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The Personal Touch
Problem: Your company's complex sales processes and products are hard to market one-on-one or online.
Solution: Glyphica's two new PortalWare products, InfoPortal 3.0/Sales Edition and InfoPortal 3.0/Marketing Edition, address the whole sales cycle. Customers can use the solutions to provide sales and marketing teams with real-time competitive and account information. The sales edition lets account managers use the Internet to harness account intelligence automatically. With ProspectNets, private one-to-one portals, account managers and systems get a personalized, virtual sales desk in their window to organize and aggregate data. The marketing edition arms field sales reps and channel partners by making product and competitive intelligence more accessible. Marketing managers can use it to tap into customer data systems through a browser. Base pricing for both PortalWare products starts at $225,000. (650) 428-1800; www.glyphica.com

Make TV A Sales Tool
Problem: You want a device that can display computer content on a big-screen television.
Solution: ADS Technologies offers TV Elite XGA, an XGA-to-TV scan converter that lets users display computer content on big-screen televisions in resolutions up to 1,024 by 768 pixels. Designed as a plug-and-play tool for executives and educators who want to make multimedia presentations, this scan converter generates TV images from non-interlaced VGA signals. Once connected, computer content can be displayed on both a computer monitor and TV screen at vertical refresh rates up to 100 megahertz. An infrared remote control device regulates brightness, picture width, horizontal and vertical positioning, and overscan/underscan and zoom functions. The converter requires an IBM-compatible PC or Mac, VGA card and a TV or VCR with video inputs (RCA or S-VHS). Estimated price: $169. (800) 888-5244; www.adstech.com

Get It While It's Hot
Problem: Your sales reps want quick online access to consumer information.
Solution: HotData offers a new service that delivers business and consumer intelligence directly into software applications via the Internet. The HotData service supplies business profiles and consumer demographics, changes of address and other intelligence into customer-based applications such as contact managers, accounting packages and e-commerce engines. HotData integrates several types of services into small business software, allowing the quick enhancement of databases. Also included are data cleaning services, which update addresses and telephone area codes and fill in missing information. The service is delivered through the Internet into plug-ins for contact managers, including ACT!, Maximizer, GoldMine and Outlook. Pricing starts at $19.95 per month for databases with 1,000 contact records or less. (800) HOT-DATA; www.hotdata.com

Domino Effect
Problem: The release of the newest version of Lotus Notes R5 means your Domino professionals must become familiar with the redesigned interface.
Solution: ReCor offers two new computer-based training courses that help corporations implement a successful upgrade to the newest version of Lotus Notes R5. The system administration course teaches how to implement and run the R5 upgrade. This nine-lesson course covers general Domino server administration improvements as well as new R5 upgrades in Mail, Directory and Registration features. The application development course helps decrease development time for mission-critical Notes applications by taking advantage of the new design features. This 10-lesson course introduces the new Domino designer client and design elements such as Pages, Framesets and Outlines. Web and localization improvements are covered, along with application migration to R5. Prices: $395 for one course or $595 for both. (800) 467-3304; www.recor.com

Overseas CRM Help
Problem: For your multinational organization, you need a CRM solution that lets you maintain multilingual configurations while at the same time allowing for local adjustments.
Solution: Belgium-based Selligent's CRM solution, Selligent 99, provides an integrated response to each phase of a customer life cycle. The modular, Euro-compatible, front- office software suite is aimed at organizations in the business-to-business and reseller sectors that want to customize, implement and maintain a multilingual core configuration while allowing for local changes. Using the solution, account managers in one country are able to access pertinent information in their own language from both their local customer database and an enterprise customer relationship warehouse where customer data from various areas have been aggregated. The configuration of price quotes and complex products is also featured. Pricing varies. In Belgium: 32-2-714-54-20; www.selligent.com

Sorting Out Sales
Problem: You want an e-commerce application to manage your company's sales initiatives.
Solution: On-Link Technologies' Rainmaker Sales 3.1 Web sales application is designed for companies with complex products and selling processes. The new version delivers sales knowledge like cross- and up-selling opportunities, needs analysis and other important data via the Internet. It provides catalog listings, performs product configurations and helps automate the sales force. Rainmaker also acts as a "Web sales consultant," guiding users through the sales process, from assessing their needs to selecting solutions. The application attempts to provide increased efficiencies across direct sales, reseller and telesales channels. Its three-tier architecture uses a single core engine for clients, allowing for quick deployment and low maintenance costs. Prices vary according to deployment and use. (650) 298-3800; www.on-link.com

Activate Your Sales Force
Problem: Your sales force needs a robust and flexible CRM solution.
Solution: Moss Software's ActiveSales CRM software is based on scaleable and modular architecture and geared toward mid- to large-sized enterprise markets. ActiveSales integrates desktops, business and enterprise applications with popular database technologies. Some of the software's major benefits include a comprehensive opportunity management system, an account and contact management system, a marketing encyclopedia, an automated proposal generator, product configuration and a product and revenue forecasting system. Other key features are the availability of a marketing campaign management system, correspondence and fulfillment, automated territory alignment and a built-in, graphical executive information system. The software can be deployed on demand. Price: $1,995 per seat. Volume discounts are available. (800) 608-6585; www.mosssoftware.com

Problem: To increase efficiency and customer loyalty, you want to migrate customer support functions to the Web.
Solution: The Primus SolutionSeries 3.1 suite offers enhanced Internet and knowledge management features for companies integrating worldwide customer service and support functions into their e-commerce strategies. The Primus SolutionSeries family of software includes SolutionPublisher, SolutionExplorer and SolutionBuilder applications. SolutionPublisher provides customer access to solution knowledge via the Web. SolutionExplorer provides the ability to capture and contribute new information to the knowledge base, while SolutionBuilder creates workflow solutions. The new version integrates with customer support applications and includes expanded Web-based reporting functionality, enhanced security features and tighter integration with external data sources. Prices vary. (888) 999-8801; www.primus.com

Go Digital!
Problem: Your salespeople want high-tech portable projectors to help them win over prospects with top-notch presentations.
Solution: Two of Eastman Kodak's products, the DP1100 and DP900 digital projectors, provide mobile presenters with high image quality in portable models. The 7.4-pound projectors allow video playback, letting users take advantage of the technology of today's laptop computers. The DP1100 offers 1,000 ANSI lumens and true XGA resolution, while the DP900 has a slightly lower lumen rating (900) and true SVGA resolution. Both projectors feature built-in manual zoom and focus. The projectors come with a remote control, a carrying case, cables and user documentation, as well as the Pictures in Presentations Toolkit, which includes software, sample images, borders and texture backgrounds to help users put pictures into presentations. The DP1100 is priced at $4,995. The DP900 costs $3,995. (800) 235-6325; www.kodak.com

Customer-Centered Solution
Problem: If your Web site isn't convenient, your customers may take their business elsewhere.
Solution: Multiactive Software's Entice! e-business software unifies an organization's Web activities with its sales, marketing and customer service divisions, while automating traditional business processes. Entice! helps businesses distribute, process and respond to online inquiries from customers and prospects. Its automated sales and e-marketing features allow organizations to automate such activities as multiphase e-mail campaigns, lead qualification and distribution, Web-site registration and site promotion. Other features include reporting and analysis capabilities, which let organizations monitor and analyze the success of ongoing sales and marketing efforts using a series of preformatted reports and data analysis tools. Prices start at $25,000. (800) 804-6299; www.multiactive.com

Keep Handheld Users In Sync
Problem: Your sales reps want access to corporate data on their Palm devices.
Solution: Globalware Computing's Pylon ServerSync 2.5 Gold is a fully integrated Domino/Lotus Notes and handheld server solution that allows users to distribute custom Notes databases to multiple Palm users. Used in conjunction with Globalware's Pylon technology and compatible with Lotus Domino Release 5.0, Pylon ServerSync lets users combine a server, conduit and PDA application. By using the multiuser application, system administrators can keep both dial-up and network-connected handheld users synchronized with corporate data. Pylon ServerSync features implementation of the Domino security model, which provides for secure access without the need for additional administration. Pricing begins at $1,195. (312) 573-9500; www.globalware.com

Keep ExpensesIn Check
Problem: You want an application that helps you oversee your sales reps' expenses.
Solution: InterPro Expense Systems' Expense Express is a comprehensive and configurable management solution specifically designed to regulate, enforce and manage the expense policies and processes of large multinational corporations. It handles the reimbursement process, from electronically preparing, auditing and approving expense reports to tracking payments and recording them in a customer's existing accounting system. Time Express offers companies the ability to record, track and manage labor hours by accounting or project number. Users can also leverage Expense Express' comprehensive workflow, approval and auditing functionality to support program-charging policies. Price: $123 per seat for a 1,000-seat installation, $40,000 installation cost and $17,700 for annual maintenance. (800) 290-2010; www.interproexpense.com

Get Smart
Problem: You're looking for H/PCs with security features that keep intruders out of your enterprise data.
Solution: Compaq's Aero 8000 offers built-in Smart Card technology for more secure remote access to corporate data. Along with the Smart Card reader/writer, the Aero 8000 includes a suite of advanced security applications, and access can be limited to users who have the authorized Smart Card, a password or both. Optional software is available to encrypt files and e-mails and check digital signatures to ensure files haven't been opened. Other features include mobile thin-client software, sales automation, wireless WAN and LAN capabilities, and Microsoft File viewing. The system features a 10-inch SVGA (800 by 600) panel, up to 64 megabytes of SDRAM and a 56K V.90 modem and is powered by a 64-bit, 128 megahertz SH4 processor. The Aero 8000 is backed by a one-year, limited warranty. Pricing starts at $949 for a model with 16 megabytes of memory. (800) 888-5858; www.compaq.com/products/handhelds

Translation: More Sales
Problem: International sales opportunities can be missed opportunities for the unprepared salesperson.
Solution: Transparent Language delivers 51 Languages of the World, a conversation-oriented system that lets Windows and Mac users master the basics of 51 of the world's major languages. Based on its 31 Languages of the World, the software incorporates the latest version of the Transparent Language Method, which uses frequent learning experiences to ensure that users have a thorough introduction to each language. This version also features 20 additional languages, including Albanian, Latvian, Vietnamese and Yiddish. Some of the more well-known languages included are English, Chinese, Arabic and French. Two free language CDs come with 51 Languages of the World: the Multilingual Word Processor and the Video Travel Tour. Price: $29.95. (800) 752-1767; www.transparent.com

Channel The Selling Power
Problem: You want to automate your partner channels to maximize sales.
Solution: Partnerware Technologies' Extended Enterprise 2.0 offers high-tech vendors an out-of-the-box approach to improving their channel programs and provides Web-based tools to customize the system. The solution automates key channel sales and marketing interactions, including channel marketing programs, closed-loop management and extended team selling. It also offers enhancements to the earlier version's functionality, flexibility, integration and support. Benefits of version 2.0 include advanced lead management and team selling features and personalized channel marketing programs based on partner-maintained profiles and Partner Report Cards servers. Pricing for the software varies. A subscription option price starts at under $100,000. (888) 499-3000; www.partnerware.com

Tracking staff
Problem: Tracking down employees can be time-consuming and frustrating.
Solution: Bytemasters' In or Out Master v. 3.0 is a computerized version of the classic in-and-out board. It allows users to automatically track when others in an organization come and go. When users enter or leave an office running In or Out Master, they can update their status at any computer workstation, automatically updating other computers attached to the network. In or Out Master enables everyone connected to the office network to stay informed of the whereabouts of others in the office. The software includes telephone messaging, telephone dialing and e-mail support. In or Out Master runs on Microsoft Windows 3.1x, 95, 98 and NT-based computers and employs a data-on-demand technology that allows it to communicate with the network only upon the request of each user, thereby eliminating unnecessary network traffic. License prices range from $199 to $999. (800) 693-2983; www.bytemasters.com

Proposals Made Easy
Problem: Your sales reps want help producing business-winning sales proposals.
Solution: KEI and Associates offers Sales Proposal Architect, a software product that automates the design and formatting functions for generating a sales proposal from scratch. Using an interactive question-and-answer dialog, it guides users step by step through the proposal design process, helping them to decide what is important to include in their proposals. Sections such as "Customer Background," "The Proposed Product or Service," "Implementation," "The Seller Profile" and "Business Issues" allow users to generate a fully formatted, nearly complete,12-to-14-page Microsoft Word document that includes a variety of tables for presenting complex information. The software requires Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher and is compatible with Windows 95 or 98. Price: $199. (800) 628-0366; www.salesproposals.com

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