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Nice Systems knows memory fades with time. Conventional mail and email customer satisfaction surveys often occur days or weeks after a service call; as a result customers may not remember the specifics about what they found disturbing, says Kevin Lake, product marketing manager at Nice. That's why Nice introduced Nice Feedback, an IVR survey system that enables contact centers to obtain direct customer feedback immediately after a service call. Nice Feedback also can link the recorded call with the customer feedback data, so call center managers can replay the call for more details. Most automated survey systems ask three questions, which is often not enough to get an accurate view of customer satisfaction. "With our system you can review the call and find the [dissatisfying element]: Was the agent discourteous? Did he have a bad tone? And so on," Lake says. Interland, which provides B2B Web services, is one of only a handful of customers to have tried the Nice Feedback solution, along with NiceUniverse, a quality monitoring solution. "We have a 250-seat call center and we didn't have a quality monitoring application that allows voice and screen capture. We also wanted to better understand the customer and agent experience to improve the quality of customer interaction and leverage best practices across the center," says Sam Anderson, chief customer advocate at Interland. When calling in for service, customers are asked if they would like to participate in a survey at the end of the call. If the customer opts in, the system automatically records the call. When the service call is complete the caller takes the survey. High marks will underscore what went well, and Interland can use that information to make sure agents are consistently following best practices. If Interland has a dissatisfied customer it can determine if the problem is something that agent training can fix, or if it's a product problem that needs to be directed to the IT department. "The Feedback solution enables us to listen to and completely understand each customer experience," Anderson says. www.nice.com
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