Posted Nov 13, 2002
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The Challenge: Minimize reductions and product returns by improving accuracy associated with product pricing. The Solution: For consumer goods companies, like Dial Corp., maker of Dial, Purex, and Renuzit brands, the order is where CRM and supply chain management (SCM) meet. Managing orders can often be complicated, especially when dealing with a wide range of customers--from corner stores to Wal-Mart--each with a complex mix of pricing and promotion issues. Dial opted to integrate Siebel CRM and IMI Americas supply chain software to handle the order management melees. Dial uses IMI Consumer Goods software as its customer fulfillment engine, managing a high-volume business of almost $2 billion in customer orders annually. IMI Americas software provides Dial with a full range of collaborative order management capabilities such as order capture, pricing, promotions, and fulfillment. Dial integrated IMI Americas software with Siebel trade promotion software to enable Dial to more accurately manage promotions. The Payoff: The integration of Siebel and IMI leads to "perfectly" priced orders: orders that meet customer service requirements without errors that result in costly deductions and product returns. Previously Dial had to manually load all promotions into its system. Using IMI software promotions are now applied automatically to line items on orders.
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