Trumpia Releases Multichannel Voting Apps
Multichannel Voting uses mobile text and Facebook to collect customer feedback instantly.
Posted Sep 4, 2012
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Trumpia, a provider of Web-based solutions for multichannel marketing and messaging, launched a Multichannel Voting feature that lets businesses gain valuable insight into what their customers are thinking. The new offering combines mobile voting with Facebook voting, allowing companies to conduct customer polls over the mobile channel, through Facebook, or both.

Trumpia has offered the mobile capability for about three years, but the Facebook integration is new.

With social voting, businesses get increased visibility with each vote, since customer voting is highlighted on Facebook news feeds and voters' Facebook walls. "A lot of companies' involvement on social media is about exposure, getting people out there to see your brand," says David Marchand, Multichannel Voting praduct manager at Trumpia. "Facebook voting is just one more way to get customers engaged."

Mobile voting uses mobile keywords. Consumers send that keyword to a mobile short code (usually a five-digit number) as a text message to launch the poll. Companies can run up to three polls at a time, but the number of voting choices are limited to 10.  There are no limits on the number of questions that can be asked, how often polls can be run, or responses generated.

Trumpia's platform also provides real-time voting results so businesses can view customer responses instantaneously. Graphical reports highlight how many votes were cast for each voting choice, the number of votes cast through each voting channel, and the total number of votes.

Customers run the gamut, from small mom-and-pop stores to large Fortune 500 companies, according to Marchand. "Customers are using it in all kinds of scenarios to get customer feedback," he says. "In most cases it's used by marketing, but we could have some small business owner running a poll himself."

Though the voting platform currently only supports mobile phones and Facebook, Marchand says Trumpia has plans to extend it to Twitter and email soon.

"Our innovative approach to developing new features keeps us at the industry forefront," said Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia, in a statement. "Mobile and social media are two of the most prominent marketing channels in the industry today. What better way to leverage both channels than by combining them?"

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