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Accent Graphics has released version 3.0 of its PowerPoint presentation management software, Presentation Librarian. The application is designed to automate the storage and retrieval of PowerPoint slides. This new version includes such features as an updated user interface and navigation system, library creation and organization functionality, expanded search capabilities and support for linked media files. Version 3.0 also provides users the ability to create custom category folders and sub-folders for easier library navigation. Presentation Librarian is available in personal, enterprise and CD-ROM editions. For pricing information call (800) 771-6011 or visit www.presentation-librarian.com


Impresse, an enterprise software developer and provider of collaborative marketing solutions, has launched Marketing Resource Management (MRM), a solution that provides companies with visibility and control of the marketing function through one secure platform. MRM integrates collaborative program execution and procurement capabilities, making the entire process easy to plan. Companies can use it to track dollars spent by marketing departments and also improve process efficiencies. MRM can be accessed from the user's browser to help manage and measure all activities across the enterprise. For pricing information call (888) 980-3663 or visit www.impresse.com


Proxim, a provider of wire-free broadband networking solutions, recently released Symphony-HRF, a home networking suite for Mac. This solution connects up to 10 computers over distances of up to 150 feet through walls, ceilings, floors and other standard home obstacles. Symphony-HRF offers compatibility with upcoming voice and streaming technologies. It also lets users share a single broadband connection via the Symphony-HRF Cordless Gateway and share files and printers among several computers. The Symphony-HRF PC Card is available for $129.00. For more information call (800) 229-1630 or visit www.proxim.com

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Salesnet, a provider of wireless and Web-based sales management solutions, has released a new version of its core application. The Process Builder 2000 allows users to design, monitor and manage the entire sales process from centralized or remote locations. With this multifunction solution, sales team members can scroll up or down the listed steps of a process diagram, skip steps or repeat a previous step. An automatic reminder allows certain deals to be handled at certain times based on status. Finally, a copy process feature creates a template of an existing process to eliminate the need to create one from scratch. For pricing information call (877) 350-0160 or visit www.salesnet.com


GWI Software, a provider of Lotus Notes and Domino-based IT help desk and customer support solutions, has developed a more condensed version of its IT/support solutions. c.Support version 8.0 offers customer support providers an interface that helps technicians manage assignments. The new version also offers an enhanced Web interface, which allows all functions of the application to be accessible over the Web, including live chat. Pricing for c.Support starts at $6,000. c.Support requires a Lotus Notes and Domino Release 5 client. For additional information call (360) 397-1000 or visit www.gwi.com


Covigo, a wireless platform provider, recently released the Covigo Platform version 2.5, which provides the tools to create wireless applications and helps enhance the product lifecycle management process. This latest version consists of Covigo Visual Development studio, Covigo Mobile Application Engine and Covigo Insight. The product suite allows businesses and systems integrators to build, deploy and manage mobile applications, giving customers, partners and employees access to real-time information and services from anywhere using any device. For pricing information call (650) 632-4000 or visit www.covigo.com


NewFrame's Data Sharing Product Suite lets users access data quickly, while eliminating the load placed on the mainframe and communication lines. This solution is an integrated set of tools that runs on an open server. It includes: Extractors, which provides access to all major mainframe databases (DB2, VSAM and IMS); The Migrator, which delivers fast copies of data from the mainframe to open system databases; and Change Propagator, which migrates changes from mainframe sources to open system target databases. For pricing information call (888) 588-0100 or visit www.newframe.com


The latest version of SAILS (strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics System) from Virginia-based organizational software provider Insight offers several enhancements to the company's flagship product. New features of SAILS 21 include intuitive summary screens; navigation designed so that any screen is accessible within three mouse clicks; greater flexibility to build models faster; and data entry and manipulation tools that can be integrated with Microsoft Excel and Access. Insight says all of these enhancements are designed to get users up and running in the fastest possible time. For pricing information call (703) 366-3061 or visit www.insight-mss.com


Interface Software, a relationship intelligence solutions provider, recently released InterAction Relationship Intelligence Server (IRIS), which manages and delivers relationship intelligence content. Need a way to minimize your time with complicated systems? IRIS, which is an XML-based application server, delivers internal information about a professional services firm's clients, contacts, relationships, expertise and experience to the platform of choice, including a portal, intranet, personal data assistants such as Palm Pilot or Blackberry, or any other wireless device. For pricing information call (630) 572-1400 or visit www.interfacesoftware.com


To meet the growing demand for wireless and Web-enabled CRM solutions, FrontRange Solutions (formerly GoldMine) recently released the GoldMine Everywhere Web Server for the Palm VII handheld computer, GoldMine Everywhere Web and GoldMine Everywhere Thin Client. The Everywhere Web Server gives customers access to the information they need to conduct business by enabling real-time data sharing, regardless of location. The new product is specifically designed for easy implementation and use. For pricing information call (800) 654-3526 or visit www.frontrange.com


APPower joins with Aegis Resources and releases the industry's first E-Book, Merrill R. Chapman's The Product Marketing Handbook for Software, third edition. This release gives authors and publishers direct communication links to readers via computer. Readers will learn about actual user experiences with software in the areas of communications, direct marketing, support, customer research and relationship building. APPower's user relationship management technology is Windows compatible and can be used with a client-based software product application or E-document--Word, PowerPoint or Acrobat--and it comes in the form of a software plug-in. For pricing information call (888) 704-7292 or visit www.appowerinc.com


Vertical Networks has developed an integrated IP-enabled contact center solution for branch offices and small businesses. The new tool, InstantOffice, is integrated with contact center applications from Interactive Intelligence to support InstantOffice Contact Center, a customer contact solution. InstantOffice is designed specifically for smaller businesses with tight IT budgets. Interactive Intelligence has added automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), Web services, soft phone, reporting and basic administration capabilities to the Vertical Networks platform. InstantOffice is designed for businesses with 10 to 84 employees and up to 60 call center agents. For pricing information call (800) 826-6769 or visit www.vertical.com


Coyote Point Systems, an Internet traffic management solutions provider, has released Equalizer 5.0, a UDP-enabled upgrade of the company's load balancing appliance. This release provides failover and high availability for WAP devices and network-attached
storage devices. Equalizer 5.0 will also feature a revamped user interface, enhancing the ease of use of Coyote's reporting feature, a browser-based, real-time display of server and cluster performance. Equalizer pricing starts at $4,495 and ranges depending on configuration. For more information call (650) 969-6000 or visit www.coyotepoint.com

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