Tech Company Improves Marketing Effectiveness
Marketing are constantly looking to justify the budget.
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Imceda Software, a developer of database management tools, has been aggressively expanding its reach beyond its Australian home. That means equipping a growing sales force with the means to contact and close a widening number of prospects. Imceda outgrew its initial contact management capabilities and opted for Sales force.com. "We have remote offices across South America, Europe, Australia, and the U.S., so one of the criteria we had was an ASP model," says Ed Harnish, vice president of marketing. Often associated first with sales efficiency, Imceda's marketing efforts benefited from the CRM system. Harnish says, "We are constantly looking for justification of the budget, or getting the results we need," be it a direct mail expense or a larger trade show production: "By using a lead code in Salesforce.com that gets tracked through every conversation the salesperson has until the deal closes, I am able to run reports and see that the $100 per lead I spent to go to the trade show has brought in X dollars of revenue. I'm not shotgunning the market." The improved visibility into marketing effectiveness has not only helped Harnish better prioritize his efforts, but also has improved the quality and precision of the marketing resources demanded by the sales force. "They started realizing the marketing activities that benefited them most--they became aware of the activity and the results," he says. "They became involved in the process, asking me if I could repeat activities [like seminars] in their territories because they saw a spike in quality leads." In the two years that the company has used Salesforce.com Imceda has refined not only the look and feel, but the scope of functionality, integrating service alerts and branded emails. "Without it I don't know if we could have been as smooth as we expanded from five to one hundred people," Harnish says.
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