Will spam legislation hinder marketers efforts to reach potential customers?
Posted Apr 28, 2003
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Within the past few years, spam has flooded potential customers' inboxes at an alarming rate. Solicitation of free vacations, weight loss programs, and get-rich-quick schemes among others have tainted the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and has made it increasingly difficult for legitimate marketers to break through the spam. Consumers have become increasingly angry over the issue and have begun to not only ignore spam, but also ignore legitimate emails like newsletters and personal e-mails mistaken for spam. In response to the growing anti-spam movement, legislators have taken action. Their efforts are reflected in the form of several anti-spam laws being considered in state and federal legislative committees. Several of these laws will affect telemarketing and email marketing efforts with nationally recognized Do-Not-Call lists and stiff penalties against unsolicited emails. These impending laws have many marketers concerned. Their fear is that the proposed legislation will be far reaching and bring an end to legitimate marketing campaigns. Legitimate marketers should not fear this legislation. These laws will ultimately help increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and will help increase the response rate to marketer's emails. To benefit from these laws, marketing professionals need to assess the way their campaigns are run. Marketers must make sure their campaigns are targeted. For example, they should reach out to customers that have a prior business relationship with the company for the most effective results. Marketing professionals need to proactively honor the opt-out lists when dealing with future campaigns. One easy way to meet all of these requirements is by utilizing campaign automation software. Campaign automation software automates and streamlines the planning and execution of campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer. Campaign automation software allows marketers to take comfort in the fact that every campaign will be targeted and will not be considered spam by the recipient. Taking a customer-focused approach to e-mail campaigns separates the spammers from the legitimate marketing professionals and avoids penalties that result from anti-spam legislation. As legislation eliminates the get rich quick solicitations, the more receptive the audience will be for more targeted emails that address their true interests. Legislation is absolutely necessary in fighting unscrupulous spammers that water down the effectiveness of email marketing for the truly responsible.
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