How Can We Develop an Efficient Inbound Marketing Model?
Every agent in the call center changes roles in an inbound marketing model, and it's necessary to create an incentive plan to compensate the agents for sales they make.
Posted Sep 6, 2004
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Every company needs to efficiently manage its relationships with customers. This means understanding that a relationship is a set of interactions between the customer and the company. We can divide all interactions into two groups: outbound interactions and inbound interactions. In inbound interactions, customers offer their attention. They visit a Web site, make a call, or access an ATM, because they need something at that moment. They want to get more information about a product, they want to ask for a solution to a problem, or they just want to get some money from an ATM. Today, technology can assist marketing managers in develop an efficient inbound marketing strategy oriented to turn every inbound interaction into a business opportunity. Imagine this scenario: one customer calls to a call center to require some information about a product or service. Once the system knows who the customer is, the agent attending the call receives a message on his screen about what kind of services or products he could try to sell based on the customer profile and the information about the customer. After solving the customer's concern, the agent can extend the call to offer a product, turning the call into a business opportunity. Before implementing any technology or developing an inbound marketing model, it's necessary to think about two very important topics, people and technology, then build a successful inbound marketing model based on these topics. In an inbound marketing model every agent in the call center changes roles, from customer service representative to a salesperson. Until now agents were people dedicated to solving problems, to offer information to the customers. But in an inbound marketing model we must turn every agent into a sales agent, and as a part of a change-management plan it's absolutely necessary to create an incentive plan to compensate the agents for sales they make. The technology to best support an inbound marketing strategy must operate in a multichannel architecture to manage every customer interaction on every channel. It also should include a rules engine that can be set to find the best offer or message for each customer. The most benefit will come from a self-learning model. Apply an inbound marketing strategy to prospects: A company may not have any information in its database about prospects, so technology should provide the possibility of working with contextual information to build the customer profile in real time.
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