In Beta: Analytics Gives an Edge Over Larger Competitors
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Green Mountain Energy Company is a small electricity provider trying to compete with the large, regionally dominant power companies. To do so successfully the utility company's executives felt they needed to better understand what potential and existing customers are looking for when they visit its Web site. John Stansbury, Green Mountain's Web product manager, product marketing, tried a number of different traffic analysis applications, but was unsatisfied; he wanted something that did more than simply count page views and something that wasn't going to take a lot of time for users to learn to operate. "Almost all of these programs are better suited for technical analysis, rather than marketing approaches," Stansbury says.

He decided to install ClickTracks Analyzer, a log-file analyzer that allows CRM managers to track paths as well as compare and contrast distinct groups of visitors. According to Stansbury, ClickTracks showed him where certain problems existed in his site's main information section, allowing him to streamline the information and more than triple the number of people using the Web site to sign up for the cleaner form of electricity Green Mountain offers. "It's not enough to simply count page views--that tells you absolutely nothing about your customers' interests and behavior," Stansbury says. "You need more."

Stansbury feel that ClickTracks delivers more of what he's looking for. In fact, as a result of his successes with ClickTracks beta version 3, Stansbury is planning to upgrade to the recently released, complete version.3.

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