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Mid-Market CRM TechExcel Inc. released its FrontOffice 4.0 for small and midsize business sales, marketing, and customer support. The suite of five integrated products incorporates download management, sales and marketing automation, support-plan management and renewals, customer support, and asset management. "By building intelligent business process objects directly into the core products, we have created an architecture that is easily configured to fit any complex business process using just a simple point-and-click interface," says Tieren Zhou, president of TechExcel. www.techexcel.com

Contact Centers Interactive Intelligence Inc. has released two new products. Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) v2.2 is the company's server-based communications software and features new forwarding options and built-in voice over IP capabilities, and is able to interoperate with SIP--enabled phones from Cisco, Siemens, and others. Interaction Supervisor is the company's new interaction monitoring application and is being offered as an add-on to communication software for contact centers. The application is designed to allow managers to customize workgroup views, create alert notifications via email, and view statistics in graphical form. www.ININ.com

Online CRM NetLedger Inc. has launched its NetSuite 8.6, which will include enhanced partner relationship management capabilities. It is designed to enable organizations to enter leads for partners, check the status of customer support tickets and orders, and extend opportunity management and forecast management capabilities to partners. www.netledger.com

Real-Time Data More and more companies need integrated views of enterprise information from sources like databases, XML files, Web applications and integration adapters. BEA Systems Inc. has released BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic, which promises real-time information visibility to front-office applications, such as customer self-service portals, customer service and support, and supply chain applications. The objective is that moving to graphical development tools can help cut down on the need for companies to generate customized code for common requests for information. www.bea.com

Mid-Market CRM E.piphany Inc. announced that it has embedded IBM Corp.'s WebSphere and BEA Systems Inc.'s WebLogic servers into E.piphany's E.6 customer relations suite of applications. This furthers the company's commitment to J2EE, and aims to allow users with Java-centric development groups to have one less piece of application infrastructure to deal with. Users of the existing version of E.6 will receive the upgrade free as part of regular maintenance. www.epiphany.com

E-business A Web site's retail store locator is handy, but what's truly valuable is to know whether the local store will have what you want in stock. Product Pinpointer, from Channel Intelligence Inc., is designed to scan the stock status at stores in the specified area, and presents the availability of that product in real time. Already partnered with BestBuy, CompuUSA, and Sears, Channel Intelligence is serving more than 2,000 retail stores in the United States. www.channelintelligence.com

Data Matching TDWP and Connect Global Solutions have partnered to create and release Matchsoft. Matchsoft is a customer data-matching solution designed to help an enterprise maintain an accurate view of its data. In creating Matchsoft the companies have attempted to combine the purported strengths of each partner: TDWP's background in business process management and Connect Global Solutions' knowledge of Web content and information management. Matchsoft features a three-tier platform (database server, Internet server, and client/server), supports Unix and Windows-based operating systems, is compatible with Oracle v8i and any JSP-enabled Internet server, and can be deployed either in house or hosted on an ASP server.www.tdwp.com

Proposal Automation Version 5.0 of Pragmatech Software Inc.'s suite of software, which includes The RFP Machine, The Proposal Automation Suite, and RFP dExpress, now supports Office XP and all the new features included in that operating system. The company has also integrated e-Proposals, a Web-based, PDA-enabled solution, into version 5.0 of its software suite. www.pragmatech.com

Customer Service Hipbone's updated version of its live customer service solution aims to bolster the effectiveness of contact centers. Synetry 3.5 has a number of new features that claim to be able to enhance productivity. With the Synetry Chat+ feature built into the software, for example, users will have access to a new Supervisor Console, which offers real-time queue monitoring and drill-down capabilities for supervising sessions with customers. Version 3.5 also comes with Synetry's FileShare feature, designed to let people in an online discussion share files thanks to translators for the entire Microsoft suite, and with a high degree of security.www.hipbone.com

Email Marketing Concentric Spheres Inc. (CSI) has launched its first software offering, Carrier Wave, designed for message campaigns and improving relationship management. CSI is touting its program as useable by anyone who can operate word processing software and a useful tool that allows users to send rich electronic messages to recipients, allowing them to respond to in-message surveys. Carrier Wave is available as a pay-per-use service. www.concentricspheres.com

Self-Customizing CRM Adapt Software Applications says its new product, ADAPTsdk, enables consultants, resellers, and customers to develop customized versions of its ADAPTcrm solution without relying on writing programming code. "We saw that the investment required to customize CRM with traditional programming was just too high," says Adapt CEO Brian Dunn. "Nowadays customers are seeking faster returns on smaller investments." According to Dunn, ADAPTsdk turns ADAPTcrm into a complete application-development environment that allows for customized CRM applications in a fraction of the time--and at substantially less cost--than normally associated with custom programming.
Customers can use ADAPTsdk to add new features, design screens, and add new tables--all without writing one line of programming code. www.adaptcrm.com

Software developer Corvus Digital also has launched a new CRM product line that includes more than 30 modules that can be customized to fit a customer's organization. Corvus claims users can roll out and customize a CRM platform for an operation at a fraction of the price of other CRM vendors. www.corvusdigital.com

Customer Support ePeople Teamwork 4.5 from ePeople is a Web-based collaborative support software solution that targets companies needing a solution for selling complex products. ePeople added three new features to version 4.5: Resolve Anywhere is designed to generate a broad set of interfaces to integrate various email, Web, and PDA clients to allow clients to "live in email" and resolve issues without having to be chained to an office or a desktop computer; Knowledge Automation helps capture and distribute information; Account Management Views permits managers to view all customer requests, to define internal and extended account teams, and to create a set of account-specific documentation to be used by anyone involved with a particular project. www.epeople.com

Along with renaming its existing product HelpDesk Expert for IT Support: Enterprise Edition, Applied Innovation Management Inc. has released HelpDesk Expert for IT Support: Standard Edition, which users can download for a 14-day trial. The entirely Web-based solution features an autodiscovery system (to detect when problems have been reported), email tracking, relational databases, and a system that doesn't use cookies, allowing users to log on via any computer with a Web connection. www.innovate.com

Demand Chain Management HAHT Commerce Inc.has released three vertical modules of its HAHT Commerce Suite, version 7.1, for the chemical, consumer goods, and discrete manufacturing industries The HAHT Chemical Suite includes quote management, autoreplenishments, and business intelligence functionality, as well as FaxPO functionality, which automatically converts faxed purchased orders into a company's ERP system, and support for Chemical Industry Data Exchange 3.0. The HAHT Consumer Goods Suite includes multiple packaging configuration, new-product workflows, enhanced data analysis, electronic-to-paper print controls, and UCCnet Global Registry support. And the HAHT Discrete Manufacturing Suite includes catalog customization, cobranded site functionality, order history search, and personalized email alerts for channel partners. www.haht.com

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