How Important is a Quality Control Program for Ensuring Accurate Data?
Stop wasting precious marketing dollars with returned bulk mail and wrong number and address information.
Posted Nov 29, 2004
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It's amazing, but despite your efforts to develop customer relationships, some consumers on your database disappear. Whether the individual has moved home, has changed job titles, or has passed away, continued attempts to send marketing communications are at best a waste of time, effort and resources; at worst they can cause offense and may damage your brand. According to published reports, 20 percent of contact information changes annually, and in some demographics it's as high 30 percent. So stop wasting precious marketing dollars with returned bulk mail and wrong number and address information. Marketers cannot afford to invest in marketing programs that are using aged or unqualified databases. Many addresses contain simple errors that hinder address matching. These could be typos, or may just be incorrectly spelled addresses. To allow records to be mapped geographically and compared to other databases, address information must be corrected, cleaned, and duplicates removed. Additional benefits of database cleaning and the removal of duplicated addresses are reduced administration costs, a single view of customers, and improved company image through spelling corrections and reduced customer duplication. So, how can you make sure to get the most out of your database? The most important part of any data collection program is to maintain quality control. Whether you conduct a database cleansing and validation program in house, or contract a company to do it for you, be sure to set up a rigorous audit system designed to ensure data accuracy. The audit should include script and logic-flow testing, real-time data review, and digital recording and fulfillment analysis to achieve optimum data performance. In fact, not having these tools in place could cause greater database errors. A cleansed database should reduce wrong numbers and bad addresses down to 5 percent, increasing your penetration and success on your next direct mail and telemarketing program. Imagine quickly accessing the records you need to pinpoint a target area, personalize a communication, and reach your desired contacts efficiently. The holidays approaching--how would your client Jon Symthe feel when a contact addressed to him that reads John Smith? There goes some of the holiday spirit. You can be a database pro and increase productivity with clean, precise contact information.
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