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Contact centers Upgrade and integrate. These words are often used like a mantra when dealing with improving a contact center. Still, melding existing legacy systems with new applications is a constant challenge. That's the motivation behind Concerto Software Inc.'s recently announced EnsemblePro 5.0. EnsemblePro is a broad set of customer interaction management (CIM) solutions designed to allow companies to have one platform that can handle all the potential elements of multichannel call center management, including predictive dialing, Web chat and collaborations, fax and email management, call distribution, and a unified reporting system. www.concerto.com

Customer service analytics Witness Systems has expanded the functionality of its eQuality software suite by adding a new integrated analysis and reporting application. Its eQuality Analysis solution includes a performance scorecard developed to add a predictive element to performance analysis, displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical manner. The browser-based software includes a number of predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow users to build customized measurements. www.witness.com

Incentive management Motiva Inc. has added new features to its enterprise incentive management (EIM) software suite, Motiva 8.2. The enhancements focus on improving the control of company incentive programs and other key processes to help enhance enterprise performance. Motiva 8.2, which functions on Internet-based, n-tier enterprise architecture, includes new integration adapters for ERP and CRM applications, multiple reporting options, a Web-based interface, and new communication tools that include the ability to send reports via email. It also supports parallel processing across multiple application servers. www.motiva.com

Customer support WebEx Communications Inc. has unveiled WebEx Support Center, a Web-based support service. Using the company's own MediaTone technology and operating on the WebEx network, the new service reportedly will allow customer support agents to remotely identify, access, and resolve customer issues by employing features like application and file sharing and remote desktop control. These features are designed to allow agents to determine the problem, transfer patches, and install new software as necessary. "WebEx Support Center fills a gap between frustrating and ineffective telephone support, and delayed and expensive site visits," says Robert Mahowald, research manager at IDC. www.webex.com

Analytics Business analytics solutions provider Pilot Software Acquisition Corp. recently announced the availability of Pilot HitList 5.0. The company's second release since its inception in June 2002, Pilot HitList is a Web-site analysis solution designed to capture online data and integrate it with corporate data to enhance decision-making on Web design and marketing efforts. Pilot HitList also features a new user interface, graphical representations of path reporting, and support for Windows XP, SQLServer 2000, Oracle 9i, and DB2 7.2. www.pilotsoftware.com

Mid-market CRM FrontRange Solutions Inc. is touting the newest version of it CRM software, GoldMine 6.0, as having significant upgrades for team-based organizations. Focusing on the small- to midsize market, the latest version of GoldMine includes such new features as XML integration, a built-in database back-up, a redesigned project manager, a redesigned set of scheduling tools, a desktop customization tool, and both industry and user-specific customizations. www.frontrange.com

Customer loyalty Maritz Loyalty Marketing, a unit of Maritz Inc., has released a new one-to-one loyal solution fittingly called 1-2-1 Communications. The solution uses personalized, two-way communications programs to deploy dialogue-marketing strategies. The company cites advancements in analytical tools, email marketing, and on-demand print capabilities as the foundation that allows this type of personalized, individual customer interaction. "This type of ongoing dialogue allows marketers to build a deeper, longer-lasting relationship with a customer by addressing their individual needs, attitudes, and desires," says Craig Hogan, vice president of marketing and analytical services at Maritz Loyalty Marketing. www.maritz.com

Education CRM When is CRM not CRM? When it stands for Constituent Relationship Management. Jenzabar Inc., a company that focuses on software solutions for institutions of higher learning, has upgraded its Internet Campus Solution product. Jenzabar has created five new portlets, each focused on a different type of user, and added them to its Web-based software suite. The new modules are CRM Admission Officer, CRM Advancement Officer, CRM Staff, CRM Student, and CRM Web Events Management. Offering accessing to a wide range of information (from campus activities to class enrollment to candidates for admission), the portlets aim to aid colleges and universities in sifting through the enormous amount of unorganized data. www.jenzabar.net

Call Center Lucent Technologies' subsidiary AG Communications Systems has released ClientCare Contact Center Enterprise Edition, a network-based call center solution. ClientCare Contact Center Enterprise Edition integrates with iMerge Centrex Feature Gateway, a core element of Lucent's IP Centrex solution. Besides its integration capabilities, ClientCare is offering network-to-agent skills-based routing and an Internet suite with myriad next-generation capabilities for companies and enterprises with as few as 250 agents. The Internet suite is designed to allow call center agents to handle voice, email, Web chat, Web call back, call-throughs, and cobrowsing--all simultaneously. www.agcs.com

Marketing Hoping to improve the value of its online marketing analytics platform, Coremetrics Marketforce, Coremetrics has created a new module designed to leverage auto-sensing technology. The Marketing Management Center is built to detect, measure, and compare the performance of a number of Web analytical elements and then condense them into a single, useable interface. According to Coremetrics, the software can be used to track keywords, banners, affiliates, portals, and emails simultaneously. www.coremetrics.com

ROI Service Not satisfied with the result of your CRM implementation? CRM Rx is a new service being offered by Customer Centricity Inc. that is designed to help companies that have failed to meet their ROI objectives. CRM Rx is an assessment of all areas affected by the CRM program. The assessment examines problem areas from three perspectives: people, process, and technology. Customer Centricity claims that by using on-site interviews with customer service, operations, sales, and marketing staff, CRM Rx can generate findings and recommendations that companies can use to improve their ROI. www.customercentricity.com

Customer service Cerado Inc., a sales force information services company, is branching out to offer its own customer interaction service. The service aims to analyze information based on direct contact and interaction with customers and prospects then generate recommendations to improve business and increase CRM return on investment. Subscribers to Cerado's service will receive regular updates and analysis that will ensure that sales reps, customers, and prospects are all heard from, says the company's chairman and CEO, Christopher Carfi. www.cerado.com

Management Portal PowerHelp Millennium 7.1 is the latest version of Vertical Solutions Inc.'s CRM software. PowerHelp Millennium 7.1 focuses on extending support and sales environments by creating secured portal views for executives and managers. These views are designed to enhance a user's ability to oversee a project or enterprise. Vertical Solutions claims that with the ability to offer data level XML and Web Services technology, PowerHelp Millennium 7.1 will be able to help support and sales organizations increase their performance. www.vertsol.com

Mobile CRM The release of Microsoft's new Tablet PC has cause quite a stir in the business world. One of the first CRM applications designed to run specifically on the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC is mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) from SAP AG. Slated for release in early summer 2003, mySAP CRM is designed to allow Tablet PC users to edit product data, create and finalize orders, generate order confirmations from remote locations using a digital pen. "The result will be a more flexible solution that will help sales professionals to access the information they need to deliver the best possible service to their customers," says Alexandra Loeb, vice president of the Tablet PC division at Microsoft Corp. www.sap.com

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