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Ready, Aim, Fire

Applied Innovation Management Inc. (AIM) recently released version 6.5 of the Expert Family of 100 percent Web-based software solutions. These IT tracking and CRM solutions include HelpDesk Expert, Bug/Defect Tracking Expert, Asset Expert and Change Management Expert. Version 6.5 includes new features such as an enhanced GUI and navigational structure, reporting features, interactive Java-based layouts and new alarm capabilities. AIM applications are specifically designed for practice areas such as customer service, IT, sales, operations, product development and quality assurance. For pricing information visit www.innovate.com.

The Name Speaks for Itself

Nuance Communications, a provider of voice Web software, introduced Say Anything, a speech recognition technology designed to help users "say anything" to speech systems and still be understood. Say Anything combines the technique of predefining a customer's speech patterns with statistical models that recognize free-style speech, which will extract key concepts to determine the meaning of the user's words. Callers will enjoy a more natural experience with voice-enabled systems. With Say Anything, callers will be greeted with "What would you like to do?" That provides, Nuance says, for wider caller responses and more accurate answers. For pricing information visit www.nuance.com.

There's a New Sheriff in Town

JungSoft USA Inc., a Woodland Hills, Calif.-based data-protection provider, released HDD Sheriff, a hardware and software combination that can restore data, files, operating systems and system configuration with a simple reboot. HDD SHERIFF 2000 is an immediate, self-service fix to common computer problems, including system crashes, virus attacks, failed software installations, Y2K problems, operator errors and accidental data loss. HDD Sheriff uses less than 5 percent of the available hard drive space. The system provides protection for PCs running Windows 9.x/2000/ME/NT and XP. For pricing information visit www.jungsoftusa.com.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Hyperion Solutions Corporation, a business-analysis software vendor, released Hyperion eCommerce Analysis Suite, an addition to its current customer-analysis offerings. This new component marries Web-server logs with commerce transactions to quickly and accurately answer questions and help businesses increase shopper profitability, frequency and retention. The eCommerce Analysis Suite helps companies understand customer behavior, increase online browsing, and maximize online and off-line customer profitability and product sales. For more information visit www.hyperion.com.

Up in the Air

Airify Communications Inc., a provider of wireless technology, has developed a single-chip solution that delivers seamless connectivity in a mobile environment. Airify's universal platform utilizes patented core technologies to maintain synchronous connections resulting in unbroken, wireless communication in real time. It uses low noise, low power, small footprint, multiprocessor devices to provide uninterrupted access from cell phones, PDAs and laptops. For more information visit www.airify.com.

System Security

CenturionSoft and SoftClan have released SoftClan Integrity 2, which protects vulnerable systems from harm by viruses. SoftClan Integrity 2 safeguards system files from changes due to accidents, malicious manipulation and viruses. It also protects systems against being installed without user permission. Using a "shielded" folder for system or personal file storage, it prevents accidental deletion or alteration of files. SoftClan Integrity 2 is available in an electronic version, as well as a boxed version, both in English and Spanish. Pricing starts at $39.95. For more information visit or www.softclan.com.

Keep in Touch

Boston-based Peoplestreet Inc., a provider of personalized relationship-marketing technologies, has developed the LiveCard, an electronic business card that allows recipients to receive information that is updated automatically whenever the original sender changes it. The LiveCard provides end users with a new way to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, as well as build long-term relationships with key businesses and organizations by providing logos and contact details including phone, fax, e-mail and URL. Peoplestreet's corporate directory service is priced on a per-employee, per-year subscription model. For more information visit www.peoplestreet.com.

Software for Science

Siebel Systems Inc., a provider of e-business applications, recently debuted Siebel Life Sciences 2000.3, a suite of industry-specific applications designed specifically for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and clinical research companies. Life Sciences 2000.3 advances the management, synchronization and coordination of all customer contact via the Web, call centers, field sales and service, and partners. Siebel Life Sciences 2000.3 includes the Siebel ePharma and Siebel eClinical solutions, both designed to help pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations manage customer relationships. For more information visit www.siebel.com.

Files Recovered

Concept Data has launched OfficeRecovery Version 2.0, a suite of Windows utility programs that allows easier recovery of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access files. If valuable Office files--including Office XP--become corrupted, OfficeRecovery can recover the maximum amount of lost information. The new version allows two ways to recover files. Users can either navigate the menu, which will include an option to recover, or run the recovery utilities independently. OfficeRecovery keeps the original damaged file and creates a newly restored copy. OfficeRecovery Professional costs $599. The standard version costs $399, and the basic version costs $269. For more information visit www.officerecovery.com.

HR at Its Best

stromberg LLC, a Florida-based provider of time-management and attendance solutions, released stromberg Time Manager--Enterprise/Corporate Edition Version 1.3. New additions to version 1.3 include seamless integration with Windows networks. Single entry of user password, streamlined time-card approval process, reduction of administrative time, enhanced management navigation, a new employee update feature and improved ability to import employee benefit balances from a third-party system also are featured. For more information visit www.stromberg.com.

Join the Fun

Conjoin Inc., a provider of sales and marketing portal solutions, has released a new version of Field.First, the company's sales and marketing portal system. Field.First helps companies sell more effectively by enhancing the flow of information between sales and marketing and between sales and customers. With the new version, sales professionals access relevant, approved content and sales-focused Web-application modules that are designed to help them prepare and sell more effectively. New features include the Conjoin CRM Exchange API, the Conjoin Content Exchange API, a briefing room feature and Field.First's customer Web-site builder. Field.First is available as licensed software or as a hosted offering. Pricing is user-based, and installation starts at $50,000. For more information visit www.conjoin.com.

Man on Deck

SafeHarbor Technology Corporation recently introduced its new data-warehousing product, Data Deck, which gives companies a comprehensive customer view by utilizing in-depth analytical data. With Data Deck, companies get the actual data from their customer support interactions via a Web browser. All data is captured across all support channels including Web, e-mail, chat and phone. Data Deck tracks service performance, provides customizable reports and accesses minute-by-minute customer support activity with a click of a mouse. Reports can be downloaded for real-time access to current, historical or trend customer data at any desired level of detail. For pricing information visit www.safeharbor.com.

On Autopilot

MarketingPilot is a comprehensive marketing information system designed for large to midsize companies. Offered by MarketingPilot LLC, this solution enables marketers to plan, execute and track marketing campaigns more quickly and more effectively. It tracks campaign tasks, maintains marketing databases, provides built-in tools and helps create merge-purge instructions for suppliers. MarketingPilot also tracks marketing spending while providing reports to help forecast, budget and compare costs. For more
information visit www.marketingpilot.com.

Get to the Point

E-point 5.2 from Point Information Systems is designed to meet key CRM requirements by applying CRM functionality across all distribution channels. Features such as accurate customer value and loyalty scoring, cost-reducing thin-client technology, and real-time identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities allow contact centers to run a customer-friendly department in a virtual environment. Through a combination of Web CTI capability, media-blended queues, and customer scoring and loyalty tools, e-point 5.2 is designed to help companies deliver better service relative to customer value. For pricing information visit www.pointinfo.com.

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