CRM Unifies Colorcon's Global Image
Colorcon's first step was to improve support and service for global customers.
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Colorcon needed to show one face to all its customers to stay globally competitive. "We needed to give our customers a high level of confidence that whatever product they were purchasing from us was the same product that they were purchasing worldwide," says Perry Cozzonne, CIO of the developer, manufacturer, and supplier of film coating and other specialty chemicals and products for the pharmaceutical industry. In other words the company wanted its customers to be secure that the coating on a pill that is manufactured in North America is the same coating on a pill manufactured in China, and be confident that they are complying with both local and regional regulations. Colorcon's first step was to improve support and service for global customers. The company chose Oracle to spearhead its global CRM initiative. Using Oracle's solution Colorcon was able to provide customers with the same functions (e.g., ordering) for its sample products that it did for the final commercialized products. Colorcon was soon able to turn a quote into an order and ship it via the back-end system. Internally the system allows Colorcon to see, for example, the processes going on by region and by customer, so it could allocate resources and expertise accordingly. "We wanted our expertise to be available for the most important projects at the right time," Cozzonne says. "We are committed to become an extension of our customers' product development. We also believe CRM is another step to help us become an integral part of their supply chain." Colorcon also uses Oracle's offline sales solution to update opportunities and visit reports, as well as to create requests for samples. An online sales application has improved call reporting and access to customer history. Most of the tools available online, such as adding opportunity requests, are available off-line as well. "I do believe that a disconnected opportunity is very important," Cozzonne says, emphasizing that there are still areas worldwide that do not support an effective wireless Internet connection. Quoting and CRM applications have smoothed account management processing. Now the organization can generate tasks, such as a new tablet being worked on without any coating, and provide a global structure for sample information to flow directly into the CRM system. "Oracle allowed us to incorporate our methodology from initial contact to product samples, all the way until we get a commercial product," Cozzonne says. "The time from when we identify the product to the time we commercialize could be three months or it could be seven years. It's important to keep a history so we can manage the opportunity." These initial sales and service strategies have worked so well that Colorcon is now implementing an online marketing application to manage such items as leads, campaigns, and notification management. Next will be a services module for customers to voice technical questions and expansion into telephony integration. The company also plans to give its clients access to electronically obtain additional copies of documentation originally sent with shipments.
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