New Mexico's Box Office Blockbuster
CRM plays an essential supporting role in New Mexico's economic development.
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What do "Indiana Jones," "Easy Rider," and "Superman" have in common? They were all filmed in New Mexico. The state continues to draw Hollywood's eye: In the two years since Governor Bill Richardson took office 32 movies have been filmed in the Land of Enchantment, generating more than $162 million for New Mexico's economy. A new CRM system plays a key supporting role in that windfall, which is the result of a larger economic development effort that fosters business opportunities of all sorts throughout the state. When IT Manager Kari Fresquez joined New Mexico's Economic Development Department (EDD) in May 2003, one of her first assignments was to rekindle a stalled CRM effort. The system had cost the state $146,000 up front in 2000, and about $15,000 per year to maintain. Eight of the department's nine divisions were not using the system. The only division using CRM, the film office, was struggling with it. "The system was not giving them everything they needed," Fresquez notes, "but they felt that it was better than nothing." Faced with the choice of upgrading the existing system, which would have cost up to $87,000 (for the upgrade, customizations, training, etc.), or investing in a new system, EDD selected the latter. It invested $70,000 in FrontRange Solutions' GoldMine Corporate Edition, a price that included 55 user licenses, customization, user training, and technical support. "We needed a department-level system," Fresquez explains. "Our divisions work on different focus areas, but the basic goal of the entire department is to bring jobs to New Mexico. Our divisions often worked with the same contacts without realizing it." That lack of visibility led to duplicate work. The implementation began this past March, and five EDD divisions now use the system. Fresquez expects utilization to reach 100 percent when she completes her division-by-division customizations in January. She speaks highly of the visibility and collaboration GoldMine enables. Users say they appreciate the system's convenient, Windowsesque navigation and its built-in reports. Training, which was conducted by the implementation team of PEAK Sales Consulting and StarCare Systems, was crucial to the current CRM success. Three sessions of highly customized training have been conducted since March. Fresquez also designed process flow charts for each division, and the consultants showed users how the technology fit into their processes. "They did not skimp on training, they developed processes to show how the technology supports them, and the department's management team provided strong support," says PEAK Sales Consulting President Russ Lombardo. "The executive director of the department sat through training." With GoldMine in place and users trained, the head of the EDD can now access reports on contact activity within minutes, rather than hours. Highly automated formal marketing programs are in development, and Hollywood continues to be enchanted with New Mexico. More movies and television programs have been filmed there during the past 24 months than in any previous two-year period in the past two decades. The Payoff Using CRM, the New Mexico Economic Development Department
  • garnered a five-fold increase in end-user adoption two thirds of the way through implementation;
  • greatly enhanced customization for distinct groups of end users who track business prospects in the film industry, and in numerous business and technology sectors and the public sector;
  • gained remote access (with synchronization capabilities) to a central database of contact information and activity for end users.
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