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ViewSonic's PJ860 portable projector. Plus: the latest products and services.
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ViewSonic's PJ860 portable projector, which is part of the Office Theater Projector Series, produces the company's brightest image at 1,500 ANSI lumens powered by a 200-watt high-pressure mercury lamp. The LCD projector has a built-in PC memory card, allowing presentations and slides to be stored on a memory card and presented without a computer. The PJ860 displays 800 by 600 SVGA images and supports 16.7 million colors. The unit weighs 13.7 pounds, is 13.2 inches wide, 10.3 inches deep and 4.9 inches tall. The projector also features a wireless remote with a built-in mouse and laser pointer, and input sources for video and PC or Macintosh systems. The PJ860 also comes with a three-year warranty on non-consumable parts and labor and has a 90-day protection for the lamp. The price is $49.95. (800) 888-8583; www.viewsonic.com

Trillium Research provides salespeople with the ability to access accounts, pinpoint new opportunities and complete more business deals with the Sales Intelligence Report. The SIR analyzes the infrastructure of big businesses, starting at the corporate level and working all the way down to individual business units. Each report features an analysis of the corporation, the organizational structure, annual and quarterly financial results, industry information and specific strengths and weaknesses, focusing on key business drivers and initiatives of the company being analyzed. The price is $950. (888) 841-6100; www.trilliumresearch.com

Users of the Brainshark Enterprise system can create and deliver voice-enhanced communications to their sales channels, customers and employees. All that is required to use Brainshark Enterprise is a working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and the telephone. Users upload PowerPoint presentations to the Brainshark platform and are assigned a phone number and password. The user then calls the Brainshark Audio Presentation- -on any type of phone- -to add the voice component of the presentation. With a voice-mail type menu, the presentation author records audio for each slide. The presentation is available immediately after the user hangs up the phone. The audience can even interact with the author using the system's offline feedback mechanism. Meanwhile, the product's back-end technology automatically indexes and catalogs each slide/audio pair in a searchable database. Pricing is $25 per user and decreases with volume; content indexed on Brainshark Enterprise can be viewed for $.80 per user. (781) 647-4900; www.brainshark.com

Companies can now offer their Web-surfing customers access to real-time customer assistance with Altitude Software's Easy Collaborator. This program was designed to reduce Web shopping abandonment rates. Agent collaboration on the Internet closes the sales/service loop and increases customer satisfaction. The Easy Collaborator is built on Altitude's Web-based customer interaction solution suite. Customers obtain collaborative assistance in the form of voice and Web chat by clicking on a button on the Web site. The agent and customer view the same synchronized browser interface, so agents can suggest Web pages and collaborate on form filling and Web conferencing. The agent also has immediate access to the customer's history and browsing patterns to better advise the customer. The price varies based on number of agents, decreasing with volume. (877) 367-3279; www.altitudesoftware.com

Commence Corp.'s Allure Forms allows organizations to capture information from its Web site and link it directly to back-end databases. This process extends the functionality of traditional CRM and other database applications by using ODBC and OLE-DB interfaces to integrate information with databases or other legacy systems automatically. Businesses can retrieve information from the Web for sales orders, customer surveys and event registration. This automatic link of customer information can be shared across an entire organization without having to enter the information manually, eliminating many errors. Allure Forms also includes a set of pre-built, customizable forms that can be posted on the Web. With these forms, which have a data verification feature, customers can enter the appropriate information and immediately send it to the company. The price is $45 per month, which includes the first 150 transactions. After that, transactions cost $.30 each per month, and the first month is free. (732) 660-0990; www.commence.com

The Sant Corporation's newly updated ProposalMaster 4.5 features expanded integration with other sales automation tools, new options for installation with popular sales automation tools, such as GoldMine and SalesLogix, and enhanced editing capabilities. ProposalMaster 4.5 is also compatible with Microsoft Office 2000. Users select a client record from their sales automation program, then click on ProposalMaster 4.5, at which point the customer data is automatically retrieved and placed into the customer record. The user then builds a proposal, and ProposalMaster 4.5 automatically writes a note to the history file of that account with links to both the Word document and the ProposalMaster file. ProposalMaster 4.5 has three software installation options: typical, compact and custom. Typical installation is traditional ProposalMaster installation, with the Document Builder, Library Editor, Library Builder and sample databases and document templates. Compact installs the Document Builder only. Custom allows the user to select which components to install. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 272-0047; www.santcorp.com

Magic Solutions' Magic Total Service Desk version 6.0 is a Web-based service desk solution that automates the entire e-business support management process. Version 6.0 provides companies and Managed Service Providers with enhanced capabilities to customize aspects of the internal and external support process fully. Features of the Magic Total Service Desk include database customization, user interface customization and pop-up customization. The solution also has a common architecture based on Microsoft's scalable Windows-distributed Internet Applications. The Magic Service Desk can support thousands of concurrent users. System administrators also have more control over granting access permission on tables within a database to individuals and groups with the point-and-click interface. In addition, the solution's self-service desk allows end users and customers to view their complete call history, which in turn reduces call volume. Pricing depends on configuration (800) 338-8754; www.magichelpdesk.com

Cisco's Customer Interaction Suite manages all forms of customer interaction such as interactive Web session, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Web-based chat, phone and e-mail. A main component of the suite is the eMail Manager. This enterprise and service provider class solution manages high volumes of customer inquiries submitted to either company mailboxes or the Web site. The eMail Manager processes and tracks incoming messages and directs them to the correct agent or support team and even suggests relevant response templates. Users also have access to a full-feature browser-based interface, allowing agents to claim and read messages, view correspondence history and search the response library. The Customer Suite supports Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Linux. Pricing starts at $1,500 per agent seat. (877) 903-9703; www.cisco.com

The Find Engine on Annotate.net allows users to search the Internet for useful business-to-business information without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on the Web. With Annotate.net, users can locate the data they're looking for without interfering with the Web page being viewed and without having to leave a Web page to collect more information. Users simply download the super-thin client module (400 KB) and subscribe to their preferred content and commerce advisors. Internet content and commerce sources in the Annotate.net network include USA Today, USNews.com, Excite, CNET, Merrill Lynch and Business Week Online. A desktop icon appears when users visit a URL that has been annotated by their preferred content providers. The icon connects users to relevant information with a click. A free version is downloadable on the Web. (212) 229-2645; www.annotate.net

Designed for use by corporate sales and marketing and CRM application developers, value-added resellers and systems integrators around the world, SalesPage Technologies' SalesPage 2.0 is a fully integrated framework for deploying eCRM solutions. SalesPage 2.0 provides centralized administration, user self-service, partner collaboration and responsiveness to evolving business strategy. Features of SalesPage 2.0 include SalesPage studio, the SalesPage Enterprise Server, EAI Servers and the Mobile Device Integration Server for Palm and Windows CE handhelds. SalesPage 2.0 runs on Windows NT and Windows 2000. SalesPage architecture supports BA, Java and XML and other Internet standards and popular databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix and IBM DB2. Pricing for SalesPage studio starts at $3,500 and server configurations start at $75,000 depending on the number of users. (616) 344-0220; www.salespage.com

With iEnterprise's Enterprise Extensions for Lotus Notes, users can incorporate CRM and sales force automation with their Notes mail and address book databases. Enterprise Extensions takes the Lotus Notes contact management functionality of Notes mail a step further by providing the user with a fully-integrated solution. The Enhanced Notes mail and calendar allows users to track phone calls, quotes, appointments, to-do lists and correspondence in the Lotus Notes database. In addition, users can view activities by user-defined fields, such as company or contact. The Enhanced Shared Address Book provides users with more than 40 user-defined fields and allows multiple users to securely share contact information. Users can also track and predict sales throughout their organization with the Sales Forecasting and Opportunity Management function. Pricing starts at $195 per user. (800) 741-5597 for calls inside the United states, (973) 701-1413 for all calls outside the United states; www.ienterprises.com

Yodlee's Web Personalization Platform offers Internet companies the opportunity to consolidate, access and manage personal data on the Web. The Yodlee Personalization Platform provides customers with instant access to personal accounts at more than 1,000 Web sites in 25 different categories. Internet companies, such as ProFlowers.com, WetFeet.com, WeddingChannel.com and Newsletters.com, publish their information on the Yodlee Personalization Platform. These content partners can then make their products and services automatically available to new and existing customers across multiple applications, co-brand sites and mobile/wireless devices through a single interface. Users can even view their latest account activity with Auto-Login to accounts. In addition, users can also synchronize their personal data with mobile and wireless devices with Yodlee's Yodlee2Go software application. Pricing depends on configuration. (408) 522-1194; www.yodlee.com

Optimize CRM and Supply Chain Management systems by integrating data from existing host applications into front-office applications with Attachmate's e-Vantage Enterprise Access Objects. With the e-Vantage Enterprise, users have real-time access to current information, which is often stored in back-end legacy systems. The system is comprised of a set of client-based COM objects and Active X controls, which create two-way, real-time connections with the mainframe, midrange and AS/400 enterprise host systems. e-Vantage Enterprise Access Objects uses online documentation, code wizards and sample applications to accelerate deployment and minimize downtime during installation. The price is $350 per desktop. (800) 426-6283; www.attachmate.com

Internet Software Sciences has developed Web+Center, a Web-based customer support system. Web+Center is a turnkey solution that can be downloaded, installed and configured in a few hours. The system installs as a Web server application that runs on Windows NT operating system (Server or Workstation) with MS Access or SQL Server as the back-end databases. Internet Software Sciences provides free full versions of Web+Center for up to five registered tech staff members in an organization, which is particularly useful to small help desks and organizations. In addition, support staff from global operations using Web+Center can submit and track cases with worldwide Internet connections. The price for licensed versions of the Web+Center is $5,000 for 10 technicians, and $15,000 for an unlimited number of technicians. A free version is downloadable on the Web. (650) 949-0942; www.inet-sciences.com

The pharmaceutical industry finally has its own CRM software- -PRM. IMS Health strategic Technologies has developed pharmaceutical relationship management products designed to build customer relationships and improve return on sales investment. The latest PRM release, Phastrak, a stand-alone handheld solution, allows pharmeceutical industry users to understand individual prescribing patterns and opportunities better and deliver more effective messages and promotions. With Phastrak, users have access to database technology, which is integrated seamlessly in the handheld device. Phastrak also offers profiling by professional or organization and call history detail, electronic signature capture integrated with account targeting and product sample control and management, such as signature verification, rapid retreival and sampling history. Pricing depends on configuration. (404) 841-4000; www.imshealth.com

Do you remember the old days, when people used mobile telephones only to have conversations? The Nokia 9000il Communicator looks like a mobile phone from the front, but packs an array of features inside its 13.9-ounce body. The 9000il is a fully integrated GSM 1900 MHz digital phone combined with a personal organizer, the ability to send and receive faxes and access the Internet. Whether in the office or on the road, this device synchronizes with calendar programs and other applications on your computer network, allowing you to access information on your company databases and even check e-mail. Business-friendly telephone features include hands-free speakerphone calls with up to six people and one-touch credit card dialing. With the optional lithium ion battery, the phone gives up to three hours of talk time and 30 hours of standby time. The price varies depending on wireless service provider. (888) 256-2098; www.nokiausa.com

NCR Corporation has developed a new customer relationship management software application that is customer-event driven as opposed to product-focused. The NCR Relationship Optimizer works "from the outside in," starting with a detailed analysis of a customer's behavior. The product allows a business to respond to changes in a customer's behavior with targeted communications, and then record, analyze and react to the customer's response. Customers are not contacted repeatedly, nor are they ignored. The NCR Relationship Optimizer is comprised of five key aspects: event detection, communication prioritization, individual consumer dialog management, workflow management and the ability to manage the complexity of doing all this for customers everyday. These five elements enable the product to provide a complete CRM solution across all types of customer channels (Web, call centers, ATMs, kiosks or field sales). The NCR Relationship Optimizer is available as a stand-alone product and can also be integrated with the company's CRM solutions for the financial, communications, insurance and airline industries. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) CALLNCR; www.ncr.com

Transactional Data Solutions' Retail Ticker online tracking service provides companies with information regarding a customer's spending pattern by comparing "clicks versus bricks" as measured by total sales volume and volume of transactions. This information will help retailers and e-tailers keep abreast of the latest sales trends. The system can track up to 80 million anonymous MasterCard cardholders, about 4 million transactions a day, both on- and offline. The Retail Ticker also tracks PICS (Phone, Internet, Catalogs) for some catalog merchants. While TDS provides retailers with information on consumer spending patterns, individual privacy, such as cardholder names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail or social security numbers, is maintained. The price for a customized research report starts at $10,000. "Top Line" Web reports are free on the Web. (888) 560-6699; www.tds-mastercard.com

Loyalty Suite 5.0 from eLoyalty provides organizations with an integrated, multichannel solution to manage and build customer relationships. The three-tier architecture of Loyalty Suite 5.0 enables companies to write situational actions and scripts, strengthening every customer touch point and ultimately increasing customer loyalty. Version 5.0 incorporates XML and EJB and is highly scalable. Features of Loyalty Suite 5.0 include the Loyalty Repository, a real-time data warehouse that provides customer information at the point of interaction. The Loyalty Channel Influencer integrates customer data collected from all company channels. The Loyalty Decision Engine is a server-based application that applies business rules across multiple channels and applications. With the Loyalty Configurator, users can define policies and business rules. The Loyalty Cockpit is a desktop portal that displays customer information to streamline customer interaction. The Loyalty Outcome Manager transforms raw interaction data from the Loyalty Repository into customer experience metrics. Pricing for the Suite is based on the number of users, site deployed and products used. (877) 2-ELOYAL; www.eloyaltyco.com

Increase your company's communications capabilities with version 5.0 of Telamon's TelAlert product. TelAlert is designed to deliver critical messages to and from the field, allowing businesses to aid customer service in a variety of different applications, including dispatching service personnel and operating help desks. Improvements in Version 5.0 include the addition of a graphical user interface (GUI) to make administration easier. Version 5.0 also has a redesigned Web client that allows sending, responding to and managing messages from any Web browser, as well as enhanced support for two-way paging services. Users can create groups for broadcast notifications or escalations. The latter ensures that a message is redirected if the first person on the list is unavailable, and it will continue through the list in the order specified until the message is received. TelAlert runs on Windows operating systems and more than 13 different UNIX platforms. Pricing starts at $3,000. (888) 835-2578; www.telamon.com

Janna Systems has developed the Janna Enterprise Suite 2001, a comprehensive e-business Relationship Management (eRM) solution for the financial services industry. Products in the Enterprise Suite 2001 include Janna Contact Enterprise 2001, which provides enterprise relationship management for customer-facing employees. Also included is Janna LivePage Enterprise 2001, which provides the delivery of personalized self-service Web sites. The Enterprise Suite 2001 synchronizes all customer interactions across all communication channels, ensuring that all customer-facing professionals have access to complete customer information. With this information, agents can anticipate customer requirements and provide service tailored to the customer's needs and preferences. Corporate Web sites can act as personalized e-business sites by leveraging the customer profile information stored in the Janna Contact database. Other features of the Suite include Janna Wireless, Campaign Management, Coverage Management, Headline News, Ticker Tracking, Literature Fulfillment and Janna Palm Synchronizing. Janna Contact Enterprise starts at $1,000 per named user and Janna LivePage starts at $30,000 per server. (800) 268-6107; www.janna.com

For years, science fiction has placed computers in cars. Now, reality has caught up. Q-PC is designed for real estate, sales and other mobile professionals who would benefit from having a computer in their vehicle. Q-PC uses the Windows 98 operating system and has 450 megahertz of processing power. Users will have Internet access and the ability to send and receive e-mail from their dashboard. There also is an integrated global positioning system receiver and TravRoute CoPilot 2000, a talking navigation system. CoPilot 2000's street maps cover even small towns in the United states and can re-route a driver after a wrong turn or upon encountering traffic. Q-PC brings multiple entertainment options to the vehicle, with an AM/FM tuner, a compact disc player and MP3 compressed digital audio for music lovers, plus a DVD-ROM drive for video and computer game capability. The price is $2,895 to $4,675. (800) 233-0839; www.Q-PC.com

Copia's FaxFacts Fax Server version 7 provides users with e-mail broadcasting and document conversion and is easy to install. FaxFacts 7 can be run as either a service or an application. FaxFacts can fax items from the original source documents, allowing fax-on-demand and broadcast documents to be maintained as Word documents, Excel Worksheets, rich-text documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations or HTML documents stored either locally or on a Web server. These documents can automatically be faxed upon request or used in a broadcast. Companies can improve their document delivery because of FaxFacts' full reporting, smart retries and queue management features. The price is $695 per line. (800) 689-8898; www.copia.com

Share information on customers, products, competitors and more with all mobile and in-office personnel, with the MobilePOINT add-on to the TeamPOINT eCRM application. TeamPOINT is designed to help a company increase customer retention by capturing vital information about its customers and sharing it within the enterprise. MobilePOINT brings TeamPOINT to mobile users by connecting the mobile sales force, service personnel, technicians, consultants, distribution partners and managers into one integrated platform. Customer service requests can be transmitted to field service units as soon as they are received in the call center. Likewise, managers can forward leads to their sales force as soon as the contact is made. Users communicate through one HTML interface that connects intranets, extranets and the Internet. Your mobile personnel can communicate via a range of options, including Palm devices. Pricing starts at $1,250 per seat for TeamPOINT; MobilePOINT add-on is an additional $500 per seat. (781) 239-1226; www.pointinfo.com

Mobile workers who need a field net device that combines ease of use with rugged durability have a new option in the J-Slate Java Net Device from Tadpole-RDI. The J-Slate device has many features that make it appealing to those in the construction, maintenance, service, manufacturing, healthcare, utility and other industries that call for field data collection by workers who may be unfamiliar with complex operating systems. Wireless connectivity options include a 56K modem, a GSM telephone, wireless LAN or a radio. The device runs Java applications either stand-alone or through a Web browser. J-Slate has a 190-megahertz Intel strongARM processor and up to 64 megabytes of DRAM (dynamic random access memory) and 20 megabytes of flash memory. The display is 256-color LCD and measures 10.4 inches diagonally. The lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 12 hours of run time. J-Slate can withstand a 1-meter drop to concrete. The price is approximately $2,800, not including the battery or communications system. (800) 734-5483; www.tadpolerdi.com

If you are traveling out of state, or even across town, and need to review and comment on a business plan, contract or other important document, you no longer need to type into a bulky laptop. With enotate from Informal Software, you can handwrite corrections, comments or annotations onto your Palm or CE device, just as you would with a pen and a piece of paper. enotate can be used with Palm, IBM WorkPad and TRG Pro devices. It can make annotations on documents and presentations in Microsoft Word 97/2000, Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000, as well as on digital images in JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PCX formats. You can also use enotate to sketch charts, diagrams, advertising and marketing concepts or other items that are easier to draw than to describe onto virtual paper, which can then be e-mailed to co-workers or clients. The price is $49.99. (408) 845-9490; www.informal.com

Turn your mobile phone into a wireless modem for your portable computer with Socket Communications' Digital Phone Card. This device allows users to send and receive e-mail, browse the Internet, check their schedule, look up contacts and connect with their business network, all wirelessly. The card has a CompactFlash Type I form factor that allows users to insert it into the CompactFlash slot of any Windows-powered handheld or laptop computer. The kit includes a CompactFlash-to-PC Card adapter that connects with the PC Card slot of any Windows-powered handheld PC, notebook or Apple PowerBook. The card also can be used with ultra-slim notebooks that do not have RS-232 COM ports. Socket claims that its battery friendly all-digital technology uses less power than other cabling systems, allowing users to operate their phones and computers up to twice as long. The price is $140 to $160, depending on the phone model. (510) 744-2760; www.socketcom.com

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