Is the notebook computer becoming obsolete in favor of trendier devices like PDAs and smartphones?
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Worth Its Weight in Gold
If you're tired of having to pan through contact references and differing applications to find that nugget of information you need, check out FrontRange Solutions Inc.'s newly released business contact management solution. GoldMine Business Contact Manager is aimed at small and midsize organizations that need more than basic contact and task management. The product builds on GoldMine 5.5 and offers such enhancements as better data integration with recent Microsoft Outlook versions, while allowing users to plan meetings with non-GoldMine users via the iCalendar standard. www.frontrange.com Go Off-line, stay on Track
Go ahead, sign off. UpShot Corp. recently introduced Offline Express sales management software that allows its customers to update forecasts and information without Internet access. Using Microsoft Corp.'s .Net technology--which is built into Excel 2000--road warriors can download what they need, work off-line, then quickly upload when Web access becomes convenient again. The disconnected application does not require each company representative to download an entire sales database, cutting down on IT training and personal download time. www.upshot.com For more on how .Net is affecting the CRM industry, go to www.destinationCRM.com/0202/links. On the Path to Profits
How many holiday shoppers did your Web site cost you last year? Find out with Witness Systems Inc.'s recently released eQuality Discover Web-pathing software. Building on the eQuality suite of products, Discover allows users to set their own business rules, and capture and replay site visitor interactions--like those that can result in the customer calling your toll-free number or, worse, in the abandonment of a shopping cart--thus, identifying ways to improve on effectiveness. www.witness.com Keep an Eye on Demand Dollars
Adding to its E-Business suite, Oracle Corp. recently released Oracle Trade Management. The new application allows users to keep a close watch on trade management demand chain--from manufacturer through consumer--by monitoring and analyzing dollars spent in marketing budgets and discretionary sales. Enabling its users to coordinate and execute across multitiers, Oracle Trade Management can decrease campaign planning and analysis inefficiencies, and help to determine the return on investment of trade promotions. www.oracle.com Bark If You Like EIM
Pavlov and his dogs would be proud of Motiva 8i from Motiva Inc. (formerly Again Technologies Inc.). Customizable through its business-rules engine, the 100 percent Internet enterprise incentive management (EIM) solution permits users to monitor not only a workforce, but also channel partners, customers, suppliers, or anyone else who participates in the company's incentive program. From the monitor's Web-based analytic and reporting dashboard, she can measure cost and return on programs, evaluate performance, and the like. All the while, participants can track their ratings via the Internet. www.motiva.com Siebel 7 Gets Smart
Siebel Systems Inc. shipped the seventh major release of Siebel eBusiness Applications. The latest version introduces the Siebel Smart Web Architecture, giving desktop-like features such as dragging and dropping columns to rearrange their order, or selecting a record to edit in place--features not previously available in traditional HTML Web clients. The Siebel Smart Web Architecture also does not refresh an entire page when only one entry is made, which helps mitigate network congestion. By lowering bandwidth consumption, agents can address clients' real-time needs, especially with Siebel Call Center 7. New features in Siebel eService 7 include natural language search with Siebel Smart Answer, asset management, worldwide branch locator, and anytime, anywhere access with Siebel Self Service Wireless capabilities. www.siebel.com The HipBone Connects to the Customers
Taking aim at companies that sell high-cost, high-touch products and services over the Internet, HipBone Inc. recently released Synetry, a multichannel interaction platform. The customizable solution includes the company's cobrowse and text-chat applications for the B-to-C marketplace and supports more than 25 languages. www.hipbone.com J.D. Edwards' CRM Move
J.D. Edwards & Co. recently unveiled its J2EE-based CRM 1.1. The YOUcentric-based product arrived only one month after J.D. Edwards completed its acquisition of the company. CRM 1.1 lets users leverage existing legacy systems and other information stored in other already-implemented software applications. Working off of J.D. Edwards' collaborative eXtended Process Integration technology to integrate customer-facing applications with both its OneWorld and WorldSoftware products, CRM 1.1 provides the ability to both know and fulfill customers' needs in real time with J.D. Edwards' ERP applications. J.D. Edwards currently plans to integrate CRM 1.1 with its Advanced Order Configurator and Advanced Planning applications later this year. www.jdedwards.com Dollars Don't Fall Far From The Money Tree
If trying to understand your bottom line drives you nuts, check out Acorn Systems Inc.'s latest tool, Profit Analyzer v3.0. Providing real-time analysis of a company's operating costs, the application offers report scheduling, so information is ready when you need it; report security, so customers can control who runs reports and how data is disseminated; and flexibility to make customization easy. Additionally, Profit Analyzer includes a Web-based interface and scalability that supports terabyte-sized models. www.acornsys.com No Need To Ask for Directions
There's no doubt about it: Getting stuck in Web traffic or, worse, getting lost is never fun. Radware, a provider of intelligent traffic management (ITM) solutions, puts an end to that with its recent release of Peer Director. The ITM device manages Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc. IP backbone traffic in multihomed network environments that utilize Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) by gathering and analyzing real-time statistics associated with Internet traffic. Based on that information and the users' customizable rules, Peer Director redistributes and optimizes traffic loads between the links through multiple load-balancing algorithms. Because Peer Director automatically redirects users to the best link--avoiding traffic jams that often plague BGP routing schemes--network administrators will no longer need to manually monitor the availability of routers and ISP links. www.radware.com Blue Martini Gets Vertical
Blue Martini Software Inc. recently unveiled Blue Martini Manufacturing, combining Blue Martini external customer relationship management (eCRM) applications with automated business processes specific to manufacturing and industry-focused templates for more rapid implementation. Enabling manufacturers to deploy customer and partner self-service portals, Blue Martini Manufacturing offers such business processes as channel management and service. In addition to packaged integration with enterprise resource planning systems, supply chain visibility and fulfillment applications, and marketplaces, Blue Martini Manufacturing supports various standards including XML and Java Message Service. www.bluemartini.com ePeople Who Need People
ePeople Inc.'s Service Network 3.0, a Web-based, collaborative issue resolution software product, enables the identification and engagement of resources inside and outside of a company on a per-incident basis. Service Network 3.0 creates Web-based environments where multiple parties can work together and share data, yet allows support analysts to retain service level accountability. Incoming support requests are automatically distributed to the analysts based on criteria like skills, cost, and business affiliation. But if the analyst needs other people on the project, she has the ability to invite other experts into the workspace by name or skill set. www.epeople.com
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