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Always on the Go

AvantGo Mobile Sales, the packaged mobile sales force automation application, is here from AvantGo, a provider of mobile infrastructure software and services. AvantGo Mobile Sales allows sales professionals to view and update critical sales information including contacts, service requests and inventory from leading CRM applications. The application wirelessly supports all of Research In Motion BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds, Microsoft Pocket PC-based and Palm OS-based handheld devices. Key features include tight integration with existing SFA applications and alerts, which are pushed to the device. For pricing information call (510) 259-4000 or visit www.avantgo.com

Fourth Time's a Charm

fourthchannel makes available ProfitBuilder Selling Suite 4.0. This is a new upgrade to the company's former ProfitBuilder Commerce Suite. The new suite helps bridge gaps between electronic commerce and CRM with a more robust configuration, assisted selling and transactional capabilities. Enhancements to the suite include J2EE-based architecture, which allow the application to address the requirements of multiple sales channels and advanced analysis and reporting functions, which help gauge and predict customer expectations and buying trends. For pricing information call (800) 827-7252 or visit www.fourthchannel.com

Can You Hear Me Now?

DigiVoice is here. VoiceLogger, a provider of digital call recording solutions, has released version 2.6 of its Windows-based call monitoring, logging and recording system that offers large call center features to small and midsize contact centers. Designed to maintain a verifiable record of verbal transactions for call centers, financial services, law firms, newsrooms and other voice-dependent businesses, the new version allows automated digital call recording, filing and playback of three to 128 voice channels per system. Key features include record-on-demand, instant file search, keyword search and call forwarding by e-mail. System prices start at $850 per channel for small configurations and $600 per channel for larger configurations. For more information call (800) 311-3025 or visit www.voicelogger.com

High Performance

Cisco Systems has enhanced the Cisco 10000 series. The new series is designed for the application of high performance IP services at the edge of the service provider network. Cisco 10000 enables service providers to deploy revenue-generating IP services and incorporates redundant hardware architecture, a component in giving service providers greater up-time. The 10000 series was developed to lower the overall complexity and cost of network operations while enabling the delivery of high-performance IP services. Revenue generating IP services are delivered using the protection of the Cisco 10000. For more information call (800) 553-NETS or visit www.cisco.com

Nice and Easy

Nice Systems, a provider of recording solutions and applications for customer experience management (CEM), releases its newest platform CEM 8.7. Nice's new CEM platform is a modular solution, which includes the NiceLog system and the NiceUniverse quality management application. The new release features recording solutions for multimedia contact centers as well as integration with additional services, CTI drivers and leading e-mail management systems. The Nice CEM 8.7 platform includes Nice link, which enables contact centers and trading floors to integrate CRM functionality onto their desktop and CRM applications and Nice storage Center, which enables integration of the recording
system with storage management software and hardware. For pricing information call (800) 663-5601 or visit www.nice.com

May the Force be With You

WebForce that is. Dendrite, which provides global pharmaceutical technology and CRM solutions for the health care industry, has launched the latest version of its WebForce suite of Web-enabled pharmaceutical sales force tools. WebForce 1.5 provides worldwide CRM solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. It allows seamless integration with Oracle's 11i E-Business Suite and features an XML-based CRM adapter that utilizes hub and spoke architecture. Version 1.5 features an expanded PDA product line for the mobile pharmaceutical reps. Users in the field can communicate from PDAs directly to servers. For pricing information call (973) 425-1200 or visit www.dendrite.com

20/20 Vision

PreVision, a marketing firm, released PREVISIONWARE version 1.2. This suite of marketing software is designed to help marketers beyond facilitating their marketing programs to maximizing their CRM initiatives across the organization. The suite of CRM software includes the Campaign Optimizer, the PreView online reporting tool and Opportunity Mapper, a geobehavioral mapping application.

The applications combine to analyze and exploit customer segments, markets and opportunities more efficiently. For pricing information call (781) 259-5400 or visit www.previsionmarketing.com

Reporting for Duty

Silvon Software introduces stratum.InfoCast, an enterprise report writer and information delivery system. The new product leverages Microsoft and Cizer Excel engine technology. With stratum.InfoCast, reports may be created and modified by using pre-defined, Excel-based reporting templates. Users have the option of receiving reports in a variety of industry-standard formats and delivery options. As reports are modified within the browser environment, they can be saved and scheduled for future delivery. For more information call (800) 874-5866 or visit www.silvon.com

X Marks the Spot

Winterstream Media, an e-marketing infrastructure provider of CRM solutions, offers BrandXtend 1.0, an online marketing platform. BrandXtend improves a consumer's Internet experience while delivering an integrated suite of customer relationship marketing, measurement and management solutions to marketers. BrandXtend helps build long-term customer relationships by creating a persistent, direct link between advertisers and a customer's desktop. BrandXtend 1.0 components include community chat, rewards, Web directories, rich media, demographics and skinning (custom look). For more information call (617) 275-7200 or visit winterstream.com

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