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Media Director is the new product line of intelligent digital business appliances from Antex Electronics. The Antex Media Director has 20-160 GB of local hard disk storage and an embedded asset management system with auto-refresh capability. The product is designed to manage the delivery, storage and processing of data, audio and video content. Each Media Director unit is individually addressable, which allows for multiple workstations to generate unique programming. These units can also be synched as a group for simultaneous presentations. For pricing information call (800) 338-4231 or visit www.antex.com


iTeleFusion, a new Internet telecommunication convergence solution from NISSI Media, merges a complete communications platform with such features as video, audio and text conferencing and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It provides a single user interface through a PC-based client or Web-based client and features interoperability with support for VoIP, fax, T1/E1 and ISDN integration. iTeleFusion is designed with modular distributed architecture and open industry standards to help provide service expansion flexibility and customization support. Its Web-based graphical administration interfaces provide advanced control to administrators. For pricing information call (310) 792-2000 or visit www.nissi.com


Electronics For Imaging (EFI) introduces the eBeam ImagePort accessory. This Internet whiteboard system transforms any whiteboard into a Web-enabled communications tool, allowing data to be beamed to a Palm handheld or PC. The ImagePort connects any existing eBeam system to a printer. It also enables users to print whiteboard notes and drawings or beam them directly to an infrared-capable device with or without a computer. Mobile professionals, educators and others can view, save, e-mail, share and print all of their collected data. The ImagePort device is available through Office Depot retail stores and other eBeam resellers. Pricing is estimated at $249. For more information call (800) 568-1917 or visit www.e-beam.com/buyit


eMation has announced the release of its eMation DRM (device relationship management) system. eMation DRM enables manufacturers and service providers to use the Internet to establish and manage continuous connections with the devices deployed at their customers' facilities. The system enables devices hidden behind customer firewalls to have secure, two-way Internet-based communication with external sales and service personnel. The eMation solution facilitates minute-by-minute collaboration by allowing devices to be monitored, controlled and upgraded through inexpensive network connections via the Internet. For pricing information call (508) 337-9200 or visit www.emation.com


Avocent has released CPS800 and CPS1600, two new devices that enhance Avocent's suite of solutions for local and remote data center management. The CPS800 is an appliance-like Telnet service that provides a network attachment and eight serial ports for attachment to the console ports of devices such as servers and routers (the CPS1600 provides 16 ports). Each unit is shipped with a free Java-based management utility, vConsolea. Combined, CPS and vConsolea provide administrators with a secure means to manage data center devices from a centralized console. Pricing for CPS800 is $1,995 and the CPS1600 is $2,695. For more information call (732) 758-1100 or visit www.avocent.com


InFocus, a maker of digital projection and mobile projection technologies, has developed a three-pound digital projector. The InFocus LP130 is 40 percent smaller than last year's model (the LP330/335), and features 1100 lumens of brightness and XGA resolution. It boasts ultra mobility, superior brightness and color clarity, true 1024 x 768 resolution, multimedia functionality, HDTV compatibility and the standard M1-DA connector that incorporates digital visual interface (DVI), analog and USB connectivity. Pricing for the LP130 starts at $4,999. For more information call (800) 294-6400 or visit www.infocus.com


Fineos Life is an integrated CRM workflow and policy administration system designed for the life insurance industry. It is offered by Fineos, a Portland, Maine-based provider of enterprise software solutions for the banking and insurance industry. Fineos Life helps companies deliver and sell products faster by unifying and automating marketing, sales and customer service with all policy administration functions. Insurance companies can capture customer and policy information through the Internet, call centers and branch offices, and then automate all administrative tasks needed to deliver products and services. For pricing information call (207) 879-0400 or visit www.fineos.com


PriceInteractive has developed SpeechPort, a hosted B2B service offering that extends Web-based applications and content to phones and wireless devices through a natural speech interface. The service enables e-businesses and content providers to offer speech-activated enterprise and Web content to end users without changing existing Web infrastructures. The platform interlocks with existing Web content and allows telephone and wireless users to access the same content as PC users. The SpeechPort platform supports 17 million minutes on a daily basis. Cost of implementation ranges between $50,000 and $500,000. For more information call (800) 341-7800 or visit www.priceinteractive.com


Symon Communications has redesigned (and renamed) its data collection and distribution application. The new solution, called Publisher 6.0 Portal, features architecture that allows the user to generate customized messages using any of the data received from outside sources. Publisher 6.0 consists of a set of NT services and related client applications that run on Windows NT 4.0 or higher. It can collect real-time data from a variety of outside sources and systems. The new application also offers such features as remote GUI (graphical user interface), advanced architecture, NT service (auto startup on system reboot) and separate message maker. For pricing information call (281) 240-5555 or visit www.symon.com


Vertical Networks has developed an integrated, IP-enabled contact center solution for branch offices and small businesses. The new tool, InstantOffice, is integrated with contact center applications from Interactive Intelligence to support InstantOffice Contact Center, a customer contact solution. InstantOffice is designed specifically for smaller businesses with tight IT budgets. Interactive Intelligence has added automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), Web services, soft phone, reporting and basic administration capabilities to the Vertical Networks platform. InstantOffice is designed for businesses with 10 to 84 employees and up to 60 call center agents. For pricing information call (800) 826-6769 or visit www.vertical.com


SpeechMania 7.0 is the newly enhanced version of the speech recognition platform from Philips Speech Processing. Based on natural language recognition, SpeechMania allows people to use normal human conversation when interacting with fully automated telephone-based information and transaction systems. SpeechMania 7.0 has several new features, including mixed acoustic model support, which is phoneme- and whole-word based speech analysis, along with channel independent speech recognition and support for 22 different languages. SpeechMania's service is suited for telephony applications accessed via PstN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or cellular networks. For pricing information call (770) 821-3678 or visit www.philips.com


Questra, a software and services company specializing in A2B (appliance-to-business) solutions, has released a suite of products and services designed to help users fully utilize the Internet by providing universal connectivity among remote devices, people and enterprise systems. The Questra suite rests on the Questra A2B.Platform, which is built on J2EE and XML to connect any smart device to CRM, e-business and ERP systems. It includes industry-specific applications such as A2B.Sales, A2B.Service and A2B.Commerce, and also includes platform customization and other strategic services. Pricing starts at $100,000. For more information call (800) 797-5438 or visit www.questra.com


Content management software developer web2one announces its latest enhancement to Internet Explorer, eNotes. This free knowledge gathering tool for Explorer adds cut-and-paste functionality that enables users to gather and organize information found on the Web faster. It features The Knowledge Cart, a tool that allows users to view and edit bookmarked information using Microsoft Word. The Knowledge Cart keeps text and graphics along with the URL, date and time the information was stored. eNotes is fully integrated with Internet Explorer and MS Word and can be downloaded free of charge at www.my-enotes.com


Fitability Systems recently announced its new online assessment and interviewing system, Fitability for Employers. The new product offers sales management organizations a job-matching tool with no up-front fees, no software licenses to buy and no training required. Fitability streamlines the hiring process for all kinds of jobs including administrative, labor and professional positions. Based on years of research, Fitability for Employers contains more than 750 personality profiles and job descriptions allowing recruiters and managers to assess a prospective candidate in just minutes before the interview. Job seekers may also benefit by determining the job best suited for them. For pricing information call (770) 730-5950 or visit www.fitability.com


Conversion marketing software vendor Inceptor recently debuted Excedia, its new integrated online marketing solution designed to help businesses convert online visitors into life long customers. Excedia integrates four tenets of marketing--visibility, analysis, control and communication--to achieve a more successful marketing conversion. Excedia utilizes database content to generate Web pages while minimizing the click-stream path. The analysis tool gives marketers relevant information to evaluate channels including banner ads. Excedia also has an opt-in e-mail model, which prevents customers from receiving unsolicited e-mails. The application is available as traditional software or as a managed service offering. For pricing information call (978) 298-1525 or visit www.inceptor.com


starbak Communications has introduced the Torrent Conference Engine, a network appliance that can turn any video conferencing room into a full Webcasting studio. Torrent CE makes it easier for an administrator to stream up to three online video conferences simultaneously and Webcast them to any PC with a Web browser, located anywhere in the world. It works over Internet Protocol (IP), enabling video, sound and data to stream to the end user via QuickTime or Windows Media through standard network or Internet connections. Torrent CE combines specialized software and hardware and its own operating system into a complete package for a single function. For more information call (614) 865-9150 or visit www.starbak.net


Kovair, a provider of strategic relationship software, now offers a licensed version of its flagship product, VIPCenter 2.3, an integrated desktop publishing solution. This new version helps break down the communication barriers between companies and their high-value customers, partners and suppliers by providing customized visibility, accountability and consistency to each party in a strategic account relationship. New and enhanced features in version 2.3 include: simpler and faster wizards, automatic time zone support and faster navigation between multiple VIPCenters with a new drop-down menu. Version 2.3 is also fully indexed and searchable to help customize each user's role in an account. For more information call (877) 621-6200 or visit www.kovair.com

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