Hit the Road with MobileDoc
View and send documents anywhere with Xerox's new handheld; The latest products and services.
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Field workers can now access critical business information with Xerox Mobile Solutions' MobileDoc. With MobileDoc, field reps can view documents and fax or e-mail them to any location- -all from a handheld device, such as a mobile phone, pager or personal digital assistant. MobileDoc was designed to meet the needs of real estate, financial services, sales and customer service professionals. With MobileDoc, these mobile workers are able to distribute and exchange documents anywhere in the world, with no concern for bandwidth or memory restrictions. The transaction-based pricing for a MobileDoc server license starts at $10,000. (650) 813-7044; www.xerox.com

On Fire
FirePond Business Rules Engine is available for the first time as a stand-alone component to support sales configuration in interactive selling environments. Until now, it has only been available as part of the FirePond Application Suite. Enhancements to the product include advanced needs-analysis utilizing fuzzy logic, more powerful data updating, editing and maintenance capabilities, memory management, increased access to enterprise application data, multilanguage, single database support and multiplatform business API and server administration functionality. Pricing starts at $300,000, depending upon number of users and servers. (888) 662-7722; www.firepond.com

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Polaroid has introduced a line of high-performance electronic white boards designed to enhance business presentations. The Polaroid Merlin 460 and 340 Electronic White Boards can serve as projection screens that create high-quality, interactive presentations. The white boards also allow users to save, print, fax, e-mail and teleconference ideas to Web sites, using a standard Web browser. This provides everyone at a meeting with the same set of notes and charts. The Merlin 460 measures 67 inches wide by 47 inches high. The Merlin 340 is 47 inches wide by 39.6 inches high. The prices of the boards are $2,699 and $1,999, respectively. (800) 816-2611; www.polaroidwork.com

The Answer is...Purple
Looking for an easy-to-use and affordable sales force automation tool that integrates seamlessly with both Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server? PurpleCRM 1.0 may be the answer. Purple Solutions based the tool on such Microsoft technologies as Office 2000, including Outlook and Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.5, SQL Server 7.0, Exchange Server 5.5 and Windows 2000. The software features an intuitive interface that addresses the market need for CRM functionality at a low total cost of ownership. Organizations can also gain access to a number of valuable sale force automation functions, including sales performance, opportunity, channel and competitor management and sales forecasting. The price is $250 per seat and $2,500 per server. (206) 691-7775; www.purpleinc.com

Mail Smarter
Catalogue companies can "mail smarter" with Archer Software, from NuEdge Systems. Archer's open architecture and vast querying capabilities give cataloguers a solution for drilling down to analyze customer behavior at the purchasing level. By integrating purchasing history with RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) and other types of modeling, cataloguers can create custom covers, individualized product pages and promotions, as well as optimize the frequency of mailings. NuEdge's software manages all marketing activities, such as outside list management and trend forecasting. Archer also helps to develop campaigns with information from multiple contact points. Pricing depends on configuration. (262) 650-8228; www.nuedgesystems.com

Just the FAQs
e-FAQ 2.0, from Interactive Intelligence, is an alternative to complex, time-consuming and expensive knowledge- management solutions. It automates e-mail and Web responses using artificial intelligence and linguistic technologies. With e-FAQ 2.0, users have access to e-mail and Web self-service components with escalation to a live e-mail response and Web chat service. e-FAQ also offers a Web authoring interface, which simplifies management and administration tasks. The system supports XML formatting and features data mining for search, modification and replacement capabilities. In addition, e-FAQ 2.0 has COM API, which means it can be embedded into other systems and applications for additional query and authoring capabilities. The price starts at $10,000. (317) 872-3000; www.ININ.com

Getting Carried Away
Tired of juggling handheld computers and PDAs at meetings and conferences? Targus has unveiled a new line of carrying cases designed to hold your portables. The cases are stylish and functional and are available in an array of designs and colors with ample storage space. They hold the Palm IIIa, Va, VIIa, Handspring Visora and various Pocket PC models. The price ranges from $29.99 to $69.99. (877) 4-TARGUS; www.targus.com

Don't Charge It, Clip It
Many times business travelers are too busy to wait for their wireless phone to recharge. With the new PowerClip from Double-Time, people don't need to carry extra batteries or depend on conventional plug-in chargers. PowerClip is customized for specific wireless handsets and contains a microprocessor-based supplemental power that provides power to wireless phones using patented power control circuitry. The phone can clip onto a belt, briefcase or purse. Double-Time will initially distribute two PowerClip models: the PC 190 for the Motorola starTAC and the PC 430 for the Nokia 5100 and 6100 series phones. Each model will carry a suggested price of $99.95. 87-POWERCLIP; www.powerclip.com

In The Know
CRM systems can share information with different databases with ecKnowledge 7.0, which brings data into one view while users stay in their preferred applications. ecKnowledge stands for e-business, collaboration and knowledge sharing. The solution was developed for the B2B market to enable end users to collaborate with companies without having to change existing systems or applications. ecKnowledge is built on Casahl's Replic-Action system, which enables integration between enterprise, groupware and DBMS systems. Pricing is $3,000 for the engine, $2,000 to $15,000 for the connectors and ups to $60,000 for the Internet B2B extension. (800) 324-4284; www.casahl.com

Hearing Voices
Imagine recording a voice message on a Web site and sending the message wirelessly to a Voca Wireless Voicemail Player. This capability can be achieved with Clariti Wireless Messaging's ClariCAst Wireless Voicemail system. The new digital wireless system transmits voicemail messages to the Voca Player using subcarrier frequencies of FM radio stations. Other features include a group messaging capability similar to e-mail distribution lists, free voice message recording on a Web site and integration with wireless Internet portals. Pricing has not been finalized, but the company plans to offer the Voca Player for less than $100 with typical wireless service plans of between $10 and $15 per month. (215) 979-3600; www.clariti.com

Payback's a Breeze
Businesses looking to build upon their CRM solutions can turn to Debix Systems, which has expanded its strategic marketing services. Debix now provides both online and brick-and-mortar companies with CRM and marketing solutions using Debix Rewards, a proprietary pre-paid MasterCard or Visa debit card platform from beenz.com. Debix also launched an e-payment infrastructure program with beenz.com that allows e-customers to convert online rewards to dollars that are placed on a MasterCard. For every dollar charged, you'll receive 200 beenz purchasing points. (801) 352-2047; www.omnigift.com

Initiating Dialog
Promoting relationships between businesses and their customers may sometimes prove to be a daunting task, but Vizacom wants to close the gap. The company launched Dialog24, a multinational, multilingual Web call center for e-business that offers such services as voice, video, real-time chat and around-the-clock scalability by utilizing Internet-based call and contact center technologies available over current bandwidth. The price is based on 24/7 service or service for a 40-hour workweek. There are also value add-ons, which change the price. (201) 928-1001; www.dialog24.com

The Future Looks Brite
Interactive voice response systems operators now have access to a powerful management and marketing tool with InterVoice-Brite's InnerView Global- -a reporting tool that collects and summarizes statistics on InterVoice-Brite's call center activity. The tool can track activity on multiple network systems, generating reports on a user-defined basis. Features include Web-based access for remote users, scheduled distribution of reports via e-mail and an event reporting option, enabling customized tracking of identifiable activity related to interactive voice response calls. Pricing depends on configuration.
(800) 700-0122; www.intervoice-brite.com

First Preference
Looking for a way to increase customer loyalty? PreferSoft's eControl Customer, a browser-based, business productivity application, helps an organization do just that by increasing the ability to respond to and resolve customer service issues. eControl Customer is delivered through the Internet, is available through Application Service Providers and is designed for small and midsize companies. The application is highly scalable and has a self-configuration module that provides modifiable, pre-configured templates for more than 25 vertical industries. eControl Customer features include customer contact information management, task and workflow management, escalation, monitoring and reporting. Users can also create cases directly from the Internet with the application's case creation and caseload management features. Pricing for the first five seats are $500. Every seat after that is $50. (831) 438-8700 ext. 206; www.prefersoft.com

Remaining Loyal
Businesses can capture direct customer voice with Loyalistics.com's Loyalty Manager- -a Web-based ASP solution that engages customers in one-to-one dialogs at key touch points, while creating customer loyalty. iLM is a suite of hosted service solutions to help companies attract and retain customers. Price is transaction-based, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 per month.
(770) 613-5280; www.loyalistics.com

In for the Long Haul
Keeping customers may be easier than you think with Vital Learning's Winning Through Customer Service- -New Edition program. The program teaches customer service representatives the skills to win and retain more business. Representatives will learn how to adapt to their customers' styles and complete a transaction more effectively through new delivery options, including a built-in "bridge" for delivering the traditional classroom-based program, as well as Internet courses and the option for delivery with communication/behavioral style surveys. The core program can be delivered in sessions spanning one to three days. The price is $85 per participant. (800) 243-5858; www.vital-learning.com

Don't Sweat It, Outsource It
Fortune 1000 clients of Outsource Desk can access qualified call center vendors from OutsourceDesk.com. The site creates a marketplace for buyers and sellers of call center, direct response and market research services, helping customers identify and pre-qualify vendors. The site provides updated information about outsourcing, providing tools for companies in the beginning stages of outsourcing. The service is provided at no cost to clients, generating a finders fee from the vendor that is chosen by the client. (610) 594-2218; www.outsourcedesk.com

In the Know
Imagine a world where any mobile device, handheld or cell phone can communicate with any other mobile device regardless of communications protocol or platform. KnowEx Solutions has made the dream a reality with KnowEx Wireless, a mobile CRM solution that provides instant and seamless communication via chat and content streaming between Internet-enabled mobile devices. KnowEx Wireless eliminates the incompatibilities between these devices by intelligently detecting the appropriate protocol and platform of the mobile devices, seamlessly managing communication between them. Pricing is still in the test phase, but will be based on the number of customer service representatives. (212) 430-3844; www.knowex.net

Easy Does It
Internet users can place service calls and access account information with WennSoft eCustomer Portal, an Internet application for the service management and build-to-order industries. Customers are assigned accounts requiring user IDs and PINs to access their information. And navigational tools, such as menu tabs, drop-down lists, back buttons and navigational paths, have been incorporated to access information easily. Pricing starts at $25,000 and depends on customization. (262) 821-4100; www.wennsoft.com

Instead of waving a wand, users of Layout Wizard just point and click to develop focused marketing materials for local store marketing and sales communication. Designed for marketing and advertising practitioners, Layout Wizard offers a template-based software application that automatically creates and delivers customized materials. Users of Layout Wizard need no experience with desktop publishing tools, graphic arts or advertising. With the Internet-based program, users can respond to various market issues in real time. The main system management component of Layout Wizard is Toolkit, which builds and customizes point-and-click templates, places the images and text into a database and chooses which images and text to make available for others. Pricing depends on configuration. (913) 327-5333; www.layoutwizard.com

Servicing the Customer
Businesses can now provide both proactive and assisted customer service via the Internet with Servicesoft's Servicesoft 2001 eService solution. With proactive customer service, businesses are able to anticipate and answer customer's questions. The solution presents a "single face" to the customer through Servicesoft 2001's eService Portal. Customers can access all information, history and knowledge needed for purchase decisions, account management or service and support. The solution can also reach customers via the Web, phone or wireless devices, and track customer interactions across all those channels so multiple agents can conduct a continuous, personalized dialog. Other features of Servicesoft 2001 include Outbound Campaign (e-mail), Global Platform, Single System Administration and Web-based Agent Interface. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 737-8738; www.servicesoft.com

Accessing by Indexing
stop wasting time with fruitless Internet searches. Indexonly.com provides a solution by indexing businesses, rather than Web pages, providing quick access to relevant company information, and allowing small and regional businesses to establish effective Internet presences by driving traffic through their Web sites and into the doors of their brick-and- mortar locations. Consumers can search for information by specifying type, company name, country, state, city or town. Regional operators pay a license fee of between $25,000 and $60,000 to operate within a territory. Operators are assigned to sell advertising to local businesses, ensuring that every business in their district will be registered. (702) 228-3908; www.indexonly.com

Outsmarting the Competition
SmartSales' new e-business customer relationship management product, OutSmart, links to Microsoft Outlook (Windows 98/2000), creating a sales force automation application. OutSmart is designed to fit seamlessly within Outlook and is formatted in both a Single User Version and an Enterprise Version for small and large organizations. OutSmart users will have a full suite of integrated tools to maximize and control sales opportunities, without having to worry about investment costs or implementation challenges. A single user license for OutSmart is downloadable at www.outsmartsoftware.com. For larger enterprises, SmartSales installs a core solution of OutSmart, which is customizable to fit each organization's needs. OutSmart workgroup pricing is $2,500 for the server and $200 per user. 800/357-1135, www.smartsales.com

Testing on the Fly
Organizations can disseminate and test workers' knowledge using their wireless phones with Mobile Quest from Knowledge Anywhere. Mobile Quest users can even receive information and take a test on a wireless device. The information transmits to users on their handsets and their responses are logged into the company's learning system databases. To utilize Mobile Quest, end users must have wireless, Web-enabled devices to log on to their corporate learning centers. They can even view their training statuses to see which modules they've completed. Pricing is configurationally scaled. (800) 850-2025; www.knowledgeanywhere.com

A Unified System
As the unified messaging market grows, large enterprises can look to Active Voice's Unity Enterprise 2.4 to provide IP telephony support and unlimited unified messaging seats. UE 2.4 integrates with CallManager 3.0 as a software-only application, meeting advanced functionality and simplified scalability, while saving 20 percent or more in customer hardware costs. The solution also offers unlimited usage of ViewMail for Outlook, which gives subscribers the ability to access their voice, fax and e-mail messages from their inboxes. The enhanced fax module offers up to 24 ports of fax capacity, as well as server side rendering, helping users to use a telephone to redirect e-mail, Word or Excel documents to any fax machine. Pricing depends on configuration. (877) 864-8948; www.activevoice.com

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