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Clear Technologies, a CRM solutions provider targeting the mid-market, released a new content-management module for its C2 CRM suite. The module in effect allows companies to automatically update regularly changing Web content like service, support, product orders, shipping, and billing on their customer service portals. "Companies can provide immediate updates for customers on a variety of topics," says Mike Guillory, vice president of marketing at Clear Technologies. "Having instant access to data can minimize call center costs, as people do not need to call in for information, and it creates an overall better customer-facing experience." According to Guillory, companies can easily manage the information customers can access, and create updates without the need of a Webmaster or site administrator. In addition to the time efficiencies that could be created by eliminating a third-party Web administrator, companies may see cost savings as well, since they may no longer need to pay for site updates. Customers seeking information from companies that use Clear's new module can also set up their own individual portal based on their information needs, Guillory says, and the module then pulls pertinent, up-to-date information from a company's CRM or back-office systems and presents it to the user. "The product can present as much information as a company wants to make available," Guillory says. www.cleartechnologies.net
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