How Can We Select the Right Outsource Partner?
Proper screening and selection of outsource partners assures the highest standards necessary for an organization's needs.
Posted Mar 8, 2004
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It is important that your organization does proper screening and selection of outsource partners to assure the highest standards deemed necessary for your organization's needs. The following are a number of suggested ways to make outsourcing work for you, and to meet business-critical goals: 1. It is crucial to build a relationship with a vendor who is in compliance with today's many federal and state regulations that when not adhered to can result in financial loss, as well as jeopardize your company's reputation. Outsourcing with the right partner can help to alleviate the concerns of internal noncompliance, legal understanding, and even costly registrations and fines. 2. In addition, outsourcing provides a variety of vendors without having to deal with fluctuating costs. Setting up internal work groups to work on short-term projects can be costly. Many companies lose profitability internally due to a lack of internal experience in setting up and managing teleservices projects. 3. When operating in high volumes, work can be placed at multiple sites at the same rate and results are amplified through competition between participating vendors. A good outsource partner will have several industry partners and should be able to manage your project in a way that staffing issues, trainees, and other call center fluctuations are seamless to your overall outcome. 4. One of the most critical elements of achieving success through teleservices is being able to effectively communicate to the customer. The United States has a vast range of cultures that respond best to people who can communicate with them effectively. When marketing in varying regions of the country, outsourcing can help identify the call center that achieves the highest level of communication, resulting in increased production without the fluctuating costs. 5. Choosing a call center with the best skill set to meet teleservice objectives is vital to the success of any project. Most call centers are geared toward one of many styles of calling, such as outbound sales, inbound customer service, lead generation, and fund raising. A good outsourcing partner will help to ensure the right vendor is selected to fit the needs of varying objectives. Most important, however, is the ability to coordinate the above activities and strengths with the rest of your marketing and sales activities. All too often large organizations run teleservice projects with large telemarketing companies without teamwork and coordination with the rest of the sales and marketing activities and teams. Look for a partner that is an expert on call center projects that can also assist with coordination of other activities. You should also expect--and demand--that your outsource management team comprises marketing and sales experts who can advise on items like customer/list profiling, direct mail coordination, e-marketing and other items that your organization is already spending money on. This article was coauthored by Donnie Collins, operations and account management, CH Consulting
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