Solar Power; On a Roll; Required Reading
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Solar Power
Most of us don't worry about charging our portable devices until we realize that we're nearly out of power. And finding an outlet on the road can be a challenge. ICP Global Technologies has created the iSun, a product designed to free us from the worry of finding a place to plug in and power up. The iSun, a portable solar charger that weighs less than one pound, powers small, portable electronic devices. Simply flip it open, hook it up, and recharge your PDA, handheld computer, digital camera, or any other device using 2 watts of power or less. Need to charge something that uses more than 2 watts? Then connect multiple iSun units together to create more power.

On a Roll
Fed up with your tiny laptop keypad? ThinkGeek.com has the solution to your dilemma: the True-Touch Roll-up Keyboard, a standard 104-key keyboard that actually rolls up when you're finished with it and can easily be stored and transported. Although you have to try a little harder to strike the center of each key, the True-Touch is dust and moisture proof, and comes in your choice of PS/2 or USB connectivity. The company offers a guarantee of more than 100,000 keystrokes, so odds are you'll upgrade your laptop long before you need to replace this
keyboard. www.thinkgeek.com

Required Reading

For companies whose customer service agents need to know how to write a concise, informative, and effective business email message, the recently released Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail: A Writing Workbook for Customer Service Agents could be just the right training tool. The workbook is published by E-Write, a writing consulting and training company, and authored by the company cofounders, Leslie O'Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick. It is designed to help customer service reps hone their communication and writing skills and help strengthen their companies' image. "Companies will not realize the ROI in their technology unless their customer support staff can write professional email," O'Flahavan says. www.writingworkbook.com
The latest book from the author of The Nokia Revolution, Dean Steinbock, is written to give a comprehensive global view on the fiercely competitive mobile market. Published by Amacom Books, Wireless Horizon: Strategy and Competition in the Worldwide Mobile Marketplace, tracks trends, industry leaders, and strategies from first-generation analog technology to the current successes and struggles of third-generation broadband. Readers can not only gain an historical overview of this market, but through Steinbock's discussion of current and projected trends, can also speculate as to what truly lies ahead for the mobile industry.
Glen Peterson sought to fill a void when he penned Making CRM an Operational Reality.The book is overflowing with charts, graphs, and strategies that should help guide executives to realize CRM success. www.competitiveperformance.com

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