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With CustomerCast's AccountCast, companies can review customer satisfaction with a variety of key measures, including pre- and post-sales effectiveness, ease of doing business, product quality, overall reliability and performance in selected areas. With regularly scheduled surveys, the product establishes a consistent feedback loop and demonstrates how customers' views and opinions are changing over time. For each survey, the system conducts gap analysis, market and customer segmentation, cross-tabulation, trend analysis and ratings analysis, and compiles action matrices, verbatim lists, histograms and a customer relationship index. The index combines four satisfaction measures: overall satisfaction, tendency to recommend, tendency to select the vendor and plans to repurchase. An interactive, point-and-click interface enables quick jumping between charts, creating charts on the fly and comparing charts side-by-side. Results can be distributed over the Internet or an intranet, and can be password protected. Pricing is based on customer requirements. (650) 314-2300; www.customercast.com

Pay Your Way With PromoPay
Vista has introduced the PromoPay module, a component of the company's Payment module within the VistaCPG flagship system. The PromoPay system allows sales agents to better manage field level drafts for local merchandising events at the retail level. The module also integrates with the manufacturer's accounts payable and financial systems, guaranteeing proper maintenance of all financial records and ledgers. PromoPay eliminates the need for customers to write out checks when using the VistaCPG system. The entire system is designed to help companies evolve to the one-stop-shop ideal for consumers. PromoPay is sold as part of the VistaCPG system. Pricing of the VistaCPG is based on the configuration of modules used and the number of users. (630) 377-1999; www.vistacpg.com

Marketing on the Move
Annuncio Software's Annuncio ToGo Marketing Service Provider (MSP) goes above and beyond Application Service Provider (ASP) offerings and provides users with systems hosting as well as value-added marketing services. Annuncio ToGo works hand in hand with the Annuncio Live e-marketing automation solution, which offers a range of marketing services including production, analysis and data management. With the addition of Annuncio ToGo, marketers can now automate and manage marketing campaigns (from in-house implementation to full-service hosting). This new MSP allows marketers to manage their own online marketing activities and choose which services they want to use to satisfy their own demands. Pricing starts at $10,000 to $15,000 per month, depending on the services ordered. (650) 314-6000; www.annuncio.com

SFA Insight
Lawson Software's Sales Force Automation solution allows front-office applications to be connected to back-office transaction and analytic suites. The SFA module is a component of Lawson Insight II Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and is tightly integrated with the Lawson Insight II Business Management System. Lawson's CRM Solution has an open architecture to connect multiple organizations, and features the Customer Timeline. The Customer Timeline is a graphical tracking of all customer interactions such as revenue, expense and profitability. The CRM software suite is a deliverable version of Lawson's Relationship Management System. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 477-1357 ext. 100; www.lawson.com

start Your Engines
With Octane Software's Octane 2000, customer care centers can integrate a wide range of new media services into existing computer telephony integration and interactive voice response systems. The software enables universal queuing of Web, e-mail or phone contacts; Web development; and sophisticated e-mail management features such as automatic response and sophisticated routing. E-mail can be routed and prioritized based on content, demographics and time of day. The software's modeling and design component, Octane studio, has a graphical interface that enables drag-and-drop development of complex business processes. Automated agents can handle routine business processes such as escalation and notifications, and security access can be customized. Users of Octane 2000 can access the system remotely from standard Web browsers. Pricing starts at $2,500 per user license. (877) 4OCTANE; www.octane.com

Working on the Web
WebPoint, developed by Point Information Systems, moves all aspects of e-commerce service onto the Web through three different portals. The system integrates Web-based enterprise, partner and customer portals to the TeamPoint CRM suite, allowing staff, resellers and customers to place requests, check progress and update records with or without the help of customer service representatives. All processes take place on central servers, so new applications or updates work instantly throughout an entire enterprise. The system can be accessed through the Internet and an industry-standard Web browser. WebPoint's functions are driven by centrally executed, platform-independent scripts working on a common database. Additional scripts may be written by non IT-skilled personnel. WebPoint works with the TeamPoint 4i CRM engine, and can connect with PCs or Palm-compatible portable devices. Pricing for the customer portal is $100,000, pricing for the enterprise portal is $2,500 for a concurrent user and pricing for the partner portal starts at $50,000 for up to 20 concurrent partner users. (781) 239-1226; www.pointinfo.com

Interacting With Interaction
InterFace Software has made InterAction, a relationship management tool for professional service firms, available for Outlook contacts. This new feature allows Microsoft Outlook users to utilize InterAction's relationship management functionality directly from Outlook's desktop. Outlook Integration offers bi-directional synchronization and data mining capabilities between the databases of individual Outlook contacts and InterAction's centralized relationship knowledge base. This feature allows users to access functions of the system from either Outlook or InterAction environments. In addition, contact information entered via Outlook synchronizes into the system--it is shared and not duplicated. InterAction makes available some of Outlook's key features, such as contact management capabilities and integration with e-mail and scheduling. Outlook Integration is free of charge with purchase of the InterAction license. (630) 572-1400; www.interface.com

Talk the Talk
Net2Phone's Click2Talk and Click2CallMe software use Internet telephony to connect Web customers to sales staff in real time. The software enables PC-to-phone telephony and Web-based callbacks. Using Click2Talk, a customer can click a button to call a service department directly from the PC. With Click2CallMe, a customer can schedule a callback at a time of her choosing. The two services were designed to enhance the cross-sell and up-sell capabilities of sales staff. In addition, the system personalizes customer relationships by offering live response to customer needs. Implementation of the software does not require specialized hardware or software. There is no charge for the software. (888) 872-1230; www.click2talk.com

E.nhance Relations With E.piphany
E.piphany's E.4 System, which includes the Emailer solution, is an integrated, closed-loop solution designed to help businesses move their customer relationships from analysis to action. E.piphany E.4 uses an integrated suite of best-in-class technologies, applications and e-mail execution abilities to develop a comprehensive view of the customer, leadership campaign management (targeting, planning, e-mail execution) and closed-loop results analysis. Designed for both brick-and-mortar and dot com companies, E.4 aids businesses in the development and execution of marketing campaigns based on demographic, psychographic and transactional information, allowing them to make the right offer to the right customer via the Web, call center, e-mail, direct mail, point-of-sale and sales force automation. Pricing starts at $250,000. (650) 356-3800; www.epiphany.com

Cutting the Wires
Call center supervisors can make schedule changes, schedule overtime, re-deploy personnel and monitor agent adherence from anywhere in the call center with the new wireless interface available on Pipkins' Maxima Advantage. The product provides supervisors with real-time information while they roam the call center floor and manage agents. The Maxima Advantage features a Forecasting module, which leverages historical data to help users plan for special events. The system also calculates staffing requirements based on user-defined service levels, offers a rules-driven scheduler and uses Pipkins' skillsense to identify specific skills in a multi-skill environment. Users can also save report layouts and schedule jobs to run at specified times with the Recurring Jobs feature. Maxima Advantage supports a Multiple Application Server (MAS) environment. In addition, all CRM technology can be completely integrated with the Maxima Advantage due to its open design. Pricing depends on configuration. (314) 469-6106; www.pipkins.com

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