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Deltek Systems, a provider of applications for project-based businesses, recently released Costpoint 4 for the Web. Costpoint supports project and financial accounting, HR and materials management. It is developed as a fully integrated system and offers a centralized database that is easily queried, summarized and maintained. Costpoint supplies real-time data and a comprehensive audit trail. The new product also supports a better cash flow through faster billing and cash and accrual-based accounting methodologies. For pricing information call (800) 456-2009 or visit www.deltek.com

Instantis, a provider in the instant Web applications space, introduces its product SiteWand. SiteWand is a platform which generates complete applications for Web sites that are driven by database access, workflow operations and e-mail messaging. SiteWand engines provide a wide range of capabilities that are enabled through a configuration process that require no programming. The platform will allow you to power Web applications without programming, automate company operations with business rules, manage and analyze database information, send targeted, personalized e-mail automatically and provides hosted service, multilevel security and high reliability. For pricing information call (408) 732-8800 or for a 30-day evaluation of SiteWand visit www.instantis.com

iMarket, a provider of B2B sales and marketing data and analysis tools, recently launched Quick Data Services, an online database offering. Quick Data helps sales and marketing professionals enhance in-house files with key data, obtain analysis on their customer bases and get highly targeted leads in as little as 24 hours. Marketers can visit zapdata.com, iMarket's Internet service, to use the services offered via Quick Data. The service also includes merge and purge functionalities, data cleansing, file enhancement, customer analysis and list services. Pricing is based on configuration and includes a $300 setup fee and a $20 per month processing fee. For more information call (800) 590-0065 or visit www.zapdata.com

WhiteCross Systems, a provider of analytical CRM applications and services, has developed a packaged analytical service for the broadband market. WX/BroadbandAnalytics (WX/BBA) provides a view of broadband activity and usage. With WX/BBA, IP service providers can analyze, measure and monitor multiple facets of their operations from the single data ensemble built automatically from packet level data. WX/BBA executes reporting and analytical routines against the refreshed data and provides the information to authorized customers in any format including e-mail, HTML and PDF files. For pricing information call (415) 908-6883 or visit www.whitecross.com

Motive Communications recently debuted its solution for Broadband and ISP providers, Motive Olympus. Motive Olympus is a customer-centric solution that helps manage growth while driving profitability and customer satisfaction. The solution provides pre-packaged components and best practices that build on and extend Motive's online service platform. Motive helps deliver service solutions for the communications industry, which helps telecommunications companies acquire customers, qualify and install new services, provide technical service for subscribers, apply account services for customers and serve internal employees. For pricing information call (512) 339-8335 or visit www.motive.com

MindMaker, a developer of advanced speech interfaces, recently unveiled FlexAnswer, an automated, Web-based question answering service. FlexAnswer learns from previous questions and answers, allowing it to continually build more accurate responses. FlexAnswer utilizes natural language processing techniques that allow users to ask questions using plain speech. Features of the product include: knowledge management, which controls the information available to customers; service customization, which helps supervisors improve their CSR deployment; and performance monitoring, which allows past questions to be viewed using various criteria. For pricing information call (408) 467-0458 or visit www.mindmaker.com

Ci2i, a provider of creative business management and production services for the advertising industry, has launched streamline, a comprehensive Web-based application that integrates creative production workflow, collaboration and storage. Streamline's integrated suite of digital tools matches and supports the production process for TV advertising from spec development to post production and storage. These tools are delivered via an ASP, which allows streamline clients to share a production platform. Streamline includes tools for managing bids, tracking budgets scheduling at all levels and archiving of all administrative forms. For pricing information call (415) 957-1705 or visit www.ci2ionline.net

The Customer Focus Suite, from enterprise intelligence solutions provider ShowCase, integrates financial, operational, sales and marketing data. The suite features four modules: Customer Value Modeling, which allows businesses to choose the medium by which their customers should be ranked; Customer Value Analysis, which ranks customers based on value; Customer Behavior Analysis, which measures and monitors customers; and Customer Goal Management, which provides revenue information. The product suite runs on the IBM eServer iSeries platform and on Windows NT. Pricing ranges from $15,500 to $35,000 per module. For more information call (303) 817-9867 or visit www.spss.com/showcase

The PartSmart Network (PSN) by Alorica.SM is a comprehensive online network designed to increase the efficiency of computer part procurement by matching customers' inquires against a database of real-time inventory available from certified suppliers. PSN's fully automated system provides customers with order facilitation, real-time order status and tracking, same day shipping, customer transaction history, advanced search capabilities and online invoicing. PSN makes it easy for members to locate the parts they need and determine availability using the manufacturer's part number or general product description. For more information call (800) 827-0999 or visit www.partsmartnetwork.com

Categoric has developed a service, Xalerts 5.0, which allows component-based technology using XML standards to alert businesses with critical information in real time. The software provides a variety of features including rapid deployment, scalability, interactive use, personalization and ease of integration. Xalerts is centrally managed and detects events across corporate, workgroup or individual databases and initiates action by sending data to any specified wireless or wireline device. Xalerts is currently available on Windows NT and 2000 platforms. Installation can be completed within hours. For pricing information call (800) 764-7334 or visit www.categoric.com

Simstar Internet Solutions, a provider of marketing-focused e-business solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, recently launched Velocity of Assimilation or V(a), which measures ROI for pharmaceutical marketing campaigns via the Internet. V(a) measures online marketing initiatives based on the speed with which visitors change healthcare decision-making behavior and utilizes a technology platform and mathematical models to determine which customers are the most valuable-and which have the potential to become valuable. For pricing information call (800) 374-6008 or visit www.simstar.com

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