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Companies that use Swallow Information System's CHARTER continum CRM solutions suite can gather point-of-sale feedback instantly from any outlet, eliminating the risk of lost customer information and improving both customer service and marketing practices with CHARTER frontline. The Web interface module allows staffs to input and track all customer contact information from offsite locations, including stores, regional offices, restaurants, mobile sales professionals or service engineers. Frontline gives organizations the opportunity to capture contact between customers and employees at the point of interaction. Employees can update information, or create new entries, which are automatically downloaded into the Charter's central database. The module also improves target marketing techniques for individual customers and remote sites, while increasing staff efficiency. Pricing depends on configuration. (800) 647-9460; www.swallow.com

Dun & Bradstreet has launched a product that provides companies with access to information on worldwide business. D&B Market Spectrum is a decision-support tool that allows companies to combine their customer data with information from D&B's global database to support highly targeted direct marketing and sales initiatives. Expanding on the highly successful D&B Market Spectrum application, the new Web-enabled product offers accessibility to information. New customers pay an initial yearly license fee of $15,000, plus applicable data and customization costs. (908) 665-5000; www.dnb.com

Looking to deliver inquiries to a mobile sales force for immediate response? Look no further. MarketSoft, a provider of B2B e-marketing solutions, has added wireless capabilities to eLeads, a lead management system designed to optimize the flow of leads through both direct and indirect sales channels. Sales representatives can configure applications to send leads to any wireless device that receives e-mail, including Palm VII, Palm V with an OmniSky wirelesss modem, pagers and cell phones. eLeads is available as a perpetual-use license, or as a Web-hosted ASP version. Minimum price for the license is $100,000 per 100 users; charges for the hosted service model start at $10,000 per month per 100 users with a six-month minimum term. (781) 674-0000; www.marketsoft.com

With Annuncio Live 2.1 from Annuncio Software, e-marketers can incorporate enhanced personalized content into e-mail and Web marketing campaigns while leveraging content from outside data sources. Live 2.1 offers real-time integration between Annunico Live campaigns and e-commerce, as well as other Web transaction applications through LiveWire. E-marketers can improve the ROI measurement of their campaigns from a customer's click-through to purchase. Pricing depends on configuration. (650) 314-6000; www.annuncio.com

Java-based network application provider PointBase provides a scalable data management solution for e-commerce servers with its 100% Pure Java Embedded Databases capability. 100% Pure Java is an add-on to the PointBase Mobile edition and the PointBase Server edition. The capability supports any platform or device running Java and provides drop-in capability on platforms including Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM, Linux, Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, Novell, NetWare and Apple. The PointBase Mobile edition begins at $295. Pricing for PointBase Server edition starts at $2,995. (650) 230-7200; www.pointbase.com

E.piphany hopes to unify information from Web, call center and direct mail customer contacts with E.5, a version of its CRM suite that brings together the analytical and operational sides of CRM. E.5 integrates Octane applications with E.piphany's software for analytics, campaign management, e-mail marketing and real-time personalization. Other new features in E.5 include the Enterprise Dashboard, a portal interface that enables detailed customer reports to be pushed to every knowledge worker within an organization through traditional and wireless channels. Enhanced permission-based marketing features in E.5 support permission marketing policies. Pricing is based on the number of modules licensed and seats, with a base price of about $200,000. (650) 356-3800; www.epiphany.com

Small and midsize businesses can achieve complete CRM, e-business and fulfillment functionality with Splash-on-the-Go, from Splashnet. Splash-on-the-Go is a Web-based application portal that leverages the communications power of the Internet, allowing companies to deploy CRM solutions without incurring development, configuration, implementation or maintenance costs. The application extends CRM capabilities to remote sales and service professionals using hand-held devices. The basic subscription price is $49.95 per month, without Internet access. (800) SPLASH-NET; www.splashnet.com

Web-site owners can understand the time and effort required to accomplish client-specified tasks on their own and competitor Web sites with Task Analysis Service, from WebCriteria. The company delivers the results of its analysis through an online report, including a diagnostic summary, visual interpretation and supporting page view detail. Task Analysis is based on WebCriteria's Max technology and shows page-by-page why users experience frustration with the task flow of a site because of the required time and effort. Task Analysis reports the build time required to display each page view and computes the effort time required to read the text, understand page graphics, navigate the path and enter information. The number of pages and actions encountered are also reported. Subscription price for 10, 15 and 20 Task Analyses begins at $11,000. One-time analysis of five tasks begins at $3,500. (503) 225-2991; www.webcriteria.com

Chain hotels can develop guest-related analysis and marketing programs sans typical overhead with the Guest Relationship Management service, from Pegasus Solutions. The Web-enabled CRM application provides the infrastructure for hospitality by including data extraction, data cleansing, data enhancement, analysis and report production and consultation for interpretation and action planning. A sampling of deliverables includes guest repeat behavior analysis, feeder markets analysis, guest profiling, direct marketing campaign management and marketing measurement tools. Pricing ranges depending on the number of users and systems. www.pegs.com

CoPilot 2000, from TravRoute aims to improve productivity, reduce costs and save time on the road. The product runs on a laptop computer in any vehicle. Motorists simply enter a client's address and drive. Equipped with its own satellite-linked GPS receiver and two-way interactive voice technology, CoPilot guides users with turn-by-turn directions. Features include real-time mapping, directions and mileage; voice navigation; route optimization; detour function; data import and enhanced map data. CoPilot sells for $399 and includes a palm-sized GPS receiver and 100 million U.S. addresses on one CD. (800) 338-7476; www.travroute.com

Businesses can now take advantage of free open source software to help build a customer relationship management solution. The basic application is available from the Anteil Web site at no charge. Because the software is available over the Internet, users can have their programmers modify and redistribute the application as needed or create upgrades and enhancements specific to their company or industry, all without paying licensing fees. Anteil also offers additional services including consulting and implementation, custom CRM integration and development, project and program management and publication and documentation services. Anteil says that this open source solution will be beneficial to many different industries, ranging from real estate and insurance companies to Internet infrastructure companies, application service providers and others that need a unified CRM solution. The software solution is free. Fees depend on which additional services are purchased. (877) 675-4689; www.anteil.com

Every company wants to manage its operations more efficiently and cost effectively and improve its communication with its employees, customers and investors. Aris says its interactive enterprise relationship management solution ties together the different branches of a business into a coherent whole built around critical business relationships. iERM puts together database and permission-marketing systems, integrated communications and e-applications, and combines them with new technology to create an Internet application ecosystem. This enables a company and its business partners to collect information on customers and deliver messages and advertisements to relevant groups at the proper time. Aris emphasizes that iERM is not a product or a service but a method for integrating information discovery solutions, relationship management technologies and enterprise management systems to deploy e-business solutions to meet a company's needs. The price varies based on which portions of the strategy the user implements. (800) 431-2747; www.aris.com

Mobile customers can opt for increased computing power with Xybernaut's new models that extend its Mobile Assistant product line. The models have faster processing speeds and are equipped with Intel Pentium III processors. Model TC has a faster CPU and a new adapter; Model TCS offers a faster CPU, a new I/O adapter and a slimmer design. The products fit into the company's strategy to provide a range of wearable solutions that meet customers' mobile computing needs. The models haven't yet been priced. (888) 992-3777; www.xybernaut.com

Internet service providers of National Support Center, a provider of outsourced customer support services for ISPs, can access for free a value service through CRMTracker, an in-house CRM database. CRMTracker maintains all subscriber interactions and information within the database. ISPs can access customer data via the Internet, and view individual customer requests and questions along with National Support Center's responses to those requests. Components of CRMTracker include CallTracker, which handles incoming calls; EmailTracker, which handles e-mail requests by retrieving and updating subscriber profiles within CRMTracker; ResponseTracker, a follow-up service that gathers customer information; and CityTracker, a crisis management tool. (800) 672-3683; www.nationalsupportcenter.com

Companies can deploy Web customer service systems within 15 days with RightNow Technologies' RightNow Web 3.1, an upgrade to the company's product suite. Each module within the system is designed to interoperate with the other modules in the suite. The new modules include RightNow E-mail, RightNow Live, a customer interaction utility; and RightNow Contracts, a utility that administers customer service contracts. The technology supports SQL databases, such as Oracle8 and Oracle8i, as well as Microsoft operating systems. Implementation of RightNow Web rages from $29,995 to $49,995 for a two-year license and includes unlimited product updates and support. (877) 363-5678; www.rightnowtech.com

Web-based data transformation and presentation product, WebAccess2000, from bTrade.com, can view, manipulate and move transaction information to other desktop applications. Trading partners can create, review and exchange business transactions using the Web browser of their choice. WebAccess2000 can also handle transactions of vertical communities. Additional benefits include task scheduling for unattended operation, digital signatures on transaction exchanges, offline use for improved response time and easy integration into current EDI business processes. The price starts at $750 for the base product, which includes one customer mapping and ranges depending on the number of maps. (877)-4bTRADE; www.btrade.com

Help desk managers and IT departments can resolve technology issues with Goldmine's Heat 6.0, the latest version of its help desk software. Heat is a flexible software tool that streamlines service requests, accelerates response times and proactively resolves help desk issues. Heat offers features to increase the productivity and effectiveness of help desks further, in addition to Web-based self-service and remote access functionality designed for anywhere customer service and support. Heat includes a Business Process Automation Module, which is an upgraded call escalation feature and iHEAT and HEAT Self Service, new Web-enabled features. Heat 6.0 starts at $3,495 for a single user/file server and offers multiple seat discounts. It's free to existing Heat 5.0 users. Heat Self Services is $7,500 for an unlimited number of users. iHEAT is priced at $600 per user. (800) 776-7889; www.goldmine.com

Businesses of all sizes can harness the power of the Internet to manage the entire spectrum of customer interactions effectively with eRMNow! This Web-based enterprise relationship management service from Neteos manages sales, marketing and support functions, allowing organizations of any size to deploy a complete RM solution without investing in hardware, software or implementation services. The service supports both the traditional, employee-facing CRM functionality, as well as directs customer and partner interaction over the Internet. Features include a Web-centric architecture designed to support the hosted application delivery model; proprietary technology that enables customization which matches the company's specific business processes and its Web-site interface; Web-integration capabilities that have companies combine leads and support call information; self support that provides responses directly over the Web; and local, Web-connected access or remote-mode capability with desktop synchronization. The service is offered at a per-seat monthly subscription fee, ranging from $50 to $150 depending upon the service suite. (781) 270-7900; www.neteos.com

Sales professionals can differentiate themselves from their competition by applying Practical Inside Sales, from IMPAXselling.com, an online sales performance company. PIS targets inside telesales organizations, and inbound and outbound call centers. The Practical Inside Sales e-course addresses the demands of B2B inside sales skills, including how to make the initial contact, what kinds of questions to ask that engage the contact, how to gain access to the decision maker, and how to assure that the phone call will generate continued access so the customer's responsiveness continues. Pricing depends on configuration. (877) 241-9090; www.impaxselling.com

Encountering glitches when planning interactive events? Web surfers can turn to eCal RSVP, from eCal, an Internet calendar communications ASP. RSVP is a stand-alone component of eCal's patented Internet Calendar Engine. Users select an event type, enter their invitees and include additional information. RSVP creates a personalized invitation. Users can track responses and send e-mail reminders to those who declined, invite other people or even cancel the event. Pricing is unpublished. (877) GET-ECAL; www.ecal.com

Consumers, businesses, government entities and service organizations can now interact through a new online communications platform that supports global customer service. ServiceEngine.com gives small- and medium-sized business the ability to establish professional-grade online customer service with a ready-to-use system. Companies can manage, track and respond to Internet inquiries. ServiceEngine's functionality can be added to a company's Web site in minutes. For businesses without a Web site, the contact page can be used as their sole Internet address to maintain Web presence. In addition, organizations can receive real-time management reports that present aggregated customer activity and feedback data to help make business decisions and improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Businesses receive their first two company service providers free and can add additional providers for $20 per month for each person on the system. (203) 925-8700; www.serviceengine.com

A new subscription service that provides organizations with a ready-to-use, role and process-based e-infrastructure management solution via the Internet is available from MainControl. The service is the first phase of the B2B solution strategy that incorporates industry-accepted best practices for technology procurement, inventory management, contract administration, service and financial management. Under the strategy, MainControl will partner with leaders in the ASP arena to expand its e-infrastructure management solutions via Internet access. Pricing is based on the number of elected services. The primary fee is a recurring usage fee. There is also an initialization and authorization fee. Pricing ranges from .75 cents to $150 per month depending on type of asset managed by service. (709) 749-2308; www.maincontrol.com

Logic MicroSystems has designed a product for manufacturers' representatives and distributors in the HVAC sales industry. Software package Liberty Office includes productivity tools that automate and simplify daily sales-related tasks, while eliminating redundant data entry. The software is designed to give HVAC sales managers and reps more time for selling by facilitating every aspect of the sales process: estimating, quote generation and tracking, order scheduling, invoice tracking and management, profit and order-booking reports, commission calculation and reports, customer and employee databases and accounting back-end. Liberty Office can be installed on a customer's computer system as a ready-to-use package, or may be used as a Web-based program. Pricing depends on configuration. (816) 504-6218; www.logic-micro.com

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