How Can I Monitor for Quality Across Multiple Contact Center Sites?
Enable your company to monitor disparate contact centers from a single location with centralized administration; enterprise integration; enterprise solutions; and centralized view and reporting, among other attributes.
Posted Jul 7, 2003
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Contact centers are evolving into a multisite virtual network of centers spread farther and farther apart geographically, in many cases across the globe. Yet there is a critical need to tightly integrate these disparate sites, more so than ever before. The goal is to provide a seamless and consistent level of service to the customer regardless of which location handles the call. Therefore, in today's customer service marketplace, this centralized management of agent quality monitoring is becoming a very important topic. Many of the world's leading organizations have already begun centralizing this function to ensure customer loyalty and drive repeat business. While the benefits of using the centralized model to provide an integrated view of performance are many, including consistent service levels, economies of scale, and more, the challenges can also be great. These hurdles can include:
  • Networking work-at-home agents. This is becoming a very prominent model in the call center outsourcing industry in particular.
  • Integrating different technology infrastructures that vary from center to center, such as having VoIP in one and a standard PBX environment in another.
  • Ensuring consistency in your agent evaluation program across all evaluators.
  • Storing and retrieving recordings across multiple contact centers for analyzing aggregated performance data.
  • Providing feedback and coaching from a central quality monitoring function for agents geographically dispersed or working from home. Many companies are finding ways to overcome these hurdles. For example, Sykes Enterprises, one of the largest contact center outsourcers, with 42 customer support centers globally, uses call recording technology to monitor calls occurring anywhere in the world from its Tampa, FL, headquarters. This allows Sykes to ensure its clients' customers are receiving the optimal level of technical support and customer service. Another company realizing success is Newgen Results, a customer management solutions provider supporting more than 7,000 automotive dealerships nationwide. Newgen is enhancing its quality program to capture the voice and screen activity of its agents to further improve customer care. These systems are accessible throughout its network, enabling Newgen to record both on-site and home-based customer service representatives. The company is also installing 100 percent recording to expand its playback and review capabilities. To enable your company to monitor disparate contact centers from a single location, you must look for a recording system with the following attributes:
  • Centralized administration--the ability to administer users in the system across multiple sites as well as push electronic monitoring forms to be used by all centers
  • Enterprise integration--support for the various ACDs, dialers, and CTI, including emerging VoIP telephony environments
  • Enterprise solutions--the ability to record interactions based on the different needs of each contact center (100 percent recording, quality monitoring recording, record-on-demand, etc.)
  • Centralized view and reporting--the ability to analyze quality and performance data rolled up across multiple locations, and drill down to specific contact centers groups and individuals within those locations
  • Enterprise storage--to provide centralized and secure management of all customer/agent communications across the organization
  • Support for international languages
  • Advanced security options--to control access to performance data down to specific field in the database
  • Information push--the ability to push quality performance data to those who need it throughout the enterprise
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