.surado.com

Web-Site Traffic Control
To keep up with customer activities at your e-commerce site, you need a way to manage and study traffic data.
COAst WebMaster Pro 4.1 by Sane Solutions and COAst Software provides comprehensive site management for corporate Web masters and marketing professionals. The software combines the Web-site traffic-reporting capabilities of Sane Solutions' NetTracker usage tracking software with site analysis, mapping, verification and deployment features in one package. COAst WebMaster Pro allows the management of a Web site's content and its community from a single desktop application. Other benefits include scheduling features and complete automation of both site verification and log file analysis. Reports can be prepared during off-peak hours and automatically delegated to appropriate authors or departmental Web masters for further action. Price: $595. (800) 407-3570; www.sane.com

Look At That!
Your PowerPoint presentations are professional but could use a little livening up.
PresentationPro 2000 software by Interactive has more than 500 background templates, graphics, animated effects and industry-specific themes to enhance PowerPoint presentations. Each CD-ROM in the PresentationPro series contains themed background templates optimized for title and text slides as well as for handouts. Before purchasing, customers can view the PresentationPro 2000 animated templates online and download samples. A CD-ROM with all 30 optimized templates for PowerPoint 2000 is priced at $199. Current titles available in the PresentationPro Library Series include general, business, high-tech, medical and financial templates, which can also be used with PowerPoint and are priced at $129 for each CD-ROM or $49 for a single template. The Animated Library volumes are priced at $199 each and animated templates cost $99 each. (800) 379-6393; www.presentationpro.com

You've Got Mail
Your e-mail system is paralyzed by damaging viruses and spam, and files that are too big.
Solution: Allegro's MailZone service controls the content, size and type of e-mail messages that move through your system. MailZone scans incoming and outgoing Internet e-mail messages for over 4,300 known viruses, stopping them before they reach the network. If a virus is detected, both the sender and receiver are notified. MailZone also offers attachment control for messages that are large or contain images, videos or executables. Such attachments can be blocked or held for delivery during nonpeak traffic periods. Through MailZone, administrators can filter explicit content. It also appends legal disclaimers to outgoing mail. MailZone's advanced spam detection offers protection against mail bombs, while unauthorized-mail relay protection locks down the mail system, preventing unauthorized use. Price: $2 per user per month ($50 per month minimum). (800) 209-6245; www.allegro.net

Gaining Converts
Problem: You'd like to convert more online window-shoppers into paying customers.
Solution: EGain's Web Collaboration System (WCS) is a solution that equips e-commerce companies to deliver real-time customer service over the Web. Through browser sharing, text chat, voice-over-IP and Web call-back technologies, customer service reps can provide customers with product specifications, pricing information, order forms and other needs. The system features built-in routing and tracking functions that gather and report information about a customer's activities on the site. EGain WCS is Web-enabled and integrates with leading call center ACDs and CTI applications, customer databases, e-commerce platforms and CRM systems. A licensing fee for the NT version of eGain WCS 2.0 is available for $30,000 (includes five seats); for the Solaris version, the fee is $40,000. Prices for its Hosted Network start at a base fee of $1,900 per month plus $195 per seat per month. (888) 603-4246; www.egain.com

Right Now!
You need to improve the quality of your customer service while reducing your electronic support costs.
Solution: Right Now Technologies' Right Now Web 2.5 provides a Web-enabled customer service system for reducing a company's electronic support load while improving customer service. Its accessible knowledge base of FAQs lets customers access solutions via pulldown menus, keyword searches or e-mail. Version 2.5 lets customer service representatives provide customers with automated or "canned" responses to their specific questions. The new Approval Levels module allows multiple views of available data. Other new features designed to automate the management of the FAQ database include newly enhanced reporting capabilities for monitoring quantity and quality of support service from a centralized location. Two pricing options are offered: a two-year licensing option at $15,000 and a hosting option for a fixed monthly fee of $350 to $700. (888) 322-3566; www.rightnowtech.com

RightPoint and Click
Problem: You want to develop highly targeted, real-time marketing initiatives that cut across critical customer interaction channels.
Solution: Using RightPoint's Real-Time eMarketing Suite v. 2.5, you can develop and implement personalized, closed-loop marketing campaigns through multiple customer channels, including the Web, call centers and e-mails. The real-time customer profiling engine uses Web clickstream data as a customer information source, as well as customer information available in sources such as corporate databases and online data services. Other new features include customizable content types that allow various types of content to be defined within the system and delivered to customers; and automatic validation of control conditions, automated detection of dependencies and potential conflicts and support for campaign hierarchies for more flexible processing of events. Prices start at $200,000. (650) 287-2000; www.rightpoint.com

Just In Case
Problem: You need a versatile carrying case for your laptop.
Solution: Brenthaven offers five new notebook computer cases for mobile professionals with different needs. The Glove and the Slim carrying cases are for professionals who don't need much space for items other than a computer. The Centerload is designed for those carrying a computer and non-PC hardware. The Oversized is specifically designed to carry extra-large, 15-inch laptops. The Urban Backpack--the most versatile of all--is a backpack and computer case in one. Its contoured backpack straps can be tucked into a hidden pocket for a more classic briefcase look. This case features a double-suspension laptop sleeve for computer protection as well as quick-access pockets, an organizer panel and an accordion file section. In addition to offering these five new cases, Brenthaven also has made stylistic changes across its product line to accomodate larger laptops. These five cases are priced from $100 to $350. (800) 803-7225; www.brenthaven.com

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