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Maximum Effect Multiactive Software Inc. recently began shipping its Maximizer Enterprise version 7.0. Maximizer aims to provide value to small and midsize businesses by combining sales and marketing automation, customer service, and e-commerce in its customizable solution. Two modules key to this integration are the eStore Online Shop set-up module and the Marketing Campaign Management module, which allows marketing departments to work with traditional and e-mail customer campaigns, then integrate those with Maximizer's Account Manager for personalization. The software's remote-access capabilities include Palm OS and Microsoft Outlook integration, and have Web-portal access for employees, customers, and partners. www.multiactive.com Return to Sender Entigo Corp. recently released version 3.0 of its Entigo Reality suite, which lets manufacturers and their channel partners manage marketing, selling, and servicing of products in real time on the Web, cutting down on service time and cost. The new version's most notable enhancement is Entigo Warranty, a b-to-b, Web-based claims-management system. Features include the ability to track and recover warranty costs on supplied component parts, automated claims processing, comprehensive reporting, and access to data to identify product failures and quality issues--proving that sometimes product returns are as informative for helping to build business as are compliments. www.entigo.com Cost Control FrontPhase Technologies LTD has released FrontPhase CRM, a new Web-based customer service solution for the small-to-midsize business (SMB) market. Designed to continuously evolve based on customer interactions, FrontPhase CRM's functionalities help SMBs control costs. Self Assist, a dynamic module, cuts down on dollars spent on service by helping the customers help themselves. Response Manager routes and tracks all activities for evaluation and updating. And Knowledge Base expands automatically based on frequent inquiries. www.frontphase.com Go Full Circle Digital Impact Inc. recently released Impact, a hosted direct-marketing application built for enterprise marketing teams that need easier access to information and have to coordinate time-sensitive e-mail campaigns. Working through its Analytics Workstation and Campaign Manager, Impact provides closed-loop integration allowing marketers to analyze cross-channel CRM data and create customer segments, gear campaigns directly to those segments, and then track the results. www.digitalimpact.com The Games People Play IHS Helpdesk Service, a provider of help-desk consulting services, and Professional Training Games Inc. recently released Deal With It Help Desk Edition. Through hands-on, role-playing techniques, Deal With It teaches help-desk skills with 99 real-life scenario cards for customer-driven industries like banking, retail, hospitality, and travel. Offering an alternative to stuffy Q&As with employees, the board game allows for a low-pressure environment and gives managers insight into how their employees handle situations and provides a new training ground for incoming company representatives. www.ihshelpdesk.com www.customerservicegames.com Closing the Gap Boasting that eMerge will "unlock the power of a CRM investment in just 60 days," eConvergent Inc. says its new product increases the effectiveness of interactions between businesses and their customers. Aimed at eliminating the disconnect between CRM applications and information silos, eMerge captures customer interactions across CRM and legacy applications, then correlates that information into single view for company representatives in real time. The software comprises two modules: the company-defined business rules eMerge Server for correlation; and eMerge Viewer, which filters data and presents it through an existing CRM application, Windows desktops, or browser. www.econvergent.com No More Paper Cuts Astea International Inc. and MultiMedical Systems recently released an offering for the healthcare industry that integrates the mobile CRM capabilities of Astea's AllianceEnterprise CRM suite with portable biomedical equipment testers and safety analyzers. Healthcare technicians can use portable biomedical safety analyzers and testers and then enter results on a laptop or Pocket PC, both optional parts of the AllianceEnterprise package. The solution provides a paperless environment and also can include integrated sales force automation, marketing, customer contact center, customer and partner portals, and real-time wireless mobile options for sales, service, and managerial employees. www.astea.com www.multimedicalsystems.com Call for Delivery Analytics just got as easy as ordering a pizza. Quadstone released a new analytics service, Analytics On Call (AOC). Designed to give companies immediate assistance with tackling issues of customer response, retention, return, and risk, AOC is founded on Quadstone's predictive marketing software, the Quadstone System, and uses Quadstone's select group of analysts who are experienced in such verticals as retail, telecommunications, and financial services. Additionally Quadstone's Analytical Services team will now offer strategic and tactical consulting for CRM initiatives. www.quadstone.com
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