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Loud and Clear

The Gentner ClearOne Conference Phone, from Gentner Communications, is available with the patented VTM (voice tracking microphone) technology that allows for 360-degree dynamic audio pickup. VTM directs the audio pickup toward the individual speaking, while the echo cancellation reduces noise reverberations coming from other directions. ClearOne has an illuminating LED, which tracks the direction of the speakers' voices. ClearOne enables free-flowing conversation, allowing more than one person to speak at the same time without cutting off sentences. Pricing starts at $399. For more information call (800) 753-1464 or visit www.gentner.com

Self Navigation

Advanced Tracking Technologies has developed TravelEyes2, a comprehensive vehicle tracking system utilizing GPS (global positioning system). The tool can plan trips, guide road travel and record business travel time and mileage. The TravelEyes satellite receiver gathers and stores GPS signals, displaying the exact locations visited by the vehicle, time on site, speeds en route and the time the vehicle left each location. Used in conjunction with its mapping and reports software, the device tracks miles driven on a daily basis, maintains a time log and produces reports on all travel activities. The device--approximately the size of a deck of playing cards--can be stored in a briefcase, and its software can be installed on a PC or laptop. For pricing information call (800) 279-0035 or visit www.traveleyes.com

I.T. Expertise

Expert Server Group has released Virtual Private Exchange (vPeX), a new system that delivers benefits and advantages to large IT consumer organizations. The vPeX was designed to aggregate multiple OEM supplier data sources to help simplify access to client standards for IT procurement and technical support. Equipment unit costs are kept lower by fostering competition among suppliers and keeping supply lines short by maximizing product availability. The vPeX is also engineered to integrate into a customer's business processes, with customized interfaces and procedural adaptation. For pricing information call (800) 726-9797 or visit www.expertserver.com

Multiple Sides

Sideware, a provider of online collaboration solutions, releases its Enterprise Interaction Suite (EIS) 4.0, a multichannel customer service solution for call centers and service desks. Sideware has added the following customer interaction channels to its suite solution: Sideware Assist, a feature which employs natural language processing to assist customers in searching for answers, and Sideware Wireless, which provides customers with the anytime, anywhere access to live customer service through any wireless enabled device. The EIS 4.0 solution allows customers to reach call centers when and how they choose, via online or phone-based channels. For pricing information call (703) 437-9002 or visit www.sideware.com

Imagine That

Deployable in 15 languages, iemagine adds four new CRM applications to its iemprove Webware Suite for a total of eight CRM tools. iemprove is a suite developed for the security, stability and reliability of hosting on the Lotus Hosting Management System and IBM eServer iSeries platform. The new applications include: iemprove Support, which allows users to create and deploy incident report forms; iemprove Contact Management, which allows users to access information about contacts from a Web browser or wireless device; and iemprove Private Surveys, which allows users to invite a select group of respondents to complete an online survey. For pricing information call (312) 988-4849 or visit www.iemagine.com

Voice Activated

SANDi 2.1 is the latest version of a speech-enabled unified communications solution from Sound Advantage. SANDi 2.1 incorporates new enhancements and features that can help improve the caller experience and user efficiency for small to midsize companies. The system allows users to increase live call connections and avoid phone tag issues and also enables mobile workers, such as salespeople, field technicians and traveling business executives, to stay connected. Version 2.1 makes one-call access easier with speech-activated call processing, including the ability to send, receive and reply to voicemail, e-mail and faxes all by voice. For pricing information call (949) 476-1400 or visit www.soundadvantage.com

A Match Made in Software

Trillium Software Division makes available the Trillium Software System version 5.0. The new version helps users understand their customers better by providing a new means for linking individual customer data throughout an organization. Version 5.0 allows users to track dynamic customer relationships in up to 50 dimensions, helping to transcend the "one size fits all" view of customers. New features of version 5.0 include remote server architecture, real-time XML processing, data visibility and manipulation, Tru64 UNIX compatibility and data quality assurance for both name and address data and non-name and address data. For pricing information call (978) 436-8900 or visit www.trilliumsoft.com

CSRs to the Rescue

Chordiant Software releases Collaborative Connect, a business-to-individual application that allows customer service reps (CSRs) to share and co-browse Web pages, collaboratively complete forms and engage in online chat sessions with customers. CSRs can now visually assist online customers in completing business transactions--all in real time. Collaborative Connect includes key features such as secure collaboration sessions, personalized content, URL and file push, enhanced chat, drag and drop support, audit controls and agent lockout and full platform integration. Collaborative Connect is available to new and existing customers as a stand-alone product or as a module to the intelligent customer interaction management platform. For pricing information call (888) CHORDIANT or visit www.chordiant.com

Business as Usual

Business Objects, a provider of business intelligence solutions, offers Business Objects Customer Intelligence, the first in a series of analytic applications. Customer Intelligence allows sales and marketing managers to improve the performance of their business by providing analytics that help optimize sales force productivity, customer profitability and marketing efficiency. Customer Intelligence is composed of a series of modules, including Sales Analytics, which allows organizations to optimize their sales force; Campaign Analytics, which allows users to track campaign respondents and prospects; and Customer Analytics, which enables companies to optimize the value of their customers better. For pricing information call (800) 527-0580 or visit www.businessobjects.com

Expert Matching

Kamoon, a provider of enterprise management solutions, has released The Kamoon Solution version 2.5. The new version matches inquiries to the most appropriate person, facilitates communication among people and tracks all information and outcomes to enable process measurement and management. Kamoon hopes to provide a new level of flexibility, functionality and productivity enhancement for its customers. Added capabilities to version 2.5 include the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform, a customizable workflow engine, a multiple interaction interface, custom reporting and data warehousing and collaboration. For pricing information call (201) 242-9311 or visit www.kamoon.com

Dem Bones, Dem Bones...

Hipbone, a San Carlos, Calif.-based provider of enterprise-class collaborative browsing software, releases Hipbone 2.3. The software provides Web co-browsing solutions for international customer contact centers. Hipbone 2.3 supports co-browsing of Web pages written in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese. Hipbone customers are able to co-browse sites written in multiple character sets, as well as customize the Hipbone user interface to reflect both company-specific business practices and local language requirements. For pricing information call (866) 447-2663 or visit www.hipbone.com

Display it in style

Sony offers a 42" professional flat panel display for high performance and digital clarity. The display, a flat, lightweight surface covered with millions of tiny glass bubbles that create rich, vivid images and the built-in scan converter supports up to 1080I video resolution and SXGA data resolution with scan frequencies to 100kHz. Other features include a built-in anti-glare screen, a 160-degree viewing angle and a built-in 7W + 7W amplifier to control optional speakers. The display comes with built-in carrying handles, retractable feet for tabletop use, control S compatibility and an aluminum die case bezel. Pricing is estimated at $6,894. For more information call (877) 845-0046 or visit www.avmarketplace.com

Customer Care

Netopia, a provider of broadband gateways and Web platform software, expands its Web platform solution, eCare. The new application enables live, online support over any type of Internet connection to facilitate collaborative customer service while reducing operational expenses associated with support calls, broadband installation and collaborative e-commerce. eCare's targeted markets include independent software vendors, online marketplace aggregators, broadband service providers, national and regional retailers with online stores, financial service enterprises and franchise networks. Netopia is offering eCare on a hosted, per-user subscriber basis and for licensing by distributed enterprises and independent software vendors. For more information call (800) 689-9293 or visit www.netopia.com

The Third Time's the Charm

Accucast version 3 (Av3) is the latest incarnation of Socketware's e-mail marketing solution. This upgraded tool enables companies to improve the effectiveness of their permission-based e-mail marketing campaigns and can be run from most platforms and integrated with almost any database or third-party software. Messages sent from Accucast can be personalized with each recipient's name, birth date or any unique identifier. With the new features of Av3, users can navigate the network of American Online--a task that previously was difficult for e-mail marketers to accomplish--and the system also provides list sampling and campaign testing. For pricing information call (877) 4-ACCUCAst or visit www.accucast.com

Bird's-eye View

Viewsonic offers LiteBird PJ853, the 5.2-pound, 2.8-inch tall micro-portable projector. It is ideal for mobile presenters, and its size allows users to fit it into a case with a notebook computer. The LiteBird has a three-panel LCD system, true SVGA 800 by 600 resolution, 800 lumens of brightness, digital keystone correction, a user-replaceable extended life lamp, wireless remote control and auto tuning. Presentations can be worry-free with LiteBird's auto set-up command that allows for faster, easier starts. Pricing is estimated at $3,233. Additional accessories are available. For more information call (800) 888-8583 or visit www.viewsonic.com


SiteScape, a provider of Web-based collaboration software and services, has introduced a French version of SiteScape Enterprise Forum 6.0 software. The new version will allow users to create a Web-based workspace where employees, customers and partners can share information and collaborate to complete projects. Forum 6.0 features pre-configured specialized solutions such as Help Desk, Resume Tracker and Sales Account Manager. There is no additional charge for the French version. For pricing information call (910) 256-5038 or visit www.sitescape.com

Bring in the Funk

Proxy Remote Control Gateway from Funk Software is an integrated remote control, screen monitoring and screen record and playback system that allows easier monitoring and evaluation of customer call center agents. With the new system, customers can spot error trends and flaws in data application sooner and implement more focused training based on the findings. Benefits to the remote control system include monitoring of agents' PC screens in real time; record and playback of agents' screens and designs for small and large call centers. For pricing information call (800) 828-4286 or visit www.funk.com

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