CRM delivers for FedEx
There's job satisfaction in solving customer problems.
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FedEx knows that customers absolutely, positively want fast service. "Customers want to see FedEx as a flat organization--for example, they don't want to be transferred when they call," says Scot Struminger, vice president of IT. To keep the organization flat FedEx is using a three-pronged approach to service: precall intelligence; interaction history; and integration (e.g., customer information integrated with package tracking). The company uses AmdocsCRM in its more than 45 call centers globally to support this strategy--and its 4,000-plus agents. In addition, FedEx is moving CRM horizontally, so now such areas as billing, claims, and package trace can more easily share information. "We believe that's so powerful, because the best team wins and we're integrating our team so we'll win," Struminger says. Another CRM strategy FedEx is using is closed-loop case management. "It's extremely important that when customers have an issue we can give agents the information they need to react," Struminger says. That's why, according to Struminger, FedEx is finding AmdocsCRM such a valuable tool. "You need to give that tool to someone who can make a difference in the customer experience," he says. Agents have made an impact on the customer experience. According to Struminger, customer satisfaction and agent productivity are increasing year over year, inbound calls have dropped by about 89,000 per day, transferred calls are rare, and new-hire training has been reduced by 50 percent. "As we use the [AmdocsCRM] application and take out internal acronyms and replace them with a language that agents and customers can understand, the application becomes easier to use," Struminger says. Additionally, the agent attrition rate has improved 20 percent. "We're empowering reps with this platform," he says. "There's job satisfaction in solving customer problems."
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