How do you improve CRM results?
Posted May 22, 2002
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The marketplace is wrought with CRM projects that don't produce results. The problem that most companies encounter when they embark on a CRM project is that they focus too much on technology features and functionality. The bells and whistles are always nice, but no one actually needs them to do their job. Instead, CRM projects should focus on a company's strategy, processes and the value it brings to the organization. Strategy helps companies understand where they want to go, processes help them get there and business value helps them achieve results. If the processes and business value aren't in line with the strategy, then this could be one reason why the CRM system isn't producing results. First understand the business, by examining how each department within the company interacts with customers. Ask them what information they need to do their job. Then, look at the CRM system to see if it is giving them access to the right information. If so, why isn't the person using the system? Do they know how to use it? Do they understand the benefits that it will provide to them personally and not just the company? Is it conducive to their work environment and lifestyle? Now, look at ways that the CRM system can be changed to meet their needs. Perhaps, extra training is necessary or special recognition should be given to employees who use the system properly. If it is not conducive to certain lifestyles, then wireless access might be an option. Another reason why the CRM system may not be producing results could be that the "results" are not realistic for the company. Think of the factors that the company can directly control to help set the proper expectations. For instance, focus on the amount of time that sales people can save per call or the number of extra calls that they can make each week, rather than obtaining a certain percentage of revenue increase.
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