Marketing ROI Makes Jaguar Land Rover Purr
The global automaker is improving its results by tracking customer interactions.
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After investing huge sums in advertising and marketing programs, companies will often ask new customers how they heard about the firm. But all too often those organizations are likely to hear the stinging words that every marketing executive dreads: "I don't remember." Jaguar Land Rover wanted to put the brakes on its inability to identify which marketing initiatives were gunning its revenue and which weren't. "We were lacking good, solid measurements," says Cathy Ellico, CRM/e-commerce manager at Jaguar Cars and Land Rover. "A lot of our dealers were putting money in advertising and they're assuming that they're getting this return from it. They're basing it on the number of sales that happened during that period." But this assumption wasn't providing the kind of in-depth analysis that the carmaker wanted. The auto designer and manufacturer enlisted Who's Calling, a customer capture solution provider, to pinpoint exactly which of the advertising dollars were garnering the return. The on-demand service can link individual phone numbers to specific individual ads or campaigns. According to Alexi Venneri, chief marketing and communications officer of Who's Calling, when prospects call one of the Jaguar Land Rover dealerships, Who's Calling records the call and captures the name and address of the callers, then maps where the callers live. "The [dealers] can exactly pinpoint that it was this ad in this paper, it's this billboard, or it's this program that's actually getting them the return," Ellico says. "It's helping [the dealers] be much smarter about their advertising budgets." Take, for instance, Jaguar of Troy, MI, the largest Jag dealer in the country, which uses about 25 to 30 Who's Calling numbers. Its advertising formula incorporates ads in several publications with additional methods like direct mail, the Yellow Pages, and its Web site. "We track [everything] through the Who's Calling phone numbers so at any given time period we can tell where we're getting the best return for our advertising dollars and where we're getting the most calls from," says Molly Padovini, general manager at Jaguar of Troy. One of the biggest surprises, Padovini says, was that the dealership gets a tremendous amount of phone calls from numbers that are published on its Web site: "That really opened our eyes to how many people are actually using our site and how important that is to us." Additionally, some of the dealers using Who's Calling also use the recorded phone calls as a coaching and counseling tool. "They go back and listen to [calls] and...use that knowledge with the salespeople to improve their performance," Ellico says. Jaguar of Troy receives about 1,000 calls a month through the Who's Calling numbers, which translates into 1,000 potential sales, so properly handling the calls is high priority. As a result of having Who's Calling, the dealership determined it needed more phone training, and in turn, hired a consultant who trains the sales team and some of the service representatives. "It helps guide our sales consultants, because now we're actually able to listen to the phone calls," Padovini says. "And it helps give them some guidance as to things they could do a little bit better." The Payoff Using Who's Calling allows Jaguar Land Rover to
  • pinpoint which marketing strategies are reeling in the most returns;
  • be smarter with its advertising expenditures;
  • use the recorded calls as a training tool.
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