Call Centers 24x7 Goes Virtual
The contact center outsourcer implements Five9's hosted solutions to keep up with burgeoning business.
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Call Centers 24x7, a contact center business-process outsourcer with U.S.-based agents in the semirural Port Angeles, WA, area, is only about two and a half years old. Still, the company has gained more than 40 customers since launching in November 2002. With its rapid expansion the firm's previous system of custom software--on black box servers with telephony cards and trunk lines from its phone company--left the startup looking for a telephony solution capable of handling its growth. Call Centers 24x7's offices were just three blocks away from the phone company's central office, but implementing its previous system took months. According to Shane Miller, Call Centers 24x7 CEO, the "engineers with the phone company weren't as familiar with the requirements or the system, [or with] what testing we needed to do, so it was a really time-intensive process to get it set up." Despite Call Centers 24x7's proximity to its phone company, ditches had to be dug and the phone company had to install new poles. To make matters even worse, when the company experienced growth or decided to move, that time-consuming process had to be repeated. "I wanted to have the flexibility to move to different locations or expand with offices in this region, but I didn't know where those were going to be. I didn't want to have to rely on the phone company and on a long lease in one location." Call Centers 24x7 selected a hosted VoIP call center solution, Virtual Contact Center, from Five9. The solution combines in- and outbound call routing with CRM and graphical reporting tools. The implementation began March 1, 2004, and went live just two days later. With Five9's Predictive Dialer, ACD, and IVR applications, Call Centers 24x7 can vie with its offshore competitors and provide its U.S. agents with customizable CRM and call-routing capabilities. "The [implementation] process was extremely fast and painless, especially compared to what we had gone through previously with the on-premise solution and custom programming," Miller says. "We still do custom programming, but now we are able to push ahead other aspects of our platform, and the Five9 data integrates into it." Five9's hosted premise also provides Call Centers 24x7's employees with flexibility. "They can work from home some of the time, and that opens up the employee base to include work-from-home moms and the retired here, too," Miller says. "There's a big retired community here who have these skills. They're a good fit for us, and it also gives us more flexibility to deal with the spontaneous occasions of people calling in sick." By eliminating hardware, software licenses, database servers, and telephony cards, the company has seen a drop in its infrastructure costs (to the tune of $200,000 in up-front costs, and an additional $10,000 per month for technology upkeep). "With Five9...we knew we'd be able to grow without the initial capital outlay," Miller says. "It cut costs, got us going much faster, and we're no longer dependent on the phone company. We've got the flexibility to move and respond quickly to the changing market." The Payoff By implementing Five9's VoIP Virtual Contact Center, Call Centers 24x7
  • has saved $200,000 in up-front costs;
  • has saved an additional $10,000 per month for tech upkeep;
  • can expand its employee base;
  • has a solution capable of supporting its growth.
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