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TTG's Territory Mapper v1.12. Plus: The latest products and services.
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TTG's Territory Mapper v1.12 allows corporate staff and field sales managers to efficiently produce maps of sales or service territories and to realign and track those territories, as well. The new version, which is available in both U.S. and International versions, includes a pushpin feature, map symbols for cities and support for the recently updated 5-digit zip code map set. Maps can be created with up to three levels of sales hierarchy (regions, districts and territories) and can be saved in graphic format for use in PowerPoint presentations on the Web. The Territory Mapper can be downloaded from the company's Web site for free, or a registered version can be purchased for $149. (781) 932-6500; www.territorymapper.com

Frustrated with Web catalog searches that don't produce the results you're looking for? Vality's Integrity eSearch addresses that problem by optimizing the indexing and matching process. With eSearch, the initial component of Vality's e-Quality Content Management (eQCM) solution, customers can search for products using their own terms--with typos and all! The software was designed with a built-in tolerance for term ambiguity, yet still produces dependable results. The system operates with a quick time-to-market, allowing companies to rapidly enable existing product catalogs on the Web. eSearch does not require additional programming for Web implementation and maintenance. Pricing is not available. (617) 338-0300; www.vality.com

Your IT department has plenty to worry about keeping track of your desktop systems. Callisto Software's Orbiter 3.5 streamlines management of mobile computing systems. Orbiter 3.5 has several upgrades from previous versions, including the network administrator's ability to distribute and install software applications to your mobile field and sales force to keep their data and applications current. The administrator can even keep virus tables on all mobile systems. Orbiter also gives users the power to track laptop computers by serial and asset tag numbers. The product increases scalability of the database by adding support for Microsoft SQL Server. The addition of SQL Server increases the number of clients an Orbiter Server can manage. You must have a server with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 4 or higher) or Windows 2000 to use Orbiter 3.5. The price is $5,000. (630) 682-8200; www.callisto.com

Swallow's Charter continuum allows organizations to manage all customer interaction in one scaleable solution that can be accessed by multiple departments throughout the company. With Charter continuum, businesses can easily integrate Web and e-mail customer contact with existing traditional communications, creating a single view of each customer. All customer interactions are automatically recorded--including paper documents, which can be scanned with the Charter scanner. E-mail responses can also be automatically sent according to question content. Customers have a self-service option with Charter, allowing them to log on and track progress on comments and complaints through the Web site. Charter uses BusinessObjects to provide customers with management strategy and product/services improvements for business analysis. Pricing depends on configuration. (978) 867-6000; www.swallow.com

Organize e-mail and create employee profiles with Tacit's KnowledgeMail. This product automatically creates assessments of the knowledge, skills and work focus of everyone in the organization in real time, which can be viewed and controlled privately by each individual user. In this way, people across the enterprise in need of information can easily connect with those who have the answers to their questions. KnowledgeMail uses the profiling to suggest additional message recipients who were overlooked, as well as to suggest the removal of recipients who might consider the message unnecessary. KnowledgeMail constructs the profiles by extracting key terms and phrases found in e-mail content. The product seamlessly integrates with existing e-mail messaging programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Pricing starts at $120,000. (877) 857-8571; www.tacit.com

Businesses can now access the Web-based, business-to-business services of Upshot.com on handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants. With Upshot wireless, sales executives can access analytical reports and monitor sales team activity from any location. Sales representatives in the field can check customer accounts and order history en route to a client visit. Users can also enter data and obtain information on leads in the field. All sales channels, including mobile teams, can work together with Upshot wireless. Information accessed via Upshot wireless will be the same real-time data on the Upshot.com application. Upshot wireless supports standards-based wireless mark-up languages like Palm (PQA), WML and HDML. Pricing is free for the first five users in a company, then $7.95 per month for each additional user. (888) 700-8774; www.upshot.com

Every company, regardless of size, should have a sophisticated enough phone system to entertain, educate and inform customers while they are on hold. IntelliTouch Communications' HoldWare product does just that, with the digital music-on-hold player-recorder with eight minutes of recording capacity and Messagestudio software. This software enables Windows-based PC users to create their own on-hold audio from the desktop--including pre-recorded "thank you for holding" messages in both English and Spanish--which are then digitally transferred to the HoldWare player-recorder for continuous playback. HoldWare connects directly to keyswitch and PBX systems, and can be used with conventional single and multiline phones via an optional music-on-hold adapter. The price for HoldWare is $149.95; the price for the optional multi-extension, four-line on-hold adapter module is $89.95. (800) 839-7277; www.intellitouch.com

Inspired by the theory that 20 percent of a company's customers actually generate 80 percent of the revenue, Kovair has created VIPCenter. With this solution, Kovair is entering a new category of customer relationship management (CRM) known as strategic relationship management (SRM). VIPCenter is a tailored Web site for servicing strategic customers by providing a single go-to place for all business-to-business relationships. VIPCenter was designed with Web-optimized technology and is delivered via an application service provider (ASP), so the solution can be set up and maintained by non-technical users. This allows sales departments and account teams to have direct control in managing their most important customers--their VIPs. The price is $500 per relationship, per month. (408) 491-9731 ext. 109; www.kovair.com

Sales and services professionals out in the field now have access to all corporate data from anywhere with PeopleSoft's Vantive Mobile FieldService solution. With this solution, mobile workers will be able to view and update data from the corporate database in real time. The solution ensures that mobile users, such as field service engineers, have access to mission-critical information on demand and from any location. The Vantive Mobile FieldService solution is available on the Research in Motion (RIM) Inter@ctive Pager, providing field reps with a lightweight, practical means of entry into the two-way wireless network. When fully enabled, the application can deliver and receive information over all public networks and many private networks worldwide. The price for the server is $20,000, and there is a $750 charge per RIM user. (888) 773-8277; www.peoplesoft.com

DaveHaig Software Solutions' RASuite Family of Applications allows mobile computer users and telecommuters to access the latest version of their spreadsheets, letters, contracts or shared data in the corporate database. With RASuite, users have the remote access service of Windows 9x, Windows NT or Windows 2000 at their fingertips. Users connect to the Internet with a remote computer, and then can upload or download using a standard Web browser, eliminating long-distance charges. The remote computer automatically disconnects when the session is completed. The RASuite Applications work with the RASuite Ipswitch, the Internet-based companion Web site where online users can link up with one another for file exchanges, teleconferences and database synchronization. Pricing is not available. (215) 233-2782; www.davehaig.com

CRM application developers, consultants and end users can assess the current state of their industries, products, internal organizational structure and buyers' organizational structure with IDM Software's Telescope. The Telescope planning tool gathers human corporate intelligence from more than 30 experts, forming a standardized methodology that can be used as a stand-alone application on a desktop, incorporated into a corporate intranet or embedded in other applications, like CRM systems. Telescope queries users with both the "factual issues" concerning the marketing and selling of a product, such as the size of the market, and the "emotional" attributes of a product, such as consumer response. Telescope then creates a numeric and graphic depiction of the company's status based on the answers to the questions. With this analysis, a company can determine where it stands and what areas may need improving. Telescope is the first product in the Marketing Looking Glass suite, which also includes Prism, Kaleidoscope and Microscope. The price is $499. (800) 431-5588; www.idmsoftware.com

Impress company partners with Partnerware's eXtended Enterprise (XE) 2000. With this business-to-business partner management solution (PRM), companies can collaborate, communicate and share information with their partners. The XE 2000 differentiates itself from other PRM solutions with its four new modules--pFunds, pComm, pEval and pTrain. pFunds enables partners to request funds online, and vendors can then manage the request and track fund allocation. With pComm, companies can efficiently target date-driven communications to specific partners. pEval streamlines the management of evaluation equipment and software, allowing partners to request evaluations online, which channel managers can then review, approve or deny, and track. With the fourth module, pTrain, channel managers can create and administer exams to partners. Subscription pricing for the XE 2000 starts at $15,000 per month. (888) 499-3000 ext. 495; www.partnerware.com

Designed to create the most effective one-to-one marketing activities, Hot Data's Marketing eLuminate is an Internet-based service that provides companies with access to business portfolios, consumer demographics and data cleaning services in real time. Marketing eLuminate can be integrated into CRM software or other database systems through either a native plug-in or generic ODBC tool. Marketing eLuminate connects over the Internet to the Hot Data Center, a virtual data warehouse that contains business and consumer demographic profiles from leading data providers. Because of this integration, companies don't have to shut down their systems to export their data or wait for a service bureau to process their lists--it all happens on the Web. Pricing is structured with a $10,000 setup fee and a monthly fee based on the number of transactions with volume discounts. (800) HOTDATA; www.hotdata.com

Witness Systems' eQuality Response allows companies to record and evaluate e-mail exchanges between customers and sales/service representatives (CSRs). With eQuality Reponse, organizations can monitor CSRs to ensure that customers are receiving quality information. eQuality Response integrates with e-mail response management applications, which automatically reply, or just suggest responses, to incoming e-mails based on user-defined rules. In addition to providing a means of evaluating CSRs, the program also ensures that e-mail messages are written with a professional tone and contain appropriate grammar and correct spelling. eQuality Response is designed to integrate seamlessly with current eQuality application platforms, and operates on the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system. The price for eQuality Response as a stand-alone product is $40,000 and is based on 100 agents. (770) 754-1900; www.witness.com

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