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With Kana Communication's Customer Messaging System 3.0, companies can respond to high-volume e-mail, launch targeted e-mail campaigns and reduce communication costs by using the Internet more. Users can access the system either as Windows-based PC clients or as Web clients. With either implementation, features include template insertion, one-click access to customer information, advanced search capabilities, personalization, categorization and reporting. The reporting module allows monitoring and analysis of customer trends, preferences and satisfaction levels. The system also leaves an audit trail of real-time and historical performance statistics. A forward-and-track feature allows messages to be sent outside the company for responses. The software can be integrated with existing e-mail servers and clients, automated call distribution packages, billing systems and customer databases. Pricing for a license starts at $50,000; pricing for a hosted system starts at $3,500 a month. (877) 480-KANA; www.kana.com

Secure Instant Messaging
Softbase System's NetLert 2.0 provides organizations with secure instant-messaging capabilities, allowing users to immediately access knowledge within their company. The system establishes a secure, instant connection that works over both the Internet and an organization's own network. NetLert 2.0 sends alert messages to both individuals and groups, allows users to chat one-on-one or in groups in chat rooms, and provides conference rooms for discussions about a particular subject. Managers can also determine whom users chat with and who may participate in conferences. In addition, NetLert 2.0 allows call center managers to deliver important information to agents without interrupting calls. The system is a Java application, supports Windows 95/98 and NT and uses HTML as its native display format. Pricing for the NetLert starter Pack is $995; pricing for the Enterprise Pack is $7,500. (800) 669-7076; www.netlert.com

Collection Time
It's that time again--time to collect overdue accounts/receivables. Oracle's GetPaid software simplifies this process, allowing agents to collect money faster. Suitable for both brick-and-mortar and dot com businesses, GetPaid is a credit, collection and deduction management application that "bolts on" to account receivable systems. This software is designed to support a business' CRM strategy as it moves from supply chain management to demand chain management. Oracle also intends to further strengthen the GetPaid software program by bringing the entire accounts/receivable process online. The system is a 32-bit Windows application and is compatible with Windows 95/98. GetPaid supports all RightFax, FaxSys and GetPaid fax servers. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 395-9996; www.getpaid.com

Locked and Docked
If your mobile workforce needs docking stations to secure its computers in its vehicles, L&E Mobile Computers & Mounts has introduced its latest model: a locking docking station for Panasonic CF-27. This station integrates the Panasonic port replicator dock system with an 11-gauge powder coated steel platform. The systems come with a tilt/swivel device for greater adaptability with other mounting equipment. Power can be wired through the docking station without disconnecting other power lines. The power supply can emanate through the cigarette lighter plug, or it can be hardwired with an optional kit. The cord is eight feet long, allowing for installation in most vehicles. This docking station can be used in police vehicles, delivery vans and service vehicles. Pricing is $630. (888) 234-8856; www.lemobilemounts.com

Gimme a Break!
Mobile computer users give your shoulders a rest! Brenthaven's Mobile Topload and Mobile Urban computer cases on wheels provide ultimate protection and easy transport for your computer with the SoftDrive wheel system. The shock-absorbing technology and in-line wheels on the SoftDrive system, combined with Brenthaven's dual-action computer protection sleeve, reduce the vibrations and stress a wheeled computer case is subject to. The Mobile Topload offers enough room for users to store a notebook and files, while the Mobile Urban is more compact in design. Both cases include an accordion file section and organizer panel for business cards, cell phone and disks, as well as a slide-away wheelie handle. The Topload is 18.5 inches by 15.75 inches by 8.25 inches and weighs 9.6 pounds. The Urban is 13.75 inches by 15.75 inches by 8.25 inches and weighs 9.1 pounds. Pricing for the Mobile Topload is $399; pricing for the Mobile Urban is $369. (800) 803-7225; www.brenthaven.com

All You Have to Do Is Ask
Inference Corporation's k-Commerce Support, which integrates call center, Web, chat, e-mail and interactive voice response customer access, features a knowledge base that is able to intuitively interpret queries that are phrased in everyday language. Customers and agents are able to easily pose questions because the software does not just rely on keywords to conduct knowledge-based searches, but actually interprets simple language structures. The system refines the searches by responding with further questions until the correct information is located. The system will automatically answer e-mails and then route the responses to agents for review. The setup fee for the model is $20,000, and monthly fees start at $4,000. (415) 893-7200; www.inference.com

Secure Communications
If your company wants to supply its mobile workforce with secure access to office data sources from the road, Thin Air Apps says it has the server for you. The Thin Air Secure Server is a middleware platform that is useful with a variety of wireless devices, including Palm III, V and VII, RIM Blackberry, Windows CE devices and WAP-enabled cellular phones. Using these devices, your workforce can have effective, two-way communication with your internal corporate data storage systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, or any open standards messaging server. This means remote access to corporate e-mail servers. All communications are secure because they are stored remotely and are encrypted for point-to-point transfer. Also, access is limited to password and device authentication. Pricing based on annual licensing fee determined by the number of corporate users. (212) 343-5000; www.thinairapps.com

Four Gold Solutions
Baan ERP solutions provider, Empirical Solutions, Inc. (ESI), has developed four Gold River e-commerce solutions that fully integrate the Baan ERP system with the Internet. Customer Assist is an enterprise application-to-Web site bridge that extends a company's customer service function to the Internet, so that customers can access information pertinent to their accounts in an efficient and streamlined manner. Enterprise Connect is a versatile and robust, XML-powered, enterprise application-to-enterprise application bridge that enables manufacturers to complete virtually any business transaction with trading partners via the Internet. Supply Chain Enabler is a highly flexible, enterprise application-to-Web site bridge that allows vendors/suppliers and subcontractors to look up critical business information from enterprise applications, and to complete business transactions electronically in real time. Pricing for Gold River solutions starts at less than $50,000. (877) 763-8887; www.esiworld.com

Survey Says...
OnTarget's Sales Effectiveness Assessment (SEA) is a Web-based diagnostic tool used to determine the effectiveness of an organization's sales performance. SEA pinpoints a company's strengths, weaknesses and gaps in organizational alignment. With SEA, companies will be able to establish a baseline measure of current sales effectiveness; receive comprehensive feedback from sales, marketing and customer service; identify and model best practice areas; and allocate resources to weak areas. SEA uses an anonymous questionnaire to survey everyone involved in the sales process. The questionnaire measure sales performance in the following areas: customer focus, organizational readiness, management focus and individual readiness. Pricing is $50,000 to $70,000, depending on the number of users. (877) 965-1611; www.ontarget.com

Tracking Footprints
FootPrints 4.0 is Unipress Software's latest version of its Web-based issue tracking and help desk system. FootPrints 4.0 is designed for small and mid-sized businesses and departments within large organizations. By leveraging the accessibility of the Web, FootPrints 4.0 offers a scalable, low-cost solution to automatically track and manage issues, problems and support activities. In addition, the system features powerful facilities that build and maintain a centralized knowledge base for self-directed help. FootPrints 4.0 requires minimal configuration, meaning no additional training or programming. Pricing per user starts at $2,995 for the first three users; volume pricing is available. (800) 222-0550; www.unipress.com

e-Solution's e-Volve is an integrated, Web-based suite that supports all e-commerce and customer relationship management processes in a single solution. Java and XML-based, the software is compatible with virtually all system platforms. The suite includes several components: e-VolveDirect allows customers to monitor and service their own accounts via the Web; e-VolveSales offers groupware-enabled, Internet-based sales force automation; and e-VolveCentral provides sales executives the ability to deploy, monitor and reward sales resources in the most efficient manner by offering immediate feedback on employee and customer performance. Customers can access accounts and product information via the Internet, e-mail, telephone or direct sales contact. Pricing depends on configuration. (877) i-evolve; www.e-solutions.com

Supporting the Support Group
ViryaNet's Service Hub allows a company's internal and external service community to work together and collaborate in a real-time, structured Internet environment. The Service Hub unites a company's service delivery team by providing universal access to all those involved in the process, allowing customers, vendors, employees and partners to collaborate on ongoing processes. The system also automates all processes, providing a computerized workflow. The Service Hub has eight key elements: Service Engine, Service Portal, Service Process, Service Intelligence, Service Collaboration, API Server, mService Gateway and Service Suite. The Service Suite provides applications designed to automate service delivery back-end processes, including Service Contract, Workforce Management, Service Supply Chain and Depot Repair. Pricing begins at $400,000 and is based on the number of users. Service Suite applications are priced separately at $300,000 each. (800) 661-7096; www.viryanet.com

Ultimate Access
Crosstec's NetOp enables users to remotely control multiple PCs running any resolution and color depth. The software allows drag-and-drop file transfers, crash recovery, copying, moving, cloning and synchronization, and also offers a range of security options and scripting tools for scheduled transfers and program launches. With the program, a remote desktop can control any Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, OS/2 or DOS PC, driving the keyboard and mouse and conducting file transfers. The software can operate across the Internet, a LAN or WAN, or dial-up communications. Features include text or telephony chat, remote booting, clipboard sharing, screen blanking and inactivity timeout. Pricing starts at $845 per classroom (for one teacher and 10 students). (800) 675-0729; www.crossteccorp.com

Universal Control
Global enterprises and dot coms can now tap into the full e-business potential of the Web with Idiom's WorldServer2. WorldServer2, an open Web-based application, provides companies with the necessary resources to create and maintain a multi-national Web presence. The system embraces multiple countries, languages, cultures, business practices and access devices, and supports an organization's existing Web architecture, content management and workflow systems. WorldServer2 acts as a central control for companies as they collaborate among worldwide employees, partners and vendors, and maintain and update local sites. WorldServer2 comprises four key components: Business Rule Linkage, Translation Workbench, Workflow and Web Content Interface. Pricing starts at $70,000. (617) 456-3000; www.idiominc.com

No-Fault Computing
CSS Laboratories' Power3 computers are fault-tolerant servers with an internal storage capacity exceeding one terabyte of internal storage. The computers feature 20-slot, segmented, passive backplanes. Two, three or four dual, redundant, 250-watt power supplies are provided for each segment, with access from the rear of the chassis. The computers can be configured as either rackmount or stand-alone towers, and their chassis are made of painted, 16-guage steel to minimize electromagnetic or radio frequency interference from surrounding equipment. The company specializes in broadcast distribution systems and the integration of communication servers and telephony systems. Pricing starts at $4,700. (949) 852-8161; www.csslabs.com

Merit Badge in Internet
Some Internet content is currently available on handheld devices and Web-ready smart phones, but sites must be specially adapted and viewed through proprietary servers. Aether Software's ScoutWeb aims to improve the system for both content providers and mobile users who want Internet access through their organizers, Web phones and pagers. ScoutWeb converts content-rich Web pages for a wide variety of handheld devices and matches the output to the capability and screen size of the user's device. ScoutWeb can support four major markup languages: HTML, WML, XML and XHTML; and it can be used with several mobile operating systems, including PalmOS, Clipping Browser, Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows CE and most WAP-enabled phones. Internet publishers no longer have to maintain two versions of their Web sites, and content is available on smaller, less-expensive mobile devices. Pricing is $30,000 for a single server. (877) 847-3303; www.aethersoftware.com

Talking Shop
Online shoppers can now create personalized pages on e-merchant Web sites with ShopTok's new TokClubs application. TokClubs provides e-merchants with Web page templates for shoppers to post their own content and interact with similar-interest shoppers. The page will even link a shoppers' recommended products to the online store where it was purchased. Shoppers sign up to be a Club Owner on an e-merchant's site, and TokClubs provides them with the page. If another customer purchases a product based on a Club Owners recommendation, the Owner receives bonus points, which can be used as a discount on a purchase at their e-merchant's site. The system was designed to build brand loyalty, increase online sales, reduce customer support costs for retail Web sites and provide e-merchants with user behavior information. The system is built around a versatile message board application and integrates seamlessly with existing e-merchant sites. Installation prices range from $35,000 to $50,000. (415) 503-5600; www.shoptok.com

Up to Par
The Help Desk Institute has developed a new program designed to review and evaluate support centers. HDI's Certified Support Center Program provides support services with a reference model based on globally recognized industry standards. The criteria and methodology used to evaluate support centers in the Certified Support Center Program were defined by the Open standards Site Certification Committee, formed by the HDI with participants from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. Achieving Certified Support Center Certification strengthens a company's internal and external credibility, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee morale, and allows a company to measure its progress. The certification focuses on eight major areas: leadership, policy results, people management, resources, processes, people satisfaction, customer satisfaction and performace results. The starting audit price is $18,000. (800) 248-5667; www.helpdeskinst.com

Welcome to the Web
TeleMagic's NetClient product allows users of any TeleMagic Enterprise v4.5 database to access information over a Local Area Network or the Internet. Because the NetClient is an extension of the Enterprise installation, all contact and calendar information is available to users of either product. Both individual and group activities can be scheduled in the full-featured calendar, which includes a notification system for special events. NetClient views multiple databases and calendar views at the same time, while maintaining full TeleMagic security. The software validates information in each database field. Pricing is $399 per seat including maintenance. (800) 835-MAGIC; www.telemagic.com

Turning Analysis to Action
strategic Data Corp.'s (SDC) PerfectClerk helps businesses develop targeted marketing offers through Web personalization methods. PerfectClerk is a proprietary software suite that delivers offers to customers in real time. Designed for e-commerce businesses, the system organizes clients into demographic segments based on zip codes. This information is used in connection with customers' past purchase history and behavior in order to present clients with personalized content and marketing messages. PerfectClerk is built around SDC's customer segmentation system, RealSegments. SDC also offers other reporting and analysis tools to further aid companies in their marketing campaigns. (310) 264-5700; www.strategicdatacorp.com

Business Reports
Trillium Research provides salespeople with the ability to access accounts, pinpoint new opportunities and complete more business deals with the Sales Intelligence Report (SIR). The SIR analyzes the infrastructure of big businesses, starting at the corporate level and working all the way down to individual business units. Each report features an analysis of the corporation, the organizational structure, annual and quarterly financial results, industry information and specific strengths and weaknesses, focusing on key business drivers and initiatives of the company being analyzed. Pricing for the SIR is $950. (888) 841-6100; www.trilliumresearch.com

Tracking Issues
4SA's Issue Tracker allows organizations deploying CRM applications to communicate user issues, questions and suggestions to the systems support team. Utilized by 4SA consulting teams since 1995 to manage client CRM deployments, Issue Tracker is now available for use by any organization. With Issue Tracker, system users can log new issues, questions and system tips regarding their use of the CRM solution. Users can search the existing knowledgebase for issues and resolutions and review updates to their previously submitted issues. They can also attach files such as system error message screen shots during CRM pilot tests. Support staff can monitor and respond to user issues, suggestions and questions in a timely fashion, without the need for a dedicated telephone help desk. Issue Tracker is available in client/server, Web-only or hybrid configurations for all leading database platforms. Pricing depends on configuration. (877) 472-1100; www.4sainc.com

Window on the Web
Aspect's Customer Relationship Portal manages customer contacts from a variety of media in a consistent fashion, routes them to appropriate resources based on pre-defined business rules and broadcasts the real-time status of available resources to other applications. It also measures the quality of service with real-time statistics and integrates such key elements of customer relationship management as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, corporate databases, front- and back-office applications and agent desktops. The software offers a graphical interface for building business rules and a standards-based computer telephony integration component. The portal can easily be customized and combined with existing customer-service systems. Pricing depends on configuration. (408) 325-2200; www.aspect.com

Securing All Lines
Communicating has never been so easy--or so secure! Smith Micro's Conexs.com, an Internet communication service featuring real-time, person-to-person Internet chat, phone capabilities, fax and video options, is securing its lines. All users of the service are now required to have registered e-mail "handles," thereby ensuring privacy over the lines. Such a requirement will help make voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) as secure as conventional telephone service. In addition, the registered handles will serve as a type of caller ID and protect users against unwanted contacts. Other security features include a block-address function that stops unwanted mail from reaching the user, and a contact list created by each user providing easy access to people on the list. Conexs.com is a free service available as a pre-loaded application by many computer manufacturers and through the Conexs.com Web site as well. (858) 675-1106; www.conexs.com

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