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Symon Says

DeskView, a real-time desktop messaging solution from Symon Communications, extends its capabilities to individual workstations. DeskView can deliver messages to a desktop without disturbing the application that is currently active. Messages can be displayed on a desktop, down in the tool tray, or integrated into other applications. DeskView also gives a text-to-speech option allowing recipients to hear as well as see incoming messages. DeskView has many of the attributes associated with a wallboard display including scrolling, colors and alert tones. It works with Windows 95/98/2000 or NT in conjunction with the Symon server. Typically, pricing ranges from $50 to $150 per PC based on the quantity purchased. (281) 240-5555; www.symon.com

Kana We Talka?

Kana 6, a suite of e-business and communications applications and an Internet-architected platform from Kana Communications, offers customers, partners and the entire enterprise a global view of interactions and relationships. Integrating multiple communications channels (phone, e-mail, Web, wireless, in-store and Voice-over Internet Protocol), with marketing, service and sales e-business applications, Kana 6 helps companies make changes in the way they interact with customers. Communication enhancements include Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), screen pops, browser sharing, selective escalation, universal history view, 24/7 customer self-service capabilities and wireless support. Average pricing ranges from $100,000 to $400,000. (877) 480-KANA; www.kana.com

Let's Work Some Magic

Frontstep (formerly Symix Systems) recently released Workflow Automation, a transactional messaging hub that can allow companies to automate business processes, collaborate across digital supply chains and integrate business systems. Workflow performs credit checks, tax calculations, order confirmation, picking and shipping--all without touching the mouse pad or keyboard. It serves as the center of the company's product suite by translating and moving data between systems, including third-party systems. Workflow Automation is a Microsoft-based solution that uses XML and Microsoft Exchange to provide a graphical environment for executing business rules and multistep processes. Pricing starts at $25,000, which includes 50 user licenses. (614) 410-3850; www.frontstep.com

Point and Click

Clicksoftware recently released ClickMobile, an addition to its service chain optimization suite. ClickMobile helps service reps in the field to send and receive updated schedule information throughout the day, which allows the staff to be redirected to increase efficiency and service levels. It enables automatic, real-time re-scheduling. It also helps to reduce paperwork and phone calls, improve communication, monitoring of field activity and more. With ClickMobile, managers may obtain the latest information about service call status and the activities and whereabouts of their field service personnel. ClickMobile supports PocketPC, Windows CE, two-way pagers and also supports most wireless networks. Pricing for ClickMobile starts at $50,000; (888) 438-3308; www.clicksoftware.com

Name Your Price

Calico Price Point, the latest addition to the Calico Commerce suite of e-business applications, provides tools to help manage online pricing. Calico Price Point is a custom pricing application that enables companies with multiple customers, products and sales channels to control profit margins through targeted pricing. The new application helps sales personnel in the field obtain more accurate pricing information and helps to detect pricing models that may prevent maximum profits. It can assist online and offline marketers as they compete in a pricing environment with an e-business solution that senses market conditions, responds to changing circumstances and can help maximize profits. Calico Price Point includes a Web-based user interface. Currently available with pricing starting at $295,000; (800) 717-9077; www.calico.com


Trilogy, a provider of enterprise-class e-business solutions has released the Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce 2.2 suite. Trilogy MCC 2.2 is a solution that helps Global 1000 organizations increase market share, enhance customer service and maximize the productivity of online and offline selling channels. Additions to the new version include collaborative call center functionality for customer interaction centers, new e-commerce product modules and architecture and application performance enhancements to help configuration technology. MultiChannel Commerce Solutions start at $1 million. Prices vary on the number of product modules chosen and the scope of the solution. (877) 292-3266; www.trilogy.com

Online Personal Touch

Version 2.0 of Kanisa's Tier Zero e-Service application supports online customer support efforts by emulating person-to-person interaction in an automated environment. Version 2.0 features new tools for managing and training knowledge maps, refinements to front- and back-office processes and enhanced reporting for both customers and managers. The reporting capability provides data necessary for improving the customer experience, enhancing service content, developing marketing programs, targeting sales campaigns and focusing product development on high payoff areas. Tier Zero also guides customers through an online personalized dialog that helps them define their service needs. Pricing is based on configuration. (408) 863-5800; www.kanisa.com

Absolute Power

APPower!, a user relationship management tool, helps software publishers communicate, collaborate and share information. APPower! is a Web-enabled portal that features information messaging, community building and management tools, and a search function from within the application space. Software publishers can reach their users from within the application using a combination of focused electronic messaging, user communities and an intelligent pre-screened search engine. Pricing depends on configuration. (888) 704-7292; www.appowerinc.com

Make Me an Offer

PerfectMarket, from automated sourcing vendor Perfect, automates negotiation between buyers and suppliers. PerfectMarket is a sourcing system that automates the negotiation between buyers and suppliers on multiple weighted dimensions. The solution captures buyer preferences and tradeoff and matches those with customized seller offers. PerfectMarket features automated RFQs, negotiation and dialogue capabilities, analysis of market conditions and an ASP model. Pricing for PerfectMarket is $500,000. (650) 798-3335; www.perfect.com

E-Point of No Return

Contact centers, direct sales, self-service and partner channels can take advantage of e-point 5 from Point Information Systems, a provider of eCRM software solutions. e-point 5 enables organizations and their partners to interact with customers across assisted or unassisted channels. e-point 5 also provides consoles for customization, administration and management. The suite contains, among other components, e-point Contact Center for multicontact access; e-point Mobile for field-based personnel using laptops; e-point Partner Portal, for channel partners; and e-point Customer Portal, a self-service channel for customers. Pricing depends on configuration. (781) 416-7900; www.pointinfo.com

Share and Share Alike

Customer Interaction Management vendor eshare communications recently launched NetAgent 4.0, a Web customer interaction management solution. According to eshare, the solution unifies several customer interaction methods, including e-mail, text chat, Web collaboration and voice (for both Voice-over Internet Protocol and switched networks). Additional features will allow both contact agent and end-user to "push" or share Web pages to each other and the ability for "hands-free" technique when filling out customer-related forms. The solution also supports both incoming phone calls and Web call back requests on the same user screen that e-mail and text chat methods use. Pricing starts at $20,000 for three agents seats. (770) 239-4763; www.eshare.com

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