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Prime Time

For ease of call center, analytics and e-commerce application integration, PrimeResponse has provided Prime@Vantage 3.1. Its functionality includes access to external applications to provide more rapid integration with the call center and analytics and e-commerce applications. Full integration with DBMS security features provides users with data control and security and a reporting environment to analyze the overall effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Prime@Vantage sells for $225,000 for 250,000 Unique Record Numbers. (877) PRIME54; www.primeresponse.com

Answer Me!

AnswerMeNow has released version 2.53 with enhancements. The software helps users facilitate the flow of information between agent and customer. Some of the new features that help empower the live agent with more interactive resources to increase customer satisfaction include collaborative forms, automatic e-mail return, file upload, system messaging and multiple company support. AnswerMeNow can connect customer care reps with an individual customer on virtually any Web site. Package costs include a one-time license fee of $6,000, monthly server fee of $250 and an annual maintenance fee of $900. (321) 725-7285; www.answermenow.com

Here Comes the Rain Again

Rainmaker Systems, a leading outsource provider of Internet-enabled sales and marketing services, is offering new pricing with more options. Its new standard services include data analysis, e-mail and Web marketing, an inbound contact center for phone, fax and e-mail and back office services for invoicing and payment processing. New pricing options now include a combination of margin- and fee-based options. Rainmaker's pay-for-performance pricing model aligns Rainmaker and client goals. Fee-based services include the Attach and Rescue services as well as the database building, fax and direct mail marketing programs and physical fulfillment. Pricing is based on configuration. (800) 631-1545. www.rmkr.com

Track Them Down

Track project issues, sales leads and more with Project Tracker. You can track feedback from your clients with Project Tracker's CRM feature. Users of OfficeClip's new CRM package will now be able to capture their customers' requests in a structured manner via the Web and collaborate to address the request. Customers will also be able to monitor the status of the information entered on the Web. This new package will enable companies to keep track of customer requests without exposing their customers to the company intranet. Project Tracker also allows companies to collaborate, track and audit responses to their customers' requests in an organized manner. Project Tracker sells for $30 to $50 per seat or is otherwise currently free for users who use it over the Web. (770) 409-1234; www.officeclip.com

Instant Saviour

According to FactTime Communications, 90 percent of online shoppers will complete a purchase only if they are able to experience human interaction such as Instant Messaging. However, more than 75 percent of the top 50 e-tail sites do not offer what many consumers consider adequate service. FaceTime Communications has released its "Save the Order" promotion, which uses Instant Messaging-based business applications to boost customer service. "Save the Order" combines Live Help with SSL secure connections, one-click access to all IM interactions, online reports and three months of data storage at FaceTime to help provide the best consumer shopping experience. The application lowers operating costs because IM is less expensive than the telephone and e-mail. "Save the Order" is available for an installation fee of $4,500 for up to five customer service agents, with support for additional agents at $350 per month. (650) 574-1600; www.FaceTime.com

All Aboard

Targus and Think Outside announce the availability of the stowaway Portable keyboard for the Hewlett-Packard Jornada 540 series. The combination of the stowaway and the Jornada enables mobile users to answer e-mails, write reports and take notes while remaining free of their home PC. The stowaway is a full-sized keyboard that folds to pocket size and allows users to take advantage of the Pockets PC's native support for Microsoft Word, Excel and the Outlook messaging and collaboration client while on the road. The stowaway for the Jornada 540 will be marketed by Targus and will be available at retail outlets nationwide and via the company's Web site at an estimated price of $99. (714) 765-5555, www.targus.com; (760) 431-9090, www.thinkoutside.com

In Sync

The NEC MultiSync LCD1800 18-inch panel monitor is the newest addition to the company's family of award-winning flat-panel desktop monitors. The NEC MultiSync is suited for the corporate work environment and professionals in the financial, medical, manufacturing, government and transportation industries. It is designed for compatibility with the majority of video cards on the market. The NEC MultiSync LCD1800 has an estimated price of $2,499. www.necmitsubishi.com

New Wireless Tools

iMedeon announces version 2.0 of iM:Work--the company's flagship product. Wireless connectivity allows for real-time decision-making that delivers staff, skills, equipment and parts. The new iM:Work suite includes iM:Optimizer, which expands organizational decision-making flexibility by incorporating complex business issues; iM:Analyzer, iMedeon's results management tool; and iM:Portal, which provides a toolkit for integration, primarily using XML, so that the iM:Work suite may interface to other enterprise IT systems. iMedeon's wireless solutions support mobile networks or appliances, such as Web phones, PDAs and Windows devices. Pricing based on configuration. (770) 777-8100; www.iMedeon.com

Insightful Motive

With the implementation of its new customer-care solutions, Motive Chorus and Motive Insight, Motive Communications provides an e-service suite for answering and solving problems online. Motive's e-service suite addresses the concern for fragmentation in the nature of e-service tools and technologies today. Motive gives users one source for addressing any type of service request, including technical support, application support, business questions and general questions. Annual per user fee ranges from $0 to $100 per user. (512) 339-8335; www.motive.com

Go With the Flow

InformationFlow, a provider of government acquisition software and services, has entered the commercial marketplace with the release of QuoteHost, an ASP, B2B or B2G sales automation, contract management and Web storeFronting solution. QuoteHost can reduce the cost of doing business for VARs and manufacturers in the commercial or government marketplace. The CRM features of QuoteHost allow sales to maintain their customer information, create customer-specific price models and generate quotes and orders. This ASP now allows contract managers to create contracts viewable across multiple customers and that stand up to government audits. QuoteHost and its customers' supplier, contract and customer data are housed on InformationFlow's secure servers and are accessible via the Internet. All access fees are based on concurrent users. Pricing for five users is $7,995 annually. (301) 428-7205; www.InformationFlow.com

Message Alert

With the release of SoftBase Systems' NetLert, corporations have the ability to chat across cubicles or across the globe without having to leave their desk. NetLert is an economical, non-intrusive desktop messaging system for intranets that delivers time-critical messaging with a user-sizable scrolling marquee. NetLert provides messaging for all intranets. Now all network users can receive time-critical messaging directly on their desktops. NetLert can reduce interoffice e-mail traffic while still improving interoffice communication. The NetLert client component was written in Java, so it will run on most platforms and uses industry standard HTML as its native display format. NetLert sells in blocks with a minimum of 25 seats at $20 per seat. (828) 670-9900; (800) 669-7076; www.SoftBase.com

Applications Galore

Businesses can develop Web applications in less than a day with AppCity's new AppRequestServer. Using the software, companies can create hosted Web applications without programming. The applications run on Web browsers, wireless application protocol devices and offline in a Windows client. The development process starts with the company's free development tool, the AppZapper, which enables application creation without programming. With the AppHoster, the applications are hosted and user security permissions are set on the AppRequest Server, which automatically creates and manages the ODBC databases to support the application. Cost of licensing is $3,900 per server. Pricing starts at $90 per month. (877) 632-2489; www.appcity.com

Get A Job

Looking for the most efficient way to search for jobs online? Wanted Technologies boasts its Web-based career center for the Canadian job market as one of the best ways for an e-business to make its site the stickiest. The Canada-based company offers e-businesses instant career centers that give users access to the top 150 employment sites. The service is available as a co-brand to consumer-oriented sites and can be viewed at www.wantedjobs.com/canada. The current version can be found at such sites as Hoovers Online and FastTrends.com, among others, and helps users simultaneously search more than 150 job sites throughout North America within seconds. Pricing varies from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on package selected. (213)624-5061; www.wantedtechnologies.com.

Gotta Sonata

Answering the call for high-touch conferencing, applications provider Voyant Technologies has released Sonata 3.20, an upgrade to its conferencing system. Sonata 3.20 adds enhanced applications that provide increased user flexibility through an operational GUI interface. Combined features, such as voice messaging that provides private labeling and multilanguage options can help international and domestic service providers to differentiate their offerings from their competitors'. Pricing depends on configuration. (888) 447-1087; www.voyanttech.com

CRM Empowerment

Soffront Software's TRACKWeb CRM is a set of four integrated components: defect tracking, help desk management, sales force automation and knowledge management. These components can be used individually or as an integrated CRM solution. TRACKWeb provides a full-featured calendar and task lists to manage day-to-day tasks, follow-ups, customer calls and much more. TRACKWeb CRM helps strengthen customer relationships by automating and streamlining marketing sales, customer support, engineering and quality assurance processes. TRACKWeb version 6.0 empowers the customers to change workflow models to meet their needs. Cost of service ranges from $12,000 to $20,000 depending on which individual service is chosen. (510) 413-9000; www.soffront.com

Gaining Fast

eGain Communications has announced its initiative to deliver a solution that transforms traditional call centers into multimedia Internet-enabled contact centers. The initiative will allow companies to expand their call center capabilities to include all channels of Internet communication, including real-time Web, Voice-over Internet Protocol and e-mail while leveraging their existing call center investments. eGain Commerce is a completely Web-based platform for Internet customer service and can be linked to a company's existing call center infrastructure so contacts can be queued, routed, logged, monitored and managed. Pricing is based on configuration. (408) 212-3401; sales@eGain.com; www.eGain.com

What's That In Your Pocket?

Mobile business professionals who may not have access to laptop or desktop computers should check out Pocket Elk, the Windows CE-based version of stayinFront's Visual Elk CRM solution. StayinFront is a developer of enterprise-wise CRM systems. Pocket Elk delivers a range of capabilities, including sales and field force automation, customer management, order entry, merchandising, customer service and sample tracking to users of handheld personal computers or PDAs. Pricing depends on configuration. (973) 461-4800; www.stayinfront.com

Thirst for Knowledge

Support professionals in the IT industry can learn bite-sized pieces of workplace information authored by international support center experts with the Support Sense Booklets produced by the Software Support Professionals Association. The booklets are designed to be read in a short time span, and topics include customer perceptions, making support managers into support leaders, workplace violence and improving electronic customer support. Prices range from $7.95 to $12.95, depending on membership. (877) ASK-SSPA; www.supportgate.com

Front and Center

Those using Onyx Front Office 2000 can take advantage of two new product lines that extend the Web-based customer-centric e-business suite. Onyx Customer Portal leverages Microsoft's commerce platform--Site Server, Commerce Edition--via a pre-packaged integration for customers to deploy relationship management functionality with online order processing. Onyx Partner Portal leverages the Onyx e-Business Engine to help reduce costs and increase revenue. The Partner Portal is $50,000, and the Customer Portal ranges from $30,000 to $50,000, depending upon service. (888) 275-6699; www.onyx.com

Vertical Zen

DataZen's Customer Acquisition Solutions (CAS) can help vertical markets, such as the telecommunications and environmental industries, use patented data mining techniques to provide intelligence about potential customers. This application assists companies by providing maps of areas with top prospects and information about each prospect. By using CAS, telecoms can improve customer acquisition, demand-driven capital deployment, network creation and sales fulfillment. Pricing depends on configuration. (925) 240-5533; www.datazen.com

Help Is On the Way

Online users can now enter a question in Web form free text and receive a real-time response with Banter Self-Help, from Banter, a provider of online customer care applications. With Self-Help, the question can be submitted to a Web server running Banter's Relationship Modeling Engine, which interprets the inquiry and returns a list of answers in order of relevance. After viewing the answers, the user can access a separate Web form to forward the question to an agent via e-mail or chat. The Relationship Modeling Engine allows Banter to provide scalability for self-service technology also by incorporating feedback on the accuracy of responses from every interaction with customers and agents. Self-Help also offers support services and answers customer questions quickly. Pricing is based on interaction volume and is tailored to companies' needs. (877) 992-2683; www.banter.com

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